Sunday, August 23, 2009


22 August 2009
morning wake up , Lalala! -.=' den afternoon ask ppl go out . meet wenhui , slacking whole day . scare scare de sia . ytd happen to me at playground , then today oso happen at playground but her turn . yeaps , indeed 很恐怖 la . den keep at dere 胡思乱想 abt stuffs den she dun dare alone go home le . laughings again . toilet weird stuffs , so on and so on ... Supersuperduper plus ultra funny larhs! and soryy for th piak on th hand ! didn't do it on purpose de . Just kept laughing non-stop ~ :D Hahahahas.
go roofgarden dere PLAY O: ? rofls . turning round and round until feel like want to vomit den go one side sit down. den th video of me , LAUGHs!? den after that realised tht smth's wrong abt "someone/something" ! at dere scare scare le D: LOLOL!
Blahblahblahs :}
den dar and his frends wait me at int , sorry let u guys wait for so long! xiexie, pei wo go home(: && sorry again abt last night me gving attitude ouh D:

halfway,bye / redit:D
-2.18am / -7.04pm

Monday, August 17, 2009

i'm still waiting D:

too bored le , so come post ?? i wonder why my lappy see blogger is like this de . whole thing white white , got problem or smth ??

i am STILL ! STILL waiting for my sim card to be activated , -.='' tsk .. so long de sia .. hai wo in school keep on trying , on & off , on&off as what th person told me to .. Anw , saw Baoxia in bus just now :D! Soooo super duper uper long didn't see her le . so bus home tgt .

Lesson - Had D&T test , very rush super last min finish. Den recess LALALA! ~ Maths , go through pp . Chinese , --- . Maths again -,- . History , feel lyk to piak th cher. Zzz.

after sch go eat . chitchat . Home . Have history test tmr ehh , sians . tanqihuichanel HATE history! ---

Currently: listening to song , transfering pic into lappy , chatting wif wenhui (:

-4:54pm :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

16th day :D

Quiz from Nasirah & Amirah :D !

1. Real Name: Chanel Tan
2. Nickname : Camel (most common de)
3. Age: 14
4. Horoscope: Aquarius
5. Male or Female: Female
6. Elementary: CGM
7. Middle School: Chua Chu Kang Primary School
8. High School: Regent Secondary School
9. College School: ---
10. Hair colour: Brown (:
11. Long or Short: Long ?
12. Loud or Quiet: Both :B
13. First Kiss: when i was born ? LOL
14. First Pet: turtle
29. First Big Vacation: SINGAPORE :D
30. First Love At First Sight: Haha , yeshh .
31. First Big Birthday: 15 February :D
32. First Surgery: o.O?
33. First sport you joined: Badminton ehh ?
34. Orange or Apple juice: Apple juice
35. soul or Rap: dunno
36. Country or Screamo: dunno
37. Ne-yo or david archuleta: Both
38. Britney Spears or Taylor swift: Both
39. Night or Day: Both
40. Sun or Moon: Both
41. TV or Internet: Internet
42. Candy or Chocolate: Both but Chocolate more :D
43. Kiss or hug: Both
44. Iguana or turtle: turtle ba ?? =='
45. Spider or bee: Honey :D
46. Fall or spring: Both
47. Limewire or iTunes: dunno
48. Soccer or swimming: Swimming
49. Eating: Nothing
50. Drinking: My saliva
51. Excitement level: 0/100
52. I’m about to: Cry ! T.T jkjk (:
53. Listening to: the keyboard sound when i am typing
54. Plan for today: don't message anyone
55. Waiting for: Waiting for you to appear LOL
56. Energy Level: 60/100
57. Thinking of someone: yessh .. thinking and thinking
58. Want kids? : After i marry . &of cos
59. Want to get married?: Rofl, of cos ?
60. When? : dunno lehhs , 20plus before 27?
61. How many kids do you want?: ermm , 1 or 2.
62. Any name on the mind: hmm , haven tink till so far Lol.
63. What did you want to be when you were little : Teacher! ROFL , not anymore now !
64. Careers in mind: don't know leh.
65. Mellow future or wild: o.O?
66. Something you would never try: eat shit/drink urine/eat insects
67. When do you want to die: dunno lehh .. depends ?
68. Lips or Eyes: huhs? both ?
69. Romantic or Funny?: Both?
70. Shorter or Taller?: I want be taller ! TALL TALL TALL TALL !!!
71. Protective or Caring?: Both
72. Romantic or Spontaneous?: Both
73. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: err..?
74. Sensitive or Loud?: Both ? dunno?
84. Broken someone’s heart: Yes.
85. Had your heart broken: Of cos ,Yes xinfinity )':
86. Been arrested: Nope (:
87. Cried when someone died: Yes.
88. Liked a friend more than a friend: yes , best friend lor
89. Do you believe in yourself: yes & no
90. Miracles: Yes, there is miracle de
91. Love at first sight: Yess.
92. Heaven: Never go before lehhs
93. Santa Claus: People act out de jiu have .
94. Tooth Fairy: Never see before.
95. Kiss in the first date: o.O?
96. Angels: i am one . jkjk
97. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: Yess.
98. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?: Not really , but this is life . bo bian.
99. Do you believe in God?: Yes , believe de . ermm but maybe not .
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people :

