Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hmmms . today its th last day of year 2008 !!!! OMG !!! its going to be a new year le !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !! hehes x]

ok , tis morning went to gym wif shu wei , xue ting & pin yi . at 1st we actually is going to th bukit gombak de sports complex de . but den how dere too many ppl le . so in th end we went to pin yi's hse de gym luhh .. den after tat we go to th sauna . den its lyk ... HOT hOt hoT ... but feels good la . den we keep goin out to wet th towal den in th end me and shu wei is lyk looks lyk juz come out from th water lor . cos we go wash our hair wif our clothes on ...

den ltr bath liaox lor . hmms ... nv go any wher after tht den me & shu wei go take taxi home lor . den mayb ltr going out to count down wif alicia & zowee .

arghhhhs ... *yawn yawns* !!! feeling veri sleepy now sia ... arrRrr ..

ok so let me count down here 1st . 3 , 2, 1 , 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


OMG , look at my tag board . no one tag de . boring lor . see me so ke lian no one tag me ... haiix . *sob sobs* x[


okayys . ytd watchd TWILIGHT & today watchd th .. ermmms ... BEDTIME STORIES ... umm ... both movies nt bad la . quite nice . jus tht bed tym stories quite funny de lor cos got lots of rubbish . den twilight ar ... hmmms ... nt bad oso quite nice de la den some more we sit too near le . LOLs . yeaps . its my 1st tym sitting so near to th screen . nvm la treat it as a experience bahhx . den sianx lor jus now de movie 1.15pm start den lynn ,ker yang n me meet 11.30 . okayys . i was late so ps . den we lyk nth to do while waiting for th movie to start ... den walk walk here walk walk dere . den finally start le th show ... Weeee ...


saw tis cutie up dere ? OMG . its so so SO CUTE !!! x]] its one of th character in th movie bedtime stories . omg how can i forget th name if th little cutie putie up dere ... its so so so cute lor . ok sry its th second tym i typed it . but its bcos tht tingy up dere really tyms 3 too cute le ... kk shall stop typing abt tis ting le ...

well , some of th part i laugh is not becos tht th movie is funny but is becos of those ppl's laughter . hahax ... so funny lor ... all type of sound oso hv ... dOts ~

den come home veri early lor . cos no wher to go ... den sianx le lor . haiix ... so lets count down for sch to reopen . 3 more days .

Monday, December 29, 2008

Can any one save me , pls !? NONONO !!! sch gonna reopen in ... 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . FOUR days ! OMFcukinG !! i dun wan ! i wan to slp late & wake up late !!! i dun wan to wake up at 5.30am ! T.T *SOB SOBs* !!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


thx alicia for this BIG BIG lollipop up dere .

went to jurong to find th child care teacher course . den when to bugis dere ... den blah blah blah . lazy to type . so tats all for today .

Friday, December 26, 2008


today went to china town dere wif aunt lily & my mother . omg uper duper long nv saw anut lily lor le . ermmms ... almost one year . hahax ... she's pregnant le ... 5 month liaox if i nt wrong and its a girl girl ... den we saw tis cloth over dere ... den we bought tis for jia hong , but dunno whether he can wear anot . den he can wear on chinese new year . sure veri cute if he wear de lor . ((: hope can wear .


den bought a present for alicia at lot1 ... den blah blah blahs ...

was told by alicia abt some ting tht jia hong's father told her ... and it makes me feel ... angry ? well .. i shall nt say wad happen la . dun feel lyk typin those stupid tings over here in my blog . cos it will only dirty my blog . x]

ok lor . so thts it for today .

Thursday, December 25, 2008



hehes ... th picture up dere is a christmas present . haiix . but sad la , not mine . its my brother de . he & his friends go exchange present lor . wad de . wif his own family dun wan exchange den waste money on his friends . walan a ...

hahax . tht "pop corn bank" up dere i oso got buy before for a friend's birthday . LOLs .. if i nt wrong veri cheap only . hahax ... hope tht person wont come and see tis post . x]

hmmms ... today actually going out de. but its canceled . so stay at home . diaox . christmas day my father oso workin lor . so morning i oso nv go out . jus whole day stay at home "zho bo" ... den ltr in th evening play monopoly wif zowee & my brother . OMFG . damn long nv touch those games in th cupboard liaox lor . den blahblahblahs la ...

see , so poor ting , christmas day i stay at hse do nth ... den other ppl go "jingle bell jingle bell" ... LOLs ... actually i normally oso nv celebrate christmas . wahhhahahx .. -.='''

hehes , now i found new show to watch le . "Three Dads One Mom" ... veri cute lor tht show .

ok la . i go watch tht show le . so thts all for today . and once again . Merry Xmas !!! ((:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ok , went to jurong for th so called christmas party . ermmms ... not fun actually . but to say th truth , totally not fun . "oops" x] nth to do , as in no game la . jus food , television and two BIG BIG socks hanging on th wall wif chocolate & sweets inside .. but th sweet not nice de . but th chocolate not bad la . infact , veri nice . hahax [:

den zowee come to my hse to stay over nite . ermm ... oh ya . btw . we did'nt exchange present at all , cos no one buy . hahax ... but alicia did buy for me to exchange jus tht i haven buy yet . i tink i will buy it tmr . hmmms .. headache headache , dunno wad to buy for her ...

ok . so end off wif some lame photo i took jus now . bye ((:

Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

jus finish bathing . ok , i have to explain tis , not tht i dirty at tis tym den go bath . its becos i jus reach home from jurong to ... i nt quite sure how to say , but is to pray la. den go see th "dua li ah pek" & "sa li ah pek" those chinese who noe i shall not explain liao any way i oso dunno how to explain it . LOLs . for those who dunno wad i toking abt , den nvm .

den deres a door la . den bfore i go in i alrdy felt lyk ... i dunno how to say la . lyk nervous lor . cos its my 1st tym to go dere . den i can peep through th door when they open . den i saw th "ah pek" (ps , i lazy to type out so i jus use th short form) de face . den they got put make-up den lyk .. before i say any ting . i hv to say tht , i really hv no offence saying those tings . i swear . i jus wan to say how i feel nia . ok , how i go ... its lyk . ok i wont say th whole ting straight , th word is start wif -s- den , ok lyk tis ( Sc_ry) ... seriously . den some more i can hear th voice of th "ah pek" toking ... th sound is lyk ... sca_y oso ... cos its lyk We_rd Wei_d ...

