Sunday, August 22, 2010

21August2010, Saturday!

:D Goodnight people , its 12:37am now .
ummmm, this morning woke up super early for my dnt :( so tiring ok! oinkoink pei me go school , he said he will go buy Mr Bean warm soya milk for me , LIAR! he didn't ! :( . th whole dnt ting took me umm , abt 2hours to complete , thanks pinyi weisin for helping me to bent my tray (: , thanks shirlyn for helping me to glue (: ! HEeees.
AFter tht meet oinkoink for breakfast/lunch at lot, gulu gulu from lastnight till this morning :( . den me went home to orhorh awhile den pompom . went to westmall and watched STEP UP 3 ! (Y) ! ultra nice ! :D very cool lo th dance ! me wan learn oso ! after tht go eat diner at kfc, den we saw Dawn Yeo :D she damn chio sia!! :D . I wanted to like , go and take photo with her actually but edmund chen giv me "tht" kind of look :( .
Walkwalk on th street to th busstop to take 188 home, bought my chocolate milk at 7-elven , drink finish. Homwsweethome (:
Kor bring home 2BOXES OF LIGHT STICKS! GREEN AND RED. from his dunno wher :/ ? . Lol . sooooooooo... me and daddy go open up one green and one red to play :D HAHAHA , childish only (: , but i like .
Its late , oinkoink is so sleepy alr .

Monday, August 9, 2010


Happy birthday Singapore :D ! hahaa. Ultra long didn't update my blog alr. Update 1st year anni with oinkoink next time (: Went to his new house jus now , nicee (: wanted to study de . Well , blahblahblah i'm lazy to type anylonger . nighty peepos :D