Thursday, April 30, 2009

did smth really veri Bai chi in th toilet while changing frm P.E shirt to uniform ..
ohh my gossh! cnt believe i treat as if i were at home ! haha!
den scream and laugh ultra loud in dere .. ohh! so uper lucky i wasn't doing tht in class! :DD

heh heh ?!
mdm soh said she say ytd gt tell us today gving us maths test .
wtf sio! idk any la! SOBS!
it was 20% of CA ? T.T damn it lorhs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dunno how to do for almost all of th question !
*bang wall!*

after sch went to range for th celebration for syf performing arts .
den over liaos , gt buffet . yea , so called buffet la .
so eat eat eat .

den go to lot1 library after tht wif wenhui to chat .
and "solve" sm prob ?
were in th talking room so laugh and talk freely! :DD

HomesweetHome! :O


WeiLin's Quiz! :DD

100 Truths
001. Real name: Chanel
002. Nickname(s): Camel .
003. Age: 14 !
004. Horoscope: Aquarius
005. Male or female: Female
006. Primary School: Chua Chu Kang Primary School!!!!♥
007. Secondary School: Regent Secondary School!!!!♥
008. Poly or Jc: [dash]
009. University: [dash]
010. Hair color: Black/Brown
011. Long or short: Okok la
012. Loud or Quiet: BOTH~
013. Sweats or Jeans: BOTH~
014. Phone or Camera: Phone
015. Health Freak: Nope
016. Drink or Smoke?: nope ?
017. Do you have a crush on someone?: ohh , yesyes! 陈奇慧 :DD
018. Eat or Drink: Eat And Drink
019. Piercings: 3 only :O
020. Tattoos: dun have
021. Social Or Anti-Social: Social
022. First Piercing: Jewel shop ?
023. First Relationship: Single till now :DD
024. First Best Friend: Cheryl - no contact le
025. First Award: Dunno
026. First Kiss: Mother Father Brother
027. First Pet: "WoWo" my turtle ! R.I.P rofls!
028. First Big Vacation: SINGAPORE !! :DD
029. First Love At First Sight: hmms .. no?
030. First Hug: Father Mother Brother
049. Eating: [dash]
050. Drinking: [dash]
051. About To: Dunno!
053. Listening to: SoHot
054. Plans for today: Sleep !
055. Waiting for: Durian to drop
056. Energy Level: ZzzZzz
057. Thinking Of Somone: 陈奇慧! :DD
059. Want to get married?: Future.
060. Careers in mind: Sweep th floor
068. Lips or eyes: WAD ?? eyes ??
069. Romantic or Funny: both ?
070. Shorter or taller?: Taller!!! TALL TALL TALLER !!!
071. Protective or Caring: both ?
072. Romantic or spontaneous: wad ???
073. Nice stomach or nice arms: huhhuhhuh ? nice shit
074. Sensitive or loud: Loud , sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship: hook up or relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant: troublemaker or hesitant
080. Lost glasses/contacts: nope .
081. Ran away from home: nope .
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Yes ! hahas :DD
083. Killed somebody: dun hv .
084. Broken someone's heart: Dun have :D ??
085. Been Arrested: Dun have !
086. Cried when someone died: Yes .
087. Miss Someone Alotalot: Yes !
089. Yourself: Me , Myself , I
090. Miracles: NOOO!
091. Love at First Sight: Mayb ?
092. Heaven: Mayb ?
093. Santa Claus: I wan tis and i wan tht ! :DD
094. Tooth Fairy: wad th heck is tht ?? rofls!
095. Kiss on the first date: Single till now :D
096. Are you afraid of anything: Ghost , Big Insect , infact all insects! CHEESE !! hate cheese lyk hell!
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: My lovely friends! :D
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life: hai hao bahh ..
099. Do you believe in God : dunno lehh .. yes ?
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people
1) XueTing
2) YeeHui
3) SooMin
4) ChewRui
5) Alicia
6) Nasirah
7) Lewis
8) KerYang
9) ZiHui
8:22pm , byes! :DD

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

o'rites , jus help-d ker yang th Meh meh yang cr8 his blog jus now!
hahas ! so kind of me to help him rite ?! enough friend le bahs ! rofl!rofls! :DD

well , i totally hate 307 !
Keli called mdm wong ! anw , long long tym no see her le , ask her come bring us go cck int .
cos cckps ppl having sportday .
tok so much , in th end , she say : "i now at sch liao lehh" rofl la!

went to kelly hse , eat eat eat 1st .
den play-d wii !
shout scream laughs! [ps: quite loud , sry if gt disturb]
den went downstairs . they play dunno wad ting . den me and wenhui go chats!

saturday ermms ? got go out ? or dun hav ? yi shi xiang bu qi ! STM :O

Sunday ? jurong . saw jia hong standing! two or three weeks no see , clever le wors!