den finally is my turn to go in liaox ... den i go in la ... i was shaking sia ... REALLY am shaking lor ... idk why la ... jus lyk sccare lor . den i saw th "him" once den i nv look le .. lucky la got other guy inside help to translate wad th "ah pek" is toking de . den he say i hv alot of "xin shi" den he ask me not to tink too much ... den ~ .........

den vernon go ask me go take phone number from one guy , i tink he oso sec sch de age de bahhx . aiya dun care la . LOLs ... but , i nv go take . ok , "YA ! i totally regret tht i nv take number from him !" LOLs !!! no la ... jus kiddin nia . LOLs x]

den blahblahblahs lor ...

aiyoos ... why so many ppl last minute den wan to go watch movie huh ? in th middle of th holiday i was lyk so damn boring staying at home . den now sch going reopen liaox den everyone say wan to go out , den i tis few day every day oso go out . aiyoo ... hmmm ... den tis whole week oso going out ... wahhh sian . dunno my leg can tahan anot .

and yes yes !!!! christmas is coming luhh ouh !!! hehes ((: yeah !!! my present please !!! any one giving me present ??? ahahahx x] den tmr we r hving christmas eve party at jurong !!! YEAH !!!! PARTY PARTY PARTY !!! hehes ... i hope it would be fun ... but not sure le . is "uncle thomas" organise den he order loads of tings la . den actually say wan to exchange xmas present de . but den now every one say dun wan to buy liaox all becos of my brother . cos he say dun wan buy . so now , only me and alicia buying to exchange wif each other , cos we two every tym oso exchange present de . well , i shall not type why i put a "__" when typing "uncle thomas " la hor . LOLs .

okokayys ... say 1st . MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! x]

Monday, December 22, 2008


ok , tis pic is totally random , i took it when me&zowee was play th , forget wads th name of tis game . but its abt one or two week/s ago liaox le .

tis few day didnt update tis blog ... ok , so i promise i will update more often nxt tym .

hmms ... tis few days every day oso go out ... today finally i stay at home and rest le ... hehes ((: went to many places tis few days , so i shall not name out those place le luhh x]


den i find tis tingy interesting cos its lyk on th wall den th colour of th circle circle tingy will change colour . - okokayys .. its lame . i took tis on , ermms . thursday if i nt wrong when we were at th kbox at orchard dere de . den th kbox dere is lyk "blood sucker" ~ ! 3 small small plate of snacks cost $18 . LOLs ? ok den blahblahblahs .

den now i'm so boring . boring until i go watch th "okto" which is now showing "clickforord th puppy" or wad , i dunno la . but i tink i spell wrong liaox . LOLs .

ytd morning went to bedok . den got one pig still sleeping . OOPS ! so soory to call tht person pig . wahhahhahx ... wadeva la . den tok lots of rubbish dere . den evenin went to jurong again . saw ah hong , OMFG ... those fcukin notty mosquitoes go bit ah hong bao bei until every wher oso got "red bun bun" ... KO LIAN AR !!!!

now watching th cartoon while typing over here... hmms . oso looking for some horror movie to watch la ... any one can intro some horror movie ???

byyyyyeeee x2 [x

Saturday, December 13, 2008

few days bck when i was clearin my wardrobe , i saw my primary school uniform . welll . ps , th inside one is my home cloth lai de . cos i wear it in . ahaha x]

hahax i am sure going to keep my pri sch de uniform till ... ermms ... till when idk la . but i wont throw away so fast de. any way it oso accompany me for many years le ... have feeling liaox le ... hehes x]


wahhs ... watched a number of horror movies tis few days/week . last last week , i watchd "the grudge" - "ang mo" version de ... den last week i watch again "the grudge" but is japan version de call "Ju-On" ... ermmms . i tink Ju-on scarier la . ehhh ... ahahhax . i watch wif my mother de la . but actually i was suppose to wif my brother de , but he say he watch before th 'ang mo' version de liaox so i watch wif my mother lor . ahahax ... actually is i force her to watch wif me de .. hehes x] den after tat we watch Ju-On 1 & Ju-on 2 . den when we were watching th Ju-on 2 rite . my brother come join cos he haven watch Ju-on de version but watch half way , he say dun wan watch liaox cos he nv watch th front part so he dun understand wad my mother & me is discussing abt and dunno wads th story abt .

den i was scare rite . so i cover my face wif my hands , den th story lyk , seems lyk th "ghost" is nt going to come out at tat part liaox so i put down my hands la . den suddenly th ghost come out . den i jus "cover" my face wif my hands . but tht "cover" is too hard liaox . hard until it becomes a slap . yess , it hurts de lor ! LOLs. some more i "cover" wif both my hands lehh ... aiyoos .

den yesterday . watched "4bia" thai de horror , ermms ... i dunnno wads tht . nt counted as movie la . is my brother intro me to watch de , so again i ask my mother watch wif me but actually i wan to ask my father de . but he haven come home so nvm lor i ask my mothter . but tis tym i nv force her . she herself wan to watch also :] hmmm ... each story is only 30 minutes so i watch all 3 lor ...but actaully got 4 story de la but i wan to watch tv liaox so only watch 3 lor .

look at th date now . OMFG . sch going to reopen soon liaox . SOB SOB ='( haiix ...

my brother crazy now wad tym liaox den wan to go to his friend hse to stay over nite . den still bring his psp and lap top go . CRAZY . bring PSP nvm, but lap top , too over le bahhx ?! -.='''

den my parents ask him why so late den go , den he say go dere play play lor . den actually tmr morning we whole family is going to my grandparent hse de - bedok (sry if i spell wrong) den becos he going to his friend hse stay over nite and tmr morning going to farm mart (i dunno how to spell oso PS) so we are not going to grandparent hse liaox . so becos of tis i keep "add salt & vinegar" keep nagging at him say he cannot go and blahblahblahs (ps i said too much liaox so diff to type out ) but those who hv bro/sis de shld noe how i feel . wahhahahhaax ... feels GOOD . LOLs ... disturbin him ~ x] hehes . so called "lee siao" him muahahax xD !!!!!!!!!!

blahblahblahs ~

till here luuhh ((:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

something from Hanna

What is your wallpaper on your computer?
- dunno wads tht

How many television do you have in your house?
- 2

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
- dOts ?

