Thursday, July 31, 2008



today nothing interesting , but , juz kanna scolded by other group's home econ teacher . wad e , talk only oso wan me to stand up ... aiyo .. nvm la . ani wae alrdy pass le ... forget it ...

i wan go gai gai !!! at home veri boring derhx. ..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


fun fun fun (: today , during recess , me & friends din intend to go to the canteen but juz go to the toilet , n so we din , we went off to the toilet nextx2 to our class when dismiss for recess . and after we returned , we wanted to go in to the class , but , the problem's here , oopsy , the class' front n back door is both locked , but we so feel like going in ... den nasirah was dere too , den some one suggested to climb in by the window . i forget is who le , but nasirah was the 1st to pull out the glass of the window to let some one climb in to unlock the back door , den , they asked me . coz dey say i smallest ... ermm ... not so ?? well . . . i climbed in , n landed on the table , tt tym , i paused , coz , my hp's edge poked my leg n i wanted to adjust , hahax , den they asked me quick quick coz some girls going to walk past . hahax .. well , its my first time to climb through the window lor , but nvm , not bad , quite fun de ... lucky nv gt caught ...

today veri tired ...

got CCA .. but so goood lor , the mr xu din come today ... so today we juz choose who be the chairman of m&d and all those n took CCA photo ...

good , today 4 pm dismiss le . from next week onwards , the CCA will be change to only on friday , but hor , its 5 HOURS !!!1 from 1.30 to 6.30 .. OMG !! its after 6pm !!! NONONONO ....

till here .. (:

Monday, July 28, 2008



hello readers , i went to study with my cousin on saturday at woodland library and actually went to stay over night at our grandparent's hse at jurong east , and on sunday , which is the day when i turn into a blackie again .. hahax .. we brought along our swimming custom as we planned to have a swim on sunday . and we did , as the weather yesterday was so good , she hot hot sun 's shinning on us .. hahhax .. and thats how my face bcome so RED like the tomato ! well , actually is bcoz we oso din apply the sun block tinggy ...

i oso enjoyed myself playing with jia hong - Acus . (my baby cousin) he's only two months old if i am not wrong ... he's so cute , but juz one thing - crying non-stop ... and at mid night time , he's crying like siaox and the whole house is filled with is " ong aing" sound ... and make my grandparents and his parents cant sleep but to take care of him ... but to me , coz i was too tired ... i cnt care n infact dun care about him and went on sleeping ZzZzZzz ...

today , after school , the six besties went to lot1 again as usual - as in monday . we all had our lunch dere ... we split up 3 n 3 groups . shu wei , wen hui , xue ting , went to mac donald to eat . me , shiok huey and pin yi , went to our favourite - long john silver , hahax ... yup , we are addicted to long john ... number 1 supporters . (:

after we ate finished , we meet up again , but before tt , we saw "two guys" which *some texts missing* ... hahax ...

den we continued , go walk walk dere .. me n shu wei bought shirt . she's little miss greedy , i tink ? mine's little miss

Friday, July 25, 2008

tis two mushroom head veri cute hor ?? hahax .. is nasirah send me one ...



yeah ~! today if friday again , no school tmr (: happy happy (: haix .. but go home work , but never mind , the home work only got maths work sheet and CME sheet , walao , mdm soh da bia siao lor , last min give so many CME wrok sheet to do ... isiz she too stress den wan to "fa xie" on us ?? LOLs .. hmm ... and she this few days have been acting weirdly , lyk for example - her actions ... her hands like to do many funny tings , and say many weird weird n some wad funny tings ... aiyo .. scare scare ...

ARRR ... CCA resume next week le .. sianx .. and it will be that so called "snow white" - named by my friends . heard that he's a really "powerful" teacher . well , forget to say , he's a male . i say that he's powerful coz , he is lyk tiger , he once pulled my friend's hair , pain until she nearly cried out , and hit my another friend's back ... walao ... pervert or wad ? "nue dai kuang" aR ? well . i was so lucky coz i that tym din go coz i sick ...

hmm ... but i still have to face it coz next week on wards , he will be taking us .. hope he wont torture me .. pray hard for me lor !!!

till here today (:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

_am i dying soon?_

hello readers . this few days , i feel so tired but i totally dunno why , coz i even take naps nearly every day . but the next day to school , i was lyk still so tired . have lesson like dun have lesson lyk tt , coz i not paying attention , my whole mind juz kept tinking about sleep sleep sleep . den even i wan to pay attention to teacher to study also can say that its quite hard , coz my eye lid was lyk so heavy ! keep on wan to close ... haiix ... why does tis happen to me ???