Monday forgt liaos!
ar yea , went to buy wenhui's mousee bday present
kfc wif th four chatterbox-S!

Tuesday . change to index sitting arrangement .
sit until veri behind . eyes gt prob see-ing smtyms .
increasing le bahh ? pri4 till now . so sry to my poor eyes but i dun hv th habit of taking out th specs to wear .
stayed back to do th IPW ting .
subway wif pinyi,xueting,shuwei.

Today .
CCT , mr gregy gv out th awards to those we .. ermms ,
portfolio are lyk good good de ? and many ppl vote de ..
hahas , alrdy noe shiokhuey will gt it for sure , so nt surprise at all .
seriously , i say tis NO sour grapes ! th bear nt veri cute , but its cos he no taste , dunno wad girls lyk , thts why . but , its lyk so SOFT la !!! super nice to hug !!! hahas ! go her hse to stayover to hugggg th bearbear to slp ! nt a bad idea hor ! :DD
Clapclap for shiokhuey !!! hahas , seriously her portfolio veri nice !! nice nice :DD!
anw , she every ting oso good de la , pretty cum clever !
boy winner was asyraf .
rofls ?? no one clap when cher say his name ...
gt a dunno wad basketball den th boys lyk .... hmms ! hahahas ...

ms joy tay ar ! pian us lor!!!
she told us ytd tht today after sch can go music room to hv our music test de .
den go after sch to dere today .
went up to lvl 4 . no ppl , go staff room chers say she nt in .
den we wait-d and wait-d lyk a fool !
in th end decided to go canteen liaos , walk walk walk.
Canteen , guess wad we saw ?? :DD ?!
yea , ms tay dere , take a drumstick sitting wif dunno wad teachers , den eat eaet .
rofls ! ohh ms tay , i totally "LOVE" u for tis ! :DD
den we go tok to her la . she say today cnt . wad de ?!

btw , MYE are coming le ! haiis !
why mus exam lehh ??

Lastly , i hate COMPOs !


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

today was lyk quiet in class .. hahas , weird ,if nt normally will laugh laugh laugh lyk wad .
but today dun hv ... and dunno why ..
after sch ,
went for th mrs sim science remedial , finally !
didn't noe its lyk so boring ... plus ..
my laughing partners nv go wif me , so , more boring cos no one can laugh wif me ..
so i jus diam diam sit dere look at her .
found out tht she quite funny de . her actions . wanna laugh at her but den i noe sure veri wad cos no one will laugh wif me ... sm more th whole class damn quiet , so jus shut up and stare ..
oso didn't learn any ting , all is teach infront infront de ...
but its ok , anw didn't intend to learn , jus wanna kill tym ...

go home and blahblhablahs !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


last saturday went to meet wenhui and xueting ...
int of cos .
den saw many rgt ppl dere . for th flag day ...
saw asyraf dere oso , rofls .
nth to do , so go disturb xD ? blhablhablahs !
sunday meet up wif alicia for lunch ...
long tym nv see her liaos ...
hahas , she seems happy , lian ai zong de ppl is lyk tis de arr .. hahas!

monday , cum home .
from 5plus slpslpslp , all th way to morning 5.40 :DD !!

today , all i can rmb for sch is tht i laugh so much during recess and music lesson .
and oso maths ! nasirah teach me th maths den i keep do wrong ... oopths !!! sry sry .
and oso thx . ahaha :DD!
had napfa 5 station after sch .
went for 30min of cca , den go canteen zhou bo liaos ...
:DD m&d get GOLD for syf ! :DD congrats congrats and , oso , those who dance for tht ,
they did really well ok !
den zhao lao shi say all m&d members will gt to go to taiwan on june !!! :D
and oso , seniors step down le , bet they will miss M&d . but no choice cos they nid study liao ..
all th best for their o lvls .