What is the last item you lifted?
- computer mouse

Have you ever been knocked down?
- by bicycle counted ??

If it were possible,would you want to know the day that you will die?
- mayb ? or mayb nt .

If you could change your name,what would you change it to?
- hmmms ... can dun change ?

What colour would you think looks best on you?
ahahax ... nt sure '

Have you ever swallowed a non-food item?
- yes . rubber band & a nail from a clock .

Would you kiss a member of a same sex for $100?
- of cos la . my mother !!!

Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut of for $200,000?
- only if i poor until "lyk tis" . LOLs ... no la ~

Would you never blog again for $50,000?
- of cos la .

Would you posed naked in a magazine for $250,000?
- cheap'O ?! nv ~

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?-
- mayb can try . cos nv try drinking hot sauce b4 . mayb it taste nice tis way .

Would you,without fear of punishment,take a human's life for $1,000,000 ?
- muahahahax ... beware ~ ~~~~~ no la jkjk ... nt tis kind of person

What is in your left pocket?
- tis fbt no pocket . sry .

Is Napolean Dynamite a good film?
- wad th heck is tht ?

Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
- yahh

Do you sit or stand in the shower?
- stand

How many pairs of flip-flops did you own?
- nt sure

Last body who texted you?
- lazy go check .

Last person who called you?
- lazy go check .

Person you hugged?
- cnt rmb liaox .

- actually i dun hv a favourite number

- dunno lehh .. .LOLs.
- any colour . x]

Missing someone?
- okok la .

- [blank]

Listening to?
- my bro stupid voice - nagggggggggiiinnnnngggg

- watching ?

Worrying about?

- wearing ?

First place you went this morning?
- toilet

What can you not wait to do?
- dunno .

Do you smile often?
- yes . but hv to depend on my mood la .

.Are you a friendly person?
- ahahax ... nt sure abt tis ...

Now that you answer all the questions, list three other people to complete this quiz.I tag...
- nasirah . yeehui . soomin .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


hahax ... bck to post again .. hehes ..

actually today going to swim wif alicia de ... alrdy say hao th tym to meet and wad ever de liao lehor ... pack pack pack ... den realised tht my swim suit "gone" le ... ---missing . den forget it since cnt find ... den we change our plan ... we decided to go find jia hong den go watch movie at cause way wif zowee . den blahblahblahs la ... and so on de ~

cos she wan to pay th dunno wad bill at th singapore post so we went to th cck dere de ... but den by th tym we reach jurong is dunno wad tym liaox lor . so in th end we did'nt go see ah hong ... den we straight away go to cwp lliaox ..


den we saw tis " & little miss show" LOLs ... hmmms ... did'nt go watch la ... so ... ermms ... idk how to say ... nvm ... den alicia bought th ... dunno call wad la ... its to hang th hp on th neck de ... but its ... ermms ... kinda too long or wad lor ... den blahblhblahs ~ ...

hmmm ... we catch th 5.15pm de show .. Beverly Hills Chihuahua ... not tht nice la actually ... lyk nth interesting . but got shocked when Chloe bark . walan aa ... damn loud man ... lyk siaox de lor ... so loud ... den i tio shock lor ... but .. anw quite cute de la those doggies ... hehes x] den i was so damn regret i wear nv wear long sleeve shirt / jeans lor ... cos it was f-king cold in th cinema la ... freezing man ~ !!!

BLAHBLAHBLAHs ... nth else to type liaox ... so til here le . byebi ~ ((:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


helloos readers/friends hmms ... its been quite for since i post ... th "post" as in writing my "story" ... i noe la .. those previous ones are all QUIZZ ~ so now , finally , i came to post abt my "story" of th day ...

tis morning ... woke up at abt ... ermm ... PS , cnt remember liao x] den i feel lyk ... hmms ... uncomfortable la ... sore throat & headache ... den went to use lappy le ...

AND ya !!! and and and !!! my brother went to camp le ... monday to friday hehes ... FIVE DAYS ouuhh !! ((: haiix ... th hse seems so quiet when he is nt here ... haiix ... LOLs ... seems lyk its more fun when he is here .. but oso ... nt tht good some tyms ... he disturb me , i not happy . when he is not here and no one to disturb ... it feels lyk some ting is missing ... ahahax ... crazzyy ehh ?? ahaha x] !!!

den yin jie jio me go have lunch wif her ... so jus go lor ... went to long john to hv lunch ... but i jus eat th fries la ... although i dun tink i can eat cos got sore throat ... eat liao more die ... but now its seems OK la ... but i hope tmr wont be worst lor ... today we din tok much of rubbish la ... dunno why ... LOLs .. den we go dere walk walk lor ... welll when we were eating rite , i saw one pri sch friend wif his girlfriend ... i was lyk ... wad th helll ???!!! they two together ??!!! walan . i cnt imagine lor ... they two couple ... LOLs ... i totally hate tht girl ... chao ah lian ... but ... nt tht its becos she lyk ah lian den i hate her .. its becos of some other reason ******okayys ... forget abt tis ting now ...

hmms ... heard from nasirah tht those pri6 ppl taking their PSLE result on tis thursday ... wahh seyy ... so fast worx .. one year liaox .. i last year still waiting for result lyk them ... bet they feel scare or wad de bahhx ... ermms ... hope all my juniors get good result luhh ... ((:

so thts all for today le ... bye bi ~ x]

Monday, November 17, 2008

2nd quiz of th day !!!

Asked by HANNA to do tis quizzz ~

1)Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2)At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged.& list down their names
3)People who get tagged need to post 10 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.
4)No tag back !

this is how it goes...
1)act cute : BUT only to those who r really close to me
2)LOVEs to slap ppl's butt . BUT !!!! only to family members&cousins AND im totally nt pervert !!!! I SWEAR IM NOT !
3)ok ... i am ABIT crazzy
4)do funny actions sm tyms but idk y i did it .
5)teach ppl to do crazy tingys
6)i cried for a soft toy cos my bro broke its eye . one eye !!! >='(
7)saliva drip out from my mouth when i sleep * SOME TYM ONLY !!!!!
8)i USEd TO play wif th buttons in th lift
9)keep toking rubbish
10)"tink too much" sm tyms

the lucky 10 people that i choose are (sorry if reapeted)
-anyone luuh x]

1.The person who tagged you is?

2.Your relationship with him/her.

3.Your 5 impressions of her.
-can be crazy sm tyms
-can be quite loud sm tyms
-gt wear spec (LOLS?)

4.The most memorable thing she/he has done for u?
ermmm ... ahahax ... ?

5.The most memorable thing she has said to you?
aiyoos ... idk lehh ...

6.If she becomes ur lover,u will?
LOLs ... NV EVER EVER NV EVER NV ~ wahhahahhax ...

7.If she/he becomes ur lover,she/he will need to improve on..
i dun treat female as LOVER -.='''

8.If she/he become ur enemy,u will..
dun care her . diao her ? aiyoos ... depends la . how i noe .

9.If she/he becomes ur enemy the reason will be..
hmmmms .... idk ...

10.The most desired thing u want to do for him/her is?
huh ?????? wad she wan me to do ?

11.Your overall impression of her/him is?

12.How do u think people around u will feel about u?
extra . friend . nice . kns . irritating . go to hell .

13.The aspects u love about urself is?
ahhh huh huh ??

14.On the contrary,the aspects u hate urself are?
wth ... huh3 ?!

15.The most ideal u want youself to be is?
huh again ~

16.Say something to the person that care and like about u.
I LOVE YOU !!!! muack muacks ~ !!!

17.Pass this quiz to 10 person to know how they feel about u.
no.2-Pin Yi
no.3-Xue Ting
no.4-Soo Min
no.6-Yee Hui

18.Who is no.6 having relationhsip with?[YeeHui]
idk if she hv or not ...

19.Is no.9 a male or female?[myself]

20.If no.7 and no.10 are together,will that be a good thing?[Dacus.Myself]
will love him xinfinity de ~ !!! muack muacks !!!! x]

21.What is no.2 studying about?[pinyi]
huh ? how i noe .

22.What was the last time u chat with no.3 about?[xueting]
asked her if she going for her CCA

23.What kind o music band does no.8 like?[nasirah]
idk .

24.Does no.1 have any siblings?[Alicia]
yupx .

25.Will u woo no.3?[xueting]
huh ??? i not les pls !!! >.<

26.How about no.7?[dacus]
ermmm ... he is alrdy mine ~ wahahahahhax ... LOLs jk jk la ..

27.Is no.4 single?[soomin]
i tink so . but not sure ..

28.What is the surname of.5?[eudice]
isiz koh ? shit i forget le ... x]

29.What is the hobby of no.10?[myself]
sleeping .

30.Does no.5 and no.9 get along well?[eudice,myself]
ahahax ... of cos

31.Where is no.2 studying at?[pinyi]
Regent Sec

32.Talk about something for no.1[alicia]
wad can i say ?

33.HAve u tried developing feelings for no.8?[nasirah]
huhs ?

34.Where does no.9 live?[myself]
my hse lor ...

35.What colour does no.4 like?[soomin]
idk .. sry sry .

36.Are no.1 and 5 best friends?[alicia,eudice]
they dun even noe each other .

37. Does no.1 have pets?[alicia]
nope . no.7 the sexiest in the world?[Dacus]
yehhhh ~ he is so damn sexy man ! LOLs :B

39.What is no.10 doing now?[myself]
ansing tis question .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged By yeehui & nasirah

1.What Is Your Full Name?
mus i say ? jus say CHANEL

2.Do You Like Your First Name?
as in ? surname or wad ??? i lyk my name .

3.How Long Have You Liked The Person You Like?
no ans

4.Have You Kissed Anyone Before?
of cos . my family

5.Did You Cry Today?
nope .

6.What Are You Doing In The Morning 8Am?
still sleeping ~ LOLs.

7.What Are You Doing An Hour Ago?
using com bahhx ?

8.What Are You Currently Doing?
writing th ans for tis question lorrhh ... -.='''

9.Who Last Texted You A Message?

10.Have You Told Anyone You Love Him,Today?
LOLs ... ya . my "didi" - some one noes who tht "didi" is .. LOLs x infinity ~ !!!

11.Do You Miss Anyone Now?
hmmms ... nope or mayb yes ..

12.Any Plans For Tomorow?
wake up , bath , play , eat , play , sleep ,wake up , play , eat , play , bath , play , sleep , den wake up th nxt day .

13.What Was The Reason Behind The last Time You Cried?
aiyooos ... forget le lehh .. ahahax .

14.Is There Anyone You Wanna Be With Now?
hmms .. no bahhx .

15.Have You kissed With Anyone Whose Name Start With J?
J ar ... nope .

16.Name Someone Who Made You Smile Today.
hmms .. . no one ?

17.Name A Friend That Name Starts With Z.
Zi Hui . ZzzZzzZzzZzz

18.Which Of Your Friend Stay Closes To You?
jacklyn , ker yang , asyraf . so sad . only 3 ppl live near me .

19.Do You Prefer To Call Or To Text?
hmms .. depends la ... both oso can de .

20.Was Yesterday Better Than Today?
hmms ... jus started a new day . how i noe ?!

21.Can You Live A Day Without Your Tv And Your Phone?
hmms ... can ... i stil hv computer and lappy to use wad . LOLs ...

22.Are You Mad About Anything Now?
yes !!!! uper duper mad abt it lorhhs !!!

23.Do You Hate Anyone?
ohh ~ com'on ~ who dun hate anyone ??? LOLs ...

24.Last Person You visited In The Hospital.
sry ... i really cnt rmb liaox le .

25.When Is Your Last And Second Last Hug?
who go rmb tht ? LOLs ... wad if i ask u when is th last and second last tym go to th toilet ?...-.='''

26.What Does Your Last Msg in Your Inbox?

27.How Do You Feel About Your Life Now?

28.Do You Hate Anyone Now?
yes ! any problem ???

29.Last Person You Called.
forget liaox

30.Who Usually Send You The Most Text In A Month?
ohh ... sry . i jus deleted all th msg :B

31.Is Your Room Messy Now?
hmmms ... ya ! LOLs

32.Your Shortest Relationship?

33.Who Do You Look Like?
ahahax .. how i noe . i look lyk myself .