haiix ... i become a pig alrdy isiz ?? whole day keep sleeping .. LOLs ...

ohh .. n yA , today i finally get my CCA dance-T . its ermm .. the T-shirt that i have to wear when having my CCA . - M&D . hmm ... actually to say the truth , i dun really like the design .. if let me choose , i wan the sec 3&4's dance-t . its so much nicer i tink .. its my own tinking la . to the rest , i not sure how they tink ...

its the front , if u can see clearly , its a chinese word , "wu" and plus a english word , dance . i ok wif tis , quite nice la .

back view , i dun quite lyk this , words r ok "movement and dance" but i dun lyk the ballet de girl .. not nice de . ..

well , nvm lor . since i alrdy buy le ..

well , i shell stop here ... gt tym den post again .

Monday, July 21, 2008


hmm ... today is like normal week days / mondays ... having those boring lessons , day dreaming during lessons , and chatting while teacher's teaching lesson . hmm ... its juz as normal , like every monday , most of the mondays were raining .

After school ends today , as the bus is already full with people , me , wen hui , shiok huey n pin yi walked in the rain to lot1 while shu wei and xue ting took the bus as they managed to squeezed into the 307 so SMALL bus .

while we were walkin near to the "jia you zhan" dere , we were still happily talking about our own tings , n well , i was standing next to shiok huey n chatting wif her . den , she suddenly stopped . n said with a serious voice " a , wait , see frog . " den i was like ... huh ??? where where ? where is it ? den i kept looking here n dere looking for that frog . den she pointed out . OMG !!! THE FROG IS JUST RIGHT IN FRONT OF US !!! den i was like totally gone crazy , kept screaming and shouting like its my home .. n kept spueezing shiok huey's hand ( oops , sry abt tt ) .

hahax ... so funny (:

Sunday, July 20, 2008


today we went to "ah yi" restaurant to celebrate my grandma's birthday ... hmm .. we in the end din make food for my grandma , for the chocolate , is that the shop which sells the ingredient for making the chocolate had close down , so they cnt make n dunno where else they can buy the ingredient , so they din make .. as for me for making the su shi , i din make coz i dun have time , i woke up 10+ tis morning , n din go to buy the ingredient , ok , to be honest , ya , i am lazy ... sorry x100 that i am so "bu siao" ... but my cousin and i den decided tat we would treat my grandmother a meal nxt week (: , well , although its a bit too late , but nvm , its a belated birthday present , better den nothing rite ?? hahax (:

hmm ... actually , to say the truth , the food dere is ermm ... some wad not nice , actually to me , its not nice at all la . hmm , after we finished eating , we took a whole family photo

whole family , i the only one btw the cousins wearing blue -.='''

spot the different :

and btw , i have to say that the toilet dere is veri dirty ! i tink they shld really improve on that .

and hor , my Acus bao bei aR ... next tym u go out can dun cry so much mah ?? and , can u hold ur shit ??? LOLs ... well n i really have to admit that Acus have grown cuter and cuter (: hahax .. his baby fats hav become more and more .. hahax (: so cute sia ...

and tis year's celebration is the worst one's i tink , coz - we din buy cake for grandma and we actually forget the most important ting ... - sing her a birthday song !!! OMG ! how can we forget tis ??? i am so sorry T.T




祝 AH MA 生日快乐,

Saturday, July 19, 2008


_E-learning day & Think_

hello readers ... ermm ... yesterday is my sch E-learning day , den it was so , so , so , so boring n tiring , all those home work which have to be done by internet , wah sey , makes me feels so going to bang the wall !!!

hmm ... the whole tings , which includes - english , maths , science , chinese , and history . took me hours to finish it ... OMG !!! my brain nearly burst , and we had to do it all finished , started from yesterday , and ended at the same day ... n plus , my eyes were so dry and pain , dry until even i wan to cry , oso no tears come out ...

i started doing it at about 10.40am , and actually finished after 5 hours which is about 3+pm it was so tiring ... and some more next tym every year oso have tt irritating de E-learning day , how can i stand it ???~~ but gd points is tat we dun hav to go to school lor choice but to do it coz its counted for our CA marks ... shiok huey came to my hse to do it as her com cnt open the work n tt my hse hav extra com for her to use . after we do finished , we talked n have lunch at my hse , n since its so boring for my to stay at home , we went to hse n slack ... after she finished her tuition home work , we meet wif shu wei n chat together ...

we brought bubble tea and went bck to shiok huey's hse dere de play gound to chat , while we were chatting , a 3-person gang (CG !!!) walked past us , den suddenly , they walked back to us n gv us a kind of *&^%$#@ face and said in chinese :"a , u scold us knn aR ? my frien say u scold us KNN " at tat tym , i was lyk , duhhh , wad talkin u ? we were chatting happily abt our own tings n u come n disturb us wif these kind of rubbish ... nth better to do isiz ?! -.=''' and after tt another person come n say to him " a , walao he sabo u de la " - or isiz some ting else , cnt really rmb ... LOLLER ???!!!

n ya , shu wei cut her hair le , well , she din actually let dun her fringe so ... ermm ... cnt really see wads the different wif her fringe . but her hair was lots shorter le (: hmm , to me its quite nice la , but den she say dun lyk her fringe , ermm .. i wan to see how her fringe look now leiix , but she says her fringe is slide down de ... yup , shld b quite nice bahx .. (:

ermm ... and yup , tomorrow all my family/relatives will be celebrating my ah ma's birthday (: hmm ... my yin jie jie actually actually wanted to buy "yang ming jiu" ( thats wad we said in chinese , sry i dunno wad its called in english ) - as it cost abt $60 each bottle , tt we will actually be sharing money to buy tt , me , alicia , her bro and mine' . but my bro said tt ah ma hse have lots of "yang ming jiu" so dun buy tt , its a waste of money when dere alrdy hav le den we still go n buy . n so , ok , we changed our idea of buying "yang ming jiu" as a birthday present for our ah ma ...

den , we tink , n tink , den , POP ! i tot of an idea , why dun we make some food for her ??? ya , den we agreed wif tis idea , n we actually wanted to make her cookies / biscuit ... but , ltr , we rmb tt we need a big micro oven , ya we have tt , but , the problem is , we need a tray in order to bake tt , n , so suey , i we all dun have the tray , so we change our idea of making biscuit again , we den decided tt alicia n her bro will make chocolate for ah ma , n wad for me ? me , myself make the su shi for ah ma as my bro will nv help me wif tt . actually alicia is say wan to do all those tgt de , but i tink its so troublesome to run here and dere ... so i decided tt we do it ourselves ..

hmmm ... staying at home is so boring ... ermm my mum is using the computer so i m currently using the laptop which i cant play the i wanted to play ... aRR ... it was so boring ... i wan to use the computer la !!! its so so so so so so boring ... all e way from dunno wad tym till now , i was juz chatting on phone , chatting in msn n surfing internet , tts all ... haix ... kkays , i tink i shld go n study le ... haix .. dun even have home work to do ... walao ... nvm i go read story book ...


n happy birhtday to ah ma , ah ma wan sui wan sui wan wan sui !!!!

kkays , tts all for today (:

Saturday, July 12, 2008



wah sey , yesterday perform the dance damn sian luhh ..
from 10.30 prepare den 1+ go off to Singapore poly , until 11+ at night den reach home ...but nvm , we all have fun any way (: and , the make up is so "heavy" but , it slowly become lighter and lighter , so its quite ok la ...

well , we had been spending tyms wif the philippines dancers practicing dance wif them ... ermm .. we friends gave them nick names , ahhax .. veri bad hor , but only nick those boys la -
1st- Jeiel - lyk to pull up his shirt de , green colour shirt de
2nd- JM - the most handsome one (: , yellow/white colour shirt de (:
3rd- Lewis - twisty , the cute cute face de (: \/
4th- Err - bomb hair , brown colour shirt de (:
5th- i dunno his name , gay >:(

goodbye those Philippine pupils / dancers

i bet those regent pupils who went to philippine miss them all totally ...

me , shuwei , shiok huey . the 3 dancers . (before on stage)

wahh , so lucky i never dance wrong the steps , while , actually my dance steps were so easy (: LOLs ... to say the truth , actually i dun lyk the dance i mean the part that i have to dance , the rest i lyk i lyk (: especially the part where they dance the ballet , "painting" and spinning (: so nice lor ..

n happy birthday to vernon ...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008