my napfa result sucks i noe , and for sure ! hmms ... dun care la , nt tht important oso ..

tag replies

Lewis : lolols ! can can ! but mus pay . jkjk ! ha
soomin : o'rite ! RElink le :D
ZiHui : hahas , suan me ouh , bet urs nicer rite !
alicia : hahas ! u two better last long ! :DD
alicia : ar na ar nah ! noe u now veri xing fu la ! hahas!
Ernest : thx for taggin . hahas!
pinyi : hehes !!! :DD
syafiqah : heys !!! ^^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

YEAH !! 3:1 !! :DD

did my master piece on nasirah's hand on thurs . yeaps , its artist C ,
bet she loves it ! :DD

rofls , can grow tall de ! mss

o'rites , cnt forgt th art lesson on friday , xueting's holy saliva , hmms . wakakakas ! =="

help-d alicia edit on her couple photo .
dododo , den put in wrong tings , she request to re-do . okayys ..
shall do it ltr .
hv smth to say to her , th same ting i always told her for every new relationship she hd :
"hope u two last long!" ermm ... ==


tags replies

ZOE♥ : hahas , thx ! :DD
Ernest =D : ermms ... lols
Jason : hahas ..
Jason : lols , yeaps . shes cute
nasirah : wahahas . hmms , i noe u wan do it to th berok , can , wif urs . nt mine :D
syafiqah : hahas , ya , cute !
nasirah : ohh , how u noe its mine ??
Chewrui : lolols . yes ! :DD

Monday, April 13, 2009

blahblahsblahs .
rushed home . so called rushed home . but reach abt 3 .
den prepare . go out ...
when to kk to see my new born i tink she is my cousin .. hmms ..
she is so so so cute . did nt gt to take her opening her eyes but nvm at least i saw it ! :DD
heard aunt lily's "story" wahhhhs ! gving birth sure seems scary ! x[


I x3 Jasmine !!! :DD
she super super duper de small la !!! :DD

damn it , i lost me ez-link card !!! arghs !


my hand says its veri itchy , wanna reply tags here =='

Tags Replies

Nasirah : OMG !!!!!!! nt bad nt bad ! u noe me too well liaos . i use tis kind of tupid short form u oso noe ! hahas ! o'rites ! do it tmr :DD !

Lewis : hahas .. i mean nt tht cartoon de song ? its barbie girl - song name. err..

Xueting : LOls ! gt lor . so many tings to post .. i noe la . u lazy only >.>

syafiqah : okokayys .. will go see de . and will link too :DD !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

morning went out to hv breakfas wif dad and ma . tupid bro dun wan go .
actually gg to queensway . plan cancel-d cos of sm reason .
acc mother go gai gai . super duper plus ultra long nv go out shop wif her liaos .
SOMEONE is jus so selfish ! bleahs! fish monger lor !!!


Yeehui : hahas ...
Nasirah : told u :DD!`
Lewis : wahahahs !! yeaps . but nt tht "barbie girl" de song . im nt tht childish.rofls .
ZiHui : hahas ! :DD wish tym rewinds ! wakakks . i wan go bck small small tym x]
Pinyi : lols ! tq for taggin ''.
Lewis : oohh ,, ya hor , ps . its thursday >.>
Lewis : rofls !
jonathan : welcome welcome . hahahas !!! :DD
Nasirah : hahas !! yea , u gt it ! o'rites , try then , i will "okc" bet u dunno wad i toking abt !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fastfood kills me .

hv been eating fast food for 3tyms tis week . omgosh . i gonna becum fatter den a pig liaos ..
haiis !
wed , had mac wif wenhui, shooting and pinyi . den chat for afew hours dere ? laughs lyk crazy ! ps . most of th noise is made by me shoot and wh . pinyi quite innocent de . rofl rofls . say good tings for her ;D ! wakakaks !
thurs , had lunch time concert . hahas !!! we did nth . only some ppl present th slides .
den went to kfc to eat . wif wh . den chat for 2hours if nt wrong keep laughin & laughin . den meet up wif sh , cheryl and shuw .
spilt up again . den dunno wad happen liaos .
fridays . rot at home !
today , subway .

today , morning . on lappy , chat wif ppl . den on and off on and off . cos its lyk so bored .
den went to watch show ? =='
den say wif alicia to meet her up ,go out .
she says zowee wanna tag along . okayys .
den , friend called , tell me , m&d members say need to reach sch by 2 . and thts 1plus i gt tht news .
and i alrdy gtting rdy to go out and meet wif them le . so didnt go sch .
dunno if i gonna gt kick out of cca anot lehh . cos i nv go for th previous one oso . haiis .

met alicia at lot1 den go dere , return bks . rofls. walk around , until 3plus .
train-d to jurong and meet up wif zowee .
while waiting for zowee . rain damn heavy . th lightning thunder ! omgosh . i shout-d ! hahas !
boonlay nxt , to jurong point . walk walk walk .
hahahs ! she finally did it ! piang her nose !
pray hard her parents wont kill her ! :DD
well . kinda nice ;D
6plus , went to subway and hv our dinner . tupidd lorhs . saturday no student meal . wakakka!
den eat eat eat .
zowee keep chao say wanna go home .. hahas . idk why oso ? lols ... funny lorhs .
she all th way kept saying wanna go home ~
den 7 plus i tinks . go walk around . she go buy present for her mom .
go to jimyeep forgt how to speell ?
abt 9 . bet zowee happy till siao . cos we gg home .
they bs me lor . go take bus . den i took mrt alone . so lonely la ! rofl rofls :DD
dunno wad tym home . blahblahblahs .

my dearest frien , mus last long x3 ! :DD

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ytd had no choice but to wear tht super kuku shoe to sch .
ppl says i look weird in tht shoe . and of cos !
even me myself look at it cnt stand liao lorhs !
den i keep say say say to xueting tht my shoe veri kuku sia , i dun wan wear veri ps .
i say until too many tyms and dunno how to count liaos .
say until she gt irritated by me bahhs ?! wakakakas !!!
mission accomplished ;DD oppths ! rofl rofls !
had home econ test . damn th cookies la ! dun wanna say wad happen . cos its too much to say !

today . wear bck my normal sch shoe . finally .
den 1st period , had p.e . finished my 2.4km run today ! yesh! nxt tuesday dun nid run le ! :DD!!
we choose ourselve who to run 1st . so i go 1st lor . faster finish btr la . dun nid worry le .
run until siao .
veri de tired of cos ! run run run , run until last round , feel lyk vomiting . omg !
tht feeling totally sucks lyk wad can !
timing was 14.14min .
o'rites , i noe to many ppl its lyk so lousy but i happy liaos . btr den if i fail .
cos normally i run is .. errmm.. 16-17or18 min de . wakakkas ..

sarsi bought her tiger ! yeah ! i keep play wif it . hahas .. childish hor .
pooh , piglet , eeyore tiger ! hahas .. she so bad worx . throw away pooh ! x.X lols .
baby pooh is my favourite lorhs ! :DD !

two lesson science ... had science test lucky its open book. cos i dunno a single ting .
forgt to bring science rofls . so copy from friend . ps !
knock knock chanel , mye cuming le ! haiis !!!!!!

eng , sungei buloh presentation .
errr ... wadeva la presentation !

assembly , didnt bring bag to hall cos we went bcck to class to listen to th vietnam song .
go eat . 2.30 , go bck class ..
listen so dunno how many tyms th song ?!
mdm soh keep nag nag ask us mus sing , sing can . th prob is we dunno how to read th words . rofls .
den stay to do th class notice board .
sarsi and jalal came after their cca to join us .
den go cck park play . suddenly shakir came , den join us . play play .
go home .e
tok wif sarsi while otw to int . i kept laughing den say me crazy .
they two den crazy . keep unclip my bag. who ask me bring tht kind of bag .
den thx to xueting . her job is jus to stand behind me and clip my bag back .
ths !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

playground ; am totally nt in dere :D 030409

do until so ugly & cher say hv to use tis for rest of th art wk x.X 030409

last try ; fed up 040409

cutest :DD ; jurong 040409

went to jurong jus now . ermms .. qing ming jie .
den go dere bai .
had dinner .
saw ahma jus now lyk tht heartache sia .
her leg hurts lyk hell until she cnt tahan . den un thomas go help her tui .
xiaogugu ang ahma was lyk quarrelling cos xiaogu ask her nt to work on nxt week .
go see doc . ahma dun wan ? den tok tok tok .
xiaogu was lyk crying le . den come out of th room crying sayin tht they two dunno how we daughter/son worry and care abt them den blhablahblahs . ppl comfort her .
say de dui . tht tym i tell my mother go rest ask her ok mah cos she nt feeling well den still kena scold by her . dOts la ~

try th last tym baking th cookies for my home econ practical exam nxt monday .
hmms ... gt irritated by it lorhs .
change tings . i tink i jus sift th icing sugar on it . dnu wan waste tym . anw oso will score less .