Tag 10 ppl to do this survey
1.any one can do
2.any one wan to do jiu do bahhx ..
3.who can i tagg ?all ppl do le ...
4.who wan do come do ... quick quick
10.er65itkghnmdf5r2 6

Sunday, November 9, 2008

asked by eudice to do tis quizzz

1. Do u have any secrets ?
- of cos yeshh .

2. Would u fall in love wth a guy older dan u ?
- yesh .

3. Do u enjoy going to sck ?
- depends .

4. Wad would u do wth one billion dollars ?
- wahahahhax ... idk lehh .. nv tink of tht ...

5. Would u fall in love wth ur best fren's stead ?
- i hope i wont . if yeshh ... den i will keep it a secret luhh ..

6. If u have to choose between ur best fren n ur bf ?
- >.<>

7. Wad is th thing u desire now ?
- hmmms dunno

8. If th person u secretly like is attached ,, wad would u do ?
- hmmms ... sad bahhx ?? idk idk idk

9. Is there anything tt make u extremly happy ?
- mayb ? or mayb nt .

10. Wad makes u angry ?
- too many to list le :B

11. How would u see urself 10 yrs lata ?
- idk ...

12. Who is currently most important to u ?
- family friends ?

13. Wad is th most important things in life ?
- idk lehhh ...

14. Wad is more important ? Family or Career ?
- Family bahhx ?

15. Wad is ur favourite colour ?
- love most of all colours .

16. Would u give all in a relationship ?
- hmmms ... mayb or mayb nt .. depends luhh ..

17. If u fall in love wth 2 persons simultaneously ,, Who would u choose ?
- th one i love more ? or th one who love me more ? >.<

18. Wad would u do if ur boyfriend two timed u ?
- breakup la !!!

19. Wad u would u tell tat someone u liked ?
- ahahhax ... "**************"

5 ppl i have tagged

haven tagged any one yet ...
any one wan to do den jus do lor ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

_chanel is bck_

heyys all ... i am bck .. hehes .. long tym nv post le cos i lazy .. and since its so long liaox .. i oso forget wad had happen in those few days ... so jus type abt tings tht i can remember luhh ...

hmms ... 1st i hv to say tht i changed handphone liaox its on sunday if i not wrong ... but my feeling is . not happy and happy ... hmms ... so to make it simple ... my feeling is . no feeling ... seriously ! its true okayys ?! hmms ... although its really much better compared to my previous phone ... for those who seen my previous phone will noe ...

actually i dun really lyk how i get my new phone ... and i totally dun expect them to buy a new phone for me de ... totally nv expect ... welll ... and so on la ... blahblahblahs ~ !!!! o.O and for those who i nv send my new number to | as in those friend(s) who dun hv my number can ask from me ...

den i went to watch HSM3 wif friends on monday le ... yeahhhs !!! finally i get to watch liaox le ... hehes ... and yeaps ... its nice de lorhhh .... they say hv HSM4 ... dunno la .. if hv i sure will go watch de .... but hor ... th scene lyk ... hmms ... not touching de lehhh ... nvm la ... okok la ... can say its nice lor .. hehes ...

haiix ... den have CCA oso on tuesday and today ... and its totally so damn tired man !!! i wish tmr i wont have muscle pain !!! pls pls pls !!!! god bless me !!! >.< style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; color: rgb(51, 0, 153);"> 4hours ... haiix ... so sianx la ... really dun feel lyk going lorhhh ... -.='''

den when we reach th bus stop .. th bus jus left ... wtf ... den we wait for veri long lor ... den chat wif friends lor .. and of cos sms ppl .. LOLs ... den bus finally cme liaox ... LOLS .. den blahblahblahx ... ~

and still blahblahblahs ... and till here le ... byebi ~

Sunday, October 26, 2008


hellos readers/friends long long tym nv post le ... hehes.. cos recently hv no mood to post ... and plus . i am uper duper lazy .. hehes xD and well , i am currently using the computer . not lappy now .. hehes xD ... hmms .. jus finish playin wif vernon ... den he wan go study le . so i oso nv play le lor . since no one play wif me liaox. .. so i come out to chat at msn ..

went to bugis in th morning . LOLs ... den go bugis street walk walk den BLAHBLAHBLAHS ..

den on th way home ... its kinda boring ... haiix ... so sms ppl la ... & blah blah blahs ...

and ... i dun care abt animecrazy liaox ... i go veoh watch ... i mean reborn la .. den now stop at episode 104 . now waiting for episode 105 subbed de .. well ... I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED TO "LAMBO" !!! HE IS SO DAMN CUTE SIA !!!! LOVE HIM !!

lambo san combine

well ... i wanna watch HSM3 !! i sure will go watch de ... tht tym dunno my class is going to watch HSM3 i tot they going to watch connected so i nv go anw i at 5 hv to reach sch for th achiever's tea tingy .. but nvm ! i going to watch soon liaox ... all those who watch HSM3 say veri nice .. wahhhs ... den i must go watch la ... tmr or when i going to watch le bahhx .. HSM3 , wait for me !!!!!

hmmms... ltr going to jurong - grandparents house .. well . those who read my blog b4 shld noe why i go dere la.. so i wont say again le .. den my cousin ask me to stay over night at dere ... but idk wan anot lehh ... haiix ... i dun tink i staying la.. sianx ..

and . holidays are here le ... yeaaps .. ppl might find it good or some ting de ... ya la .. good is good la . dun nid to study ... but hor .. veri boring lor .. i nv go over sea ... oso haven plan wad to do ... mayb will go chalet wif friends .. or jus go play play .. and still dunno whether my class hv class outing anot .. LOLS ..

hmmms ... no homework now le.. but hor ... why i so feel lyk studying , do home work and go to school huh ?? i say tis . ppl might find it weird bahhx , but its true ...

okayys okayys .. gtg le . mum nagging .

Sunday, October 19, 2008


helloos readers / friend(s) . today ishh sososo damn boring . staying at home & never go out .. haiix .. sianx sianx sianx ...

o.O ya .. & most important de ishh ... REBORN TILL NOW I STILL CNT WATCH !!! wad th heck man ??!!! wads going on ??!!! aRRhhss !!! i gonna complain th website . "animecrazy" liaox ... its beens so many days le ... !! and its still th same old problem .. -.=''' diaox !!! why lyk tat huh ? i never even watch 1second of anime and th website says i watch for dunno how long ~ arggHhh !!! i miss lambo , reborn , tsuna & friends la ... i wan watch | wan watch | wan watch lahhs !!! ='(

den since i can't watch anime . den i use com/lappy oso no use wad .. anw both com/lappy is used by one-mother . another one - bro . den i oso cnt use .. so i from 12+ watch television to 8+ LOLs .. i crazy ?? ermm ... no la . use to it le .. every tym oso lyk tt .. . cos i really have nothing to do le ... den i watch tv ... wahhhs ... th problem ishh .. dun hv nice de show for me to watch .. but i bo bian .. really is dun have any ting to do so i jus watch la .. .

8+ finally get to touch tis computer again ... den play game wif vernon for awhile nia cos he going out to buy drink & chat wif friend at 10.30+ .. ermmm ... so late le still go buy drinks ... -.=''' ?? LOLs ... so i oso nv play le since no one play wif me liaox ...

den i go msn chat awhile den i go watch th 10.30 de movie at channel8 which i at first thought it was a ghost de movie ... but it wasn't .. haiix .. so disappointed lorhh ... but never mind la ... at least its abit scary la ... some wad horror . but not really ... den watch | watch | watch .. watch until dunno wad tym .. i tink is ... 12.30++ . but haven 1am ... mean while chatting wif friends by sms-ing . LOLs .. keep sms , as if i veri rich lyk tt .. LOLs !!! den after tht show . th nxt show not nice le . in fact ; KNS !!!

den i come bck to use com lor ... den now nth to do le lor ... but dun really feel lyk sleeping lehhx .. but oso no one to chat wif me liaox .. all ppl go play game or wad de.. ? idk them la ... den boring again liaox .. hmmm .. sianx la .. nth to do de .. oso lyk dun have any game for me to play de le .. boring | boring | boring lahhs !!! -.='''

hmmm ... feel lyk cutting my hair again liaox .. wahahhahahax ...

yeahhhs ~ holidays coming le ..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


yeeapps .. EOY over le and alrdy 4 subject de result liaox ... so far so good . haven fail any subject yet . but not sure but tmr de pp .. haiix ... hopw all can pass oso !! >.<

den tis afternoon went to CCA .. hope tmr wake up wont here pain dere pain de ... veri "wad" de ... but i noe its impossible . tmr sure pain lyk hell .. haiix .. bo bian lorhh ... tian zu ding de .... den went home use com and so on ...

den play game lorhh , chat chat ..

den i actually wanted to watch anime de ; reborn . den wtf lorhh .. they say wad i cnt watch cos say wad i today watched 1190+ minute de anime liaox .. LOLs ??!!! i didnt even watch 1 minute of it okayyys ???!!! baka3 ! den sian la ... cnt watch . den i go watch "hot shot" den watch for 2-5 minute .. haiix sian la . no mood to watch tht show today . den close lor . den actually want to sleep liaox .. den haiix... come see see den post le lorhh ...

okayy .. bye bi ~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

_jia hong _

helloos ((: jus now in th morning went to dunno where to eat . i mean hav breakfast . aunt candy , uncle thomas & jia hong BB oso gt go ... jia hong grow alot le wOrx ~ !!!


tht was jia hong in th past ~


its th recent one . but quite long ago de le . now bigger ~


tis is th most recent one if i nt wrong ... cute lehh ?! ((:


th weather was not bad / quite good when we went out . as in to fetch th 3 of them . but when half way when we going to reach th place , OMFG , it starts to rain ... and BLAH BLAH BLAH ~ den jia hong inside th car was so guaii ... wahahhahax ... den keep looking here n dere de ~

den reached th place liaox... den eat eat eat lorhh .. den got one auntie veri bad sey , she saw ah hong den came to us , den look at him smiling , den say "xiao pang zi" repeated so many tyms ... in english is "little fatty" ..cos jia hong is quite , ermm *______* ... yahh . he is now 4 or 5 months old le , not sure how old la ... but aunt say he is now wearing th 9month baby size de cloth liaox .. wOw ???

den bring them bck to jurong . den we go sheng shiong .. buy ting ... i buought th shampo n condition cos th previous one sux lyk hell man . dunno is spoil de or wad ... walao , use liaox my hair become so rough , hard and sticky . ya , might tink tat its sticky and hard cos i never wash properly . but , no ! it had been a few days lyk tt liaox ... den no matter how i wash , its still lyk tt ... th brand is "head & shoulder" !!!! dun buy tht brand liaox !!! so bo bian , buy new de shampo lorhhh ~ th marshmallow nice3 !!! ((: den my famiyl mem oso gt buy tings la ~ den go home lorhhh ...

den ltr still going to jurong ... smth lyk family gathering/day ? all ppl go dere ... every sunday lyk tt de .. .LOLs . ..

sianx . tmr start th non stop de EOY exam liaox .. from tmr all th way to friday ... haiix ... sianx diao la !!! all e best luhh , friends . dun gt too tired & stress-d up le . jiayOus .

till here le ((:

Saturday, October 4, 2008


wahahahax ... its 1.30+am le . hmm ... still not going to sleep yet ? ermm .. dunno lehh ~ mayb 3+ ? see 1st lorhh ... cos was playin game ... ermm ~ ps* i m not addicted !!! >.< jus that dun feel lyk sleeping only , but feels tired ~ yeaps , kinda weird yaahh ...

hmm , i wonder why , my EOYs coming le , some more its jus on monday .. which means , DAMN SOON . LOLs ?! and i can still lyk slacking all day long playing n sleeping n nv do home work ? cnt tink of a reason y ...

tink tink tink ...

still tink of nothing ...

but jus found out yesterday that mr roslan , one of my pri sch teacher , dropped his hp into th toilet bowl ~ hhahax ... kinda interesting n disgustin la . ask him how he take out but he nv ans . LOLs ... nvm ... anw he sure be sad cos its new phone ... den now spoil liaox he have to use bck his old hp ~ haiix ...

teehees ~ happy happy today cos of smth ~ !!! ((:

buaiis >.<

Thursday, October 2, 2008

_blah blah blahs_

helloos readers ... hmm ...

selamat hari raya ~ !!! LOLs ... belated *

ytd no sch ,but nv go out oso , cos sianx plus tired , wan to sleep .. haiix . den nv do work ~ tired cos i tuesday 3.30 am den sleep ~ wahahahas ~ !!! cos ytd no sch mahh ((: den 10+ i woke up , den actually going out to have breakfast wif family de , but den i too lazy le , plus tired , den i dun wan go ~ den actually oso going out to study wif friends de , but den ya la ! tired luhh , so nv go .. LOLs .. den today saw th photo tt they took ytd .. hahax .. yeaps . cute + funny , & pretty pretty x infinity yaa ~~ !!! >.< PIGGY ! sleep so long ! hehes .. wake up le den i do th dottin for art , finally finish th dotin *only !!! den dot until my hand pain and suan lorhhh !!! i sleep so long ytd , but den hor , dunno why i 10+ sleep liaox .. dunno y still feels sleepy , den sleep so early .. wahhahahax .. den today , nth much la .. jus lyk normal day lorhh .. haix .. nxt week EOY le but i haven ready yet ... ehhhh ~ !!!! ='( mus jiayOus ouuhh !! ((:

den reached home .. LOLs .. den do nth , on9 .. den "mouth itchy" den eat ting lorhh ~


hehes , eat tt PRINGLES , not from china de , no china milk powder de ~ ((: oopsy .. >.<>

die liaox .. feel lyk sleeping again haiis .. *yarn yarn ~
bye bye ~ muackx ((:

Monday, September 29, 2008

_blah blah blah_

hahax ... yeaps , i once said in 25 sept tt tt will b my last post b4 EOYs ~ hahax .. idc liaox la ... jus use com la ~ !! LOLs .. today's mother tongue paper 1&2 nearly cnt finish lorhh !!! so damn scare sia ~ !!! paper 1 is okayys . paper 1 is the composition tingy , for the letter writing , i chose question 2 , th accident de ~ wOoH ~ den wrote damn much of rubbish for tht LOLs .. dunno can pass mah ~ den for compo lehhx , i chose question 5 , th ah ma let stranger(s) come into hse de ~ LOLs .. oso wrote quite much of rubbish la ~ scare will "li ti" den die die oso mus die liaox lurhh ~ !!!

den th paper 2 even worst , den really is until th last min ~ today den i noe wads th real meaning of LAST MINUTE ... !!! haiix ... who ask my readin skills so lousy lehh ???!!! read so long ~ aRRrrHH .. well , nvm la , at least i managed to finish th whole paper can liaox le ~ ((: hehes .. den write write write , write until me hand so damn pain lorhh ='( " wahhh ~ wo ke lian de shou shou !! T.T " *sob sob*

den after th paper , those who have their oral stay bck lorhh , lucky i last week finish oral liaox .. if nt hor , stress aR ~ den we went to canteen , eat lunch lurhh , den ltr pin yi , xue ting & shiok huey went up to class for their oral , OOPSY ~ forget to wish dem gd luck le , LOLs .. psps hor ! den we was lyk wait for dem at th canteen ~ n waiting for "sm da pai" de ren ~ if nt we alrdy go home le .. den wait wait wait , shiok huey come down liaox , den say tt th "da pai" de ren mayb wont go study le ... LOLs .. ?! den wasting our tym ? LOLs .. aiyoo nvm la ~ its okayys , anw we oso wait for they 3 den go out of sch

walk cross th tracfic lite , den suddenly , wen hui , pin yi n xue ting scold , OMFG , their voice damn loud de ~ LOLs ... den we three at th bck was lyk .. OMG , wad happen sia ? den we ask them lorhh , den they say gt lizard den was lyk quite big de bahhx , they shout coz th lizard was so damn near pin yi's leggy . den wen hui say at 1st tot was a tree branch or smth de , den she look clearly , ehh , why th tree branch will move de ? den noe it was a lizard . well , i dunno if it was a lizard or wad was tt la . but it looks lyk to . den kelly n keli was dere too ~ den th lizard was still crawling on th floor , middle of th road , den th lite went red , which mean its tym for th cars to blast off ... den i turn bck to look at th crawling lizard , den suddenly "zoom" gt one car ran over th poor little tingy , den ltr keli n kelly walk cross th road den look at th lizard , den say "die liaox lehh" den we was lyk , hahax .. isiz KPO or wad i dunno la , den we keep gg bck to road when th tractic lite turns green to look at th lizard den run bck again when th lite turns red ~

den th head isn't damaged yet but the tail n the bck leg was lyk flat liaox .. den we went to look , den actually saw its fcuking disgusting de intestine .. LOLs ? OMFG , damn disgusting man !!! dun wan tink liaox . ltr no appitite to eat dinner ~ ltr eat half way vomit cos tinking abt tt tingy ~ ? EEEEeee EeeerrRRrrr !!!!

den we took 307 , nv walk , too tired liaox ... den we all went to lot1 ~ a quite boring place to me , coz every tym go dere , go till sianx liaox ... den pin yi n xue ting go dere de minitoons buy sweet , me nv buy ~ ((: hehes , guaii hor nv eat sweet de xiao hai ~ LOLs .. puke larhhs !! hahax .. jkin only ~ ... den we went out of the shop den suddenly gt 3 gals gt one take out hp , tot is wan me to do survey or wan me to help them take photo , den i was lyk alrdy gg to stretch out my hand liaox , den one gal say "is her hor ?" den i was lyk .. huh ? me wad me ? -.=''' den tell me "ermm cn gv me ur number? my friend wan , ermm , boy" den i was lyk ... huh huh huh ? me ? wrong person isiz ? den i ask bck lor , ' me?" den say "ya" .. LOLs i was tinkin tinkin , den i say "ermm , sry" i veri gd liaox , still gt smile lorhh .. if tt person wan ask himself la LOLs ~ anw i oso wont gv .. hahax .. dunno even who tt person ishh ...

den went to th comic shop , cos shu wei wan to buy comic , hahax .. noe she would buy , she seems to be a comic lover yahh ~ LOLs .. den we tok tok tok while waiting for her to choose for her comic ...

den after tt , i continue tellin sh abt "tt pri sch frien" tingy ~ hahax .. cnt say her name here , well .. jus now say it wasn't tt funny any more , at sch say more fuunny , well its abt a water bottle tingy , aiming bck th sweet drink tt she drink bck in to th bottle cos she was laughing ~ n i hv to do th cleaning for her , forced by th teacher , cos she hv to take her PSLE oral exam liaox .. funny !!!... ehhh ~ so damn miss all those primary sch memories lurhhh ~ hahax ...

ehhh , dun feel lyk studying ~ how ? aiyoo . y every tym say study de? LOLs ..

til here ((: buaiis >.<

Friday, September 26, 2008

Asked by soo min to do tis quiz :

Who was the person hu tag u?
soo min

Wat do u think of her?
hmm .. nt really noe her tt much ~ quite gd but loud some tyms ?

Do u eat a lot of fast food?
nt tt much la ...

Hav u kiss anyone in 2008?

Were u happy when u woke up today?
i still wanna sleep man ~ !!!

Wat did u last gt upset bout?
i scare wil fail EOY de english den wil go NA

Do u eat candy on a daily basis?
ermm .. last tym was ~ nt any more now ~ ((:

Wad bout is ur 5th sent msg?
huh ? 5th ? dunno lehh ~ delete le ..

Who was the person u last ate wit?
me & myself ~ so lonely de ~

Who was the person u took a picture of?
amirah if i nt wrong ?

When orderin sushi, wad do u gt?
any ting will do ... i lyk all kinds of sushi , jus dun gt me a "shit" flavour de wil do .

Who was the last person u sat nxt 2?
forget le worx ~

Wad were u doin at 10am?
in class toking wif friens luhh ...

Hav u change a lot since summer?
dunno when is summer lehh ... LOLs . such a baka !! xD

Wad was the last beverage u spilled on urself?
huh huh huh ?? LOLs ..

Where is the place u wan 2 b rite nw?
heaven ~

When was the last time u cried?
hmmm , lets keep it a secret okayys ? ='( / ((:

Wad is ur fave songs at the moment?
WOW wow WOW ~~ !!! so many sia !!!

Wad were u doin at 11 last nite?
deep in my dream liaox ~

Who's near u?
my daddy , i tink ? most near derhx liaox .

Wad were u doin at 5am in the morning?
still sleeping ZzzZzz

Wad's botherin u rite nw?
dunno .. ? "smth".

Who was the last person 2 talk 2 u in the phone?
LOLs ... forget liaox .. jus tok in phone wif so many ppl lehh ~

Who's house did u go last?
aiyooo ~ forget liaox la .. LOLs ...

Who honestly noes everything bout u?
no one noes me better den ME !

Who broken ur heart?
LOLs ... ((:

Honestly do u luv sm1 very much?
ermmm .. hahax .. ((:

Who was the last person hu tel u tat they luv u?
dunno ?

R ur frens wit the person u kissed?
huh ? my friens wif my mum , dad & kor ?

R there any parts of ur body tat hurts?
my eyes ? -.='' ehhh ~

In the supermarket, the first thing tat gts ur attention is?
depends on wad i want luhh ...

How cool do u tink u r?
well , i dun tink i m cool lehh ~ LOLs ..

Drugs r?
addicts ~ lyk u r my drugs baobeii~ LOLS ~!!!!!

Which 1 do u hate the most?
wad tingy ? wad toking u ?

WHo was the first person hu text u 2day?
dunno leiix ~ forget le , so many msg , alrdy delete liaox.

Wad was the first thin u did tis mornin?
rub my eyes ~ -.='' ?

Who was ur last missed call on ur cell phone?
dun rmb liaox.

Wad's the last mistake u made?
too many mistakes i made .. cnt rmb ..

wad r u listenin rite nw?
my ears needs some peace ~ nt listenin to any song rite now .

Who was the last personof the opposite sex u had ur conversation wit?
dad , bro ? cnt rmb ..

Who was the last person hu cal u?
cnt rmb ..

Is there anything tat u wan 2 say 2 tat sm1 special?

rite down 10 person hu u wan them 2 do tis quiz...
1. alicia
2. nasirah
3. soo mon (although she alrdy done le . LOLs )
4. xue ting
5. any one who wans to do ~

Thursday, September 25, 2008


helloos dear readers , i tink tis will be the last post tat i will be posting ~ as in i after EOY den come bck to blog to post ((: i mean , i HOPE tis will be the last post coz if i come post tat means i nothing to do , and tat means i neveer study !!! -.='''

aRR .. tmr is will be th 1st EOY subject , english ~ gt a strong feeling tat i will fail tis sia ~ sianx .... how to rite summary ?????!!!!!!! main point ? wad e hell is tt man ? den th comprehension dun even noe can understand the passage anot , n the composition ~ wahhhh ~ so damn sianx ... rather retain in primary 6 , more shiong lorhh ~ as in after PSLE de life ~ its th best luhh !!! no stress ~ no wad eva ...

den the nxt test will b on nxt monday , mother tongue - chinese ~ compo again ? i do compo do until wan to die liaox la !!!! so many words !!!!~ hope can pass oso .. LOLs ...

den nxt will be non-stop de exams liaox . its on th 6th oct to 10 oct , so stress ~ haven do revision some more ~ die die oso must die luhh ... and my art de haven draw ='( must quick liaox .. cnt play play play luhh ~


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

_chanel baka baka_

tis few days quite tired de ... hmmm ... sunday slept at 4.30am lyk tt ... i cnt gt to sleep coz smth's on my mind ... but ytd n so its getting btr le ~ i dun wanna tink abt tt tingy liaox ... fcuking irritating ...

y would i ever trusted u ?
i am such a baka to trust u !!!

can tym rewinds ? i wanna go bck to e past ....
tis is making me damn *&^%$#

tq , yin jie for keepin me acc ((: sry & tq so much ya ~

Sunday, September 21, 2008


veri wad lorhhs ~~~ dun ever prank call me again liaox okayys ?! si bei bi chik de lehh !!! wad de , damn waste my money lorhhs ~ !!!! ermmm ~ sorry for those ppl who have private number , coz i wont be answering to private number liaox ~~~ if not is those BAKA , call wrong number , den say "hello" den say " ehh , sry , wrong number" -.=''' BAKA BAKA BAKA la !!!!! my number so easy to call wrong mehh ??? -.=''' diao x infinity !!!

hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos

tok to me leiix !!!!

hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos hellooos

later can dun go mahh ? veri tired lehh .. how ????? ~~~~~~!!!!! -.='''



finally gt a lollipop liaox , although its small , but nvm , btr den nth mahh ((:

veri long nv suck e lollipop le leiix ~ ((:
sorry abt my hand dere ~ LOLs ...
but too bad , tis favour nt nice derhhx ~ ='(

i wan a toilet bowl size-d de lollipopy ~ ! xD

yeaps , in e end i nv go , since my dad nt bringing us dere ,
den i do e research for art lorhh ~
tink for so damn long den hv idea wad to search for ...
the title is "grow up" den mus do the cover page of the magazine ...
hahaxx .. actually still gt other title can choose but i chose tis ~
buaiis ~ gonna study for goeg liaox >.<>
i hate choo choo train so much lorhh ~ ! xD