- EVERYONE of you who viewed my blog and see this post de (:

Saturday, August 15, 2009


went to school for th sec2 streaming talk . listen until want fall asleep , so leave early with wenhui .
took bus to lot , went to food junction eat . den went to west mall , didn't get dao my card cos they say need a adult to take for me , tsk . veri tao yan lor (: !?!? den today whole day phone silent de . is sian de lor !!!! :D ?!?!

at westmall slack , actually wan watch movie de , but den th rest dun want den nv ask other ppl le . jiu didn't watch le . almost 2months nv see dao sanbibor liaos , den 'heng heng' today see dao again ROFLS ! stil wan to piak me lor , lucky i siam de fast HAHAha ! didn't know what happened , but hope she-s fine. den trained back to cck , go buy th mr.bean ice cream den went to playground . at dere listen song, lick icecream , Zzz. 6 lyk that went home .

haiis , tmr want go take th new card ba . but why i suddenly think that without phone is better le ?? O:

ya , maybe we are really drifting away from each other le ba , but its not becos of those reason .
you didn't say anything wrong that make me angry & i didn't ignore you . yea? u ignore me ehh ? nvm (: don't need worry , friendship won't end jiu dui le (:

why i feel like i can't trust you anymore ?

PUK's fault >:(

Ohh, sorry my sim card ! D:
tomorrow/later will get a new one ! cos , i can't stand even just one day without phone ):
thanks to my lovely itchy hands :D LOL
*tht ah neh talk until so , ---ah neh ! can't really listen properly to what he was saying lorhs , kept on huh huh huh-ing ! Hahahas :D

Last good nite :] ,

Friday, August 14, 2009

i love 14.08.09

my super lucky day ok ! ":D"
morning went sch , actually count late le but heng mr thomas say can go in nvm. den go up hall , blahblahblah la . get caught by tay again luhh , 3days straight ==' thanks hor , but i dun nid & dun wan to seek for ur attention ok . tsk , pek chek lor , catch uniform , ear , hair . den , me&wenhui's "wish" come true liao , tuck all th way in :D Omfg LOLOL! i look freaking good in tht :D !! HAHAHA!

den go down for pe , is happy de lor ! cos heng heng tay dere , FRINGE ! rofls . asked to go needleworkroom . at deree play joke of sng . wtf damn funny de. den cut hair .. :D haiis , shld hv xiu bao yi dian de sia , tmr go dere cut again ba .. LOL.

history lesson sian sian de , copy note or smth de ?

chinese , zui sian de , at dere sleep nia .. Haha . Zzz :} after school super early go up range le sia . boring boring ! Haha .. yeayeah! i revenge baddie ass le ! Muahahahhaa!!! :P warm up le den jiu slack slack liao , doing th syf dance for 23th de performacne ? so sit one side tok tok . Lol .

at lot walk here walk dere for awhile .. den went home ...
Hoho , i long tym nv take book in hand go home le lor .. Lol . no choice ..

after tht my hand itchy , go anyhow "play" wif my phone , den anyhow press tis press tht . press until got problem HAHA!?!?!?! errrmm .. den cnt msg and call ppl le . dun miss my sms-es k ppl :D Rofls. tmr den go call th wadever operator . haiis , ma fan nehh ! *tym now , 11:11 - random only* . th stupid sim card still stuck inside my phone now , Hahaha! make until my nails pain . Lol ..

wan an <3 ! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Went to school without wh , ohh , soryy ~
see dao nasirah and limin? take bus tgt ... zhun zhun th tym went in.
ear got sheng nong lor , damn it la. rofls, hen er xin de ok .
2nd warning for fringe heh ! DX Think lesson lyk usual ba ..
eng nid do th skit , veri ma fan , plus no idea wad to do ? :X haiis ...
den aft sch go out sch meet , went to makan .
separate table again .. i shld sit dere de hor ?? haiis , LOL.