haven touch my bag yet , stupid home works .
chinese art science .
wads th point of studying ?
friends wuld ans : "useless"
ya . agree ! i tink i nxt tym go sweep floor la . see them so rich . handphone so nice .
gt money buy beer oso x.X

end .

Friday, April 3, 2009


orites , lyk as usual , laugh-d so much for th day ...
had science for 1st lesson , tht new cher gv lollipop . rofls ??
den had geog ! i hate tht sub lyk wad !
before recess had pe . play th 7 stations . bo liao de . i rather run . hahas ! if run den i wud say i rather 5 stations . dOts`
th group 1 ppl friends said they go outside sch run . hmms .. seems lyk fun ! wakakakas .. i noe they veri tired hahas x.X
group 3 ppl i saw them on th other side ar .. run here run dere dunno play wad ting rofls . but seems boring too ?

den blahblahblahs .
suck tht stupid lollipop which cut my tongueee .. its bleeding . poor tongue argh !
not pain actually , so keep sucking th tongue - suck th blood out x.X

. was lyk laughing non-stop wif keli and shooting ?
veri funny lorhs . den ppl infront keep complaining wan us shutup . bleahs :P
keli keep go prank ppl . on teacher oso sm more .
mr azwandi veri funny la !
den after tht shooting's chair whole ting she sit on his leg den after tht tok craps den she laugh until cry . den we go say to azwandy he make her cry . reply " she make my leg den she cry " den gv a errmms . dunno wad face .

mt , candy lyk keep buay song buay song lyk tht .. well dunno why and dun wan noe :DD
i hate i hate i hate her lorhs . week ends are for us to rest de can ?!
gv home work . tis week alrdy did compo for her le . noe still wan us do th si han .
totally no idea how to rite it :DD hahas ...

after sch .

mother nv cook den ask me go out eat . cheers , no cca today :DD !!!
so morning jiu quickly quickly go jio ppl go eat lunch wif me after sch . lucky ppl wan go wif me .
if nt jiu go home eat maggie mee . wahahhas ..
too 307 to lot1 1st . miss-d one bus . and took th second of cos .
den its lyk fcking squeezy de . orange go in oso will becum nua nua !!
so was lyk standing infront of th bus driver's door . ppl behind keep squeeze in lyk *&^%$#@ ?!!?!!
so lyk dun nid hold onto smth oso wont falll down . can imagine how squeezy it is .

den me , xueting shuwei and jalal go walk around lot1 de basement while waiting for others to cum .
went to mac to buy lunch den take away to blk to eat . laughings again ..
wenhui and jalal always quarrel . dunno why hahas ..

den loiter at th two playgrounds until 6plus .
okays ! sarsi ! look , u said once a week only hor ?? hahas .. see tis week loiter how many tyms liaos ?! :DD

play play play .. lyk crazy la .. sarsi and jalal are jus born to play man ! they wont gt tired de .
one word . PRO !
i play until veri tired liao den jalal stil say faster faster we go bck tht playground play mushroom.
rofls ...?

actually he stil wan go bck sch ? idk why ? den no ppl wan go bck so its lyk . forgt it ?
shiok huey good la . go afew steps reach home liaos .. hahas ..

leg pain lor . running around wif bare foot . hair flying around . yeshh . totally siao zha bor ! x.X
go 7-eleven buy sulpee wif sarsi den didnt walk home wif her . of cos i am lazy !

come home . 1st ting bath! hahas. second ting , eat . 3rd , on lappy .
den so on .

Tag replies

lewis : lols . welcome .
nasirah : shall use bck nite :DD
chewrui : thx !
Cheryl : hahas . thx too ! :DD
lewis : err .. so many links ==' ? k .
xueting : no la , nt urs. its shooting's lor ! x.X