anw , th new blog will be done , ermm , soon le ba ? :D Hahas.
make me so confused luhh , say those tings ? hmms .. weird weird de ..
den hor , someone ask me 4am wake up tmr so tht i can 6am can go out to sch le . LOL , too early liao i still slping lyk a pig de ..

xxx i dunno wad i can post le lehhs , mind suddenly blank blank ._. ?

lastly , thanks for being my "waking alarm" :D


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ohh , _|_

I hate people to copy me luhh . please la , be urself can anot , copycopycopy ==' [ tis only to that ONE person i am referring to . ]
Just feel that i hate you more and more le . Don't know wtf ur mind is thinking about de luhh , I hate that 眼神 and whatsoever ~
And , its something for the another YOU , really very disappointed wif you . I really didn't expect you to say those things de ... but , haiis . Forget it le bahh .
Maybe its my fault or something .

失望 ...


Friday, August 7, 2009

what what ?

sch, ndp . lot . home .
coughs , =='

i noe something's wrong lor , i never say doesn't mean i dunno , just that i act blur nia luhh ..
i hv eyes to see , heart to feel ok . dun tink i fool la .

now headache so i gg off soon le .

*er zi ! cheer up la , dun sad liao lehhs . dun influence me . jkjk .

anw , thanks sarsi ouhh , for my bigbig pretty photo on ur blog ehh , JOKING la . damn bhb de .
thanks for those words ! <3

sorry to ni oso ! dun angry O: !

till here , bu xiang post le

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

leave everything unchanged

wake up at 7plus today luh . haiis , stupid me , blurblur , phone rang and i go back sleep again ..
den chiong damn ultra fast de ...
ask father bring me go , of cos bro late for sch oso LOL!
den go in run 3 round , wif Aslyn , lucky got ppl pei wo .
Super duper sorry to wenhui !!!! sorry x infinity D: !

wtf manzxs ! my repierced tragus piercing gone again ehh ?!?!!?!?!?!!?! !@#$%^*&^%$@! wapiang ehhs !! D: run finish le den realise its missing den go back class poke th hole close liao . Arrggh~ haiis , nvm let it rest 1st le , left ear left ear , happy hor ? now u can listen to ear piece le :D .

class , no mood ehh , mood swing swing swing whole day luhh =='
ps anyone , if i got attitude u .
den suddenly headache etcs de .
after sch went to eat wif pinyi xueting .
chitchat abit ...

homesweethome ..

haiis .. what can i say ? i siao le la .. =='

if , i ... Lalalala

its time le , i will de...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mixture of feelings

had dance on friday .
feel lyk a fool . friday sucks big , but seems lyk i don't even care now - disappointment . sadness . pissed . love . hate .
all different feelings just pop out ok .
den brain abit something wrong la . say many stupid stuffs to quite many people de . gone crazy and keep on go and disturb people etc .
_|_ pervertic markerpen ! go eat shit la .

lalalala lalalala ~

ytd met wenhui , go lot eat lunch . den went to bugis . walk walk etc .
den sun bian go dere de temple pray pray .
aunty lucy rocks ehh ?! ROFLS !
evening go bck lot . eat dinner . slack around . arcade . den go th roof garden .
act lyk a small child at dere play den shout shout . ah boy veryy guai one . Hahah xP
9 lights out . den go explore lot1 . bei tht aunty scold . LOLS! ==' dun care her.
chitchat . Lalala, etcs. 11 bus home .
den yin jie called . chit chat till 2plus ? den go orhorhh..

today , morning . wad to say ? dun wan say anyting . father throw temper la .
wan slp oso cannot hor ?! den go charge phone , he go pluck out th charger den throw ! pls lor , jus 0.5cm more jiu hit dao my head liao la . if i nxt tym throw temper throw tings oso is he teach de ok . you yang xue yang rite . went to jurong . den dunno go wher . go bck home . chiong d&t ==' redo everyting . didnt finish . went to meet alicia . den go jurong . wait for ppl . den went to ermm ermm , dunno tht place . celebrate ah ma's bday in advance de . so nxt tym on actual day den wish big big in here ba . go home . wad tym le lor . 10plus liao . haven do th two compos. ==' tmr den do le . End

wan an

why am i always like this , it seems like i can't change the way i do things , what have i done ?! omg , am seriously veryy sorry , i know i shouldn't be like this D: