Tuesday, December 29, 2009

went out saw a LAMB chop layin on th sofa dere waitin to be eat by ppl.
my ear feels weird, very weird now. idk why. cfm got ppl say tings -.-
eruifijhwefijfuiehfufihe fhr tolpoih804fr3h 9823ry9084y79tp32u 8p
nb, i am so gg to slam tis laptop from here to hell !


I'm going out alr. Byebye

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'll, change my attitude

Congrat dar win game :D
feels very cold and , tired now. not tired but body tired :( ...
Today actually gg to meet py and wh, den last min cancel. so went out to meet wif dar. He brought him along :D YEAH! My baby bck to mummy alr :D. Head so big whole de :( ke lian de xiao baobao, haiis. hugging him now :D. mrt-d to yishun northpoint. walked den went to eat lunch tgt. westmall after tht. block awhile, den home. he today no mood :'( haiis. sorry abt ytd k, wasn't dere for him when he need me so much, stil giv attitude. seriously very sorry :(. denden jus nw tell me abt th moving ting :'( Haiis!! i dun wan!DUN WAN DUN WAN! :'(

dar,dun tink abt those not happy de ting le k :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No, i dun like. :'( sorry.


EastCoast day! :D.
i no mood today. wont be typing much. too much photos alr. lazy post more pics le. cycle in rain, chiong-d! blow wind blow. ohmygosh, damn shiok k. alright dun feel lyk typing alr,so end here (:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Chanel&WenHui says Thankyou KeeChong & YuanGuang :D

Morning wake up , msg dar. Lalala. haiis, he not feeling well again )': ohmygod.
den prepare, went off to gv him th medicine , jiu go meet wenhui alr. ohoh, longlong tym no go out tgt alr Hahaas. den jiu go eat lunch tgt at long john. go walk around, den went to her hse . Lol her petpet so cute de :} hahaas. denden, den went off to westmall . walk around den spend so long inside th shop Lol. after awhile jiu saw keechong yuanguang. go in wan chase th santa cos tot he giving wad present den saw its only sweet -,- uhh. Lol. go arcade , play "free"game LOLOL.
bought bubble tea and go out sit and drink. andden, ohmyfckinggod, its damn cold one. tooo cold alr! lyk inside freezer although we're not inside aircon. Hahas.
go in again de LAlaAL!.
mrt-d bck to cck. they called ask us meet cck. umm shock leh, they ask us each takke one stitch ! :D very happy lo . 1st tym ppl go diao bearbear den gv me lo :D thanksthanks yuanguang keeechong:D.
den me and wenhui so hyper alr , hohoohos. went in lot one buy ting. den spam photo. frm lvl5 all th way to B1 . Lolol! yaya , too over alr i noe. too much ROFL! but , too bad,girls nth do jiu shi take photo :}


go out int dere, send her photo sit at th chair de. den ma de so many ppl looking -,- nbmnbm, noe they jealous(: hehes.esp tht auntie -,- tsk diao us? go die la can. Lol :D.
th fur keep dropping one. Lol make my whole shirt got fur.
home at 12. den drag tym go bath (:

now dar suddenly very no mood )': ohmygod. gonna off com and pei him alr !
dar mus cheer up ouh! ): very worry him alr )': haiis. hope dar de headache and giddy go away alr ! now total mood change )': hmmmmmmmmmmms.

Saturday, December 19, 2009



one week more and sch gg reopen alr ): so fast , my holiday byebye le.
very seldom go out de ): hope nxt week de plan goes smoothly :D hahaas.
TSK! dar headache again , thanks to me de . feel so bad for so many days le )': sorry.
heng he promised me sth alr. Heng heng heng!

ehh , wednesday went to lot and meet alicia 1st.
den help her check newspaper but dun hv. so bus-d off to orchard dere. tink its been a long tym since we both tok tht much alr. walk walk , she tried and found afew (: tummy pain for th whole day , can die one ): .
den since th guys are over dere oso, den jiu went to meet them. go plaza sing makan dinner tgt. den went to walk again, look for guys clothes and stuffs. alicia say wan exchange x'mas gift, hohos, den both wan tht doggy. very nice to hug! :D
umm had a quarrel wif dar )': nbm skip skip.
took 190 tgt. tok tok listen song.
den changed bus at bpp dere. DEN! _|_ la, dunwan say. denden after tht, another fcking ting lo.
tht idiotic lao zha bor , ma de step tio my slipper when i walking, f her. i almost fall down den leg so pain. at dere scold larhs -,- didnt even say one sorry. (:
homesweethome , my leg were lyk so damn suan one.
dar, did sth )': haiis! heart pain dao cannot zai pain liao )': dun ever do it again le pls!! >:'(

yesterday, i stayed at home and ROT whole day Lol. -,-

today ne, morning dar msg me . waked. den jiu go prepare. bus-d to sch wif mother. go down bus, see dao wenhui , hahaas. long tym no see her alr :}. den msgs. all books no stocks -,- ma de , 浪费我宝贵的时间 -,- ! only bought th chemist and physics de book nia. den went to lot wif mother ( i dun lyk today's morning! ): cos she ask me take th fairprice plastic bag, and i walked around Lot1 wif it)': ) den 975 home. (: rushed everything and went out to meet dar. didnt bring my baby again leh ):
mrt-d to plaze s again. Lol. pei him eat. hais, he 不舒服 again )': but den, heng 我学聪明了 ^^v i brought th medicine along. hohos! :D he eat le , but doesn't seem to help ): keep see him lyk tht heart 很不好受 )': . walk around , went to see his stuffs (: , [ i am so NOT bored seeing ur stuff ok! dun say i bored le la ] walk and walk. den train-d bck cck. bus to my hse dere. dar go home alr. miss him alr ): hmms.

till now still 不舒服 )': howhowhow?! haiis.

end post.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HealHealHeal !!!

Very bored ):
chattin wif ppl but still .. hmms.
dar like tis , )': idk how say. only make me feel guilty , angry , sad & xin tong ! [ps/i keep hit dao ur head]
denden now so bored! nothing for me to do . LALALA!
tweet tweet plurk plurk msn msn sms sms -,- hmms

off com le.
pray hard for dar de head head heal :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

your post


dar asked me to post , den ask him post dun wan ): ! haiis . suan liao post jiu shi le k ......
i nothing to post actually . so blahblahblah! -,-
morning wake him up , den went out to makan wif ma pa. went to jurong .
den lalala!
back home. chat. phone wif him. den fathr interupt -,- went off to jurong again.
denden , i hate ppl shoot me la ! -,- ma de. say until so ...nvm , i da ren you da liang.tsk!
den dar whole day bu shu fu. only make my xt! ): haiis. so nice of me pray hard for him :D
hmms. heng he now ok le (: hengheng! :D
den... nth else to post le.
Byebye! :D


Friday, December 11, 2009


Ok , bored , den see dao th quiz jiu gop and do -,-

1. Are you single: No (:

2. Are you happy: hmmms , missing him not happy.

3. Are you bored: Ya veryvery! ):

4. Are you fair: Maybe

5. Are you indian: Lol-,- NOOOO!

6. Are you stupid: Lol , 50/50

7. Are you honest: ummm , quite de :}

8. Are you irish: No?-,-

9. Are you nice: idk , mayb

10. Are you asian: Yessssssh

Ten Facts.

Full name: ChanelT.


Birthplace: Singapore

Hair colour: Black/Brown

Hair style: below shoulder

Eye color: Black

DOB: 15 February

Mood: No mooooood ):

Favourite colour: Pink; Transparent

One place you wished to visit: My Palace!! :D

Ten facts about your love.

1. Been in love: Yess(:

2. Believe love in first sight: Yess.

3. Currently have a crush: Lol?

4. Hurt emotionally before: Yes! havehave.

5. Broken someone's heart: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

6. Have your heart broken: Yes ):

7. Like someone but kept in heart: Last tym .

8. Are you afraid of commitment: ?

9. Last person you hugged: EdmundC.

10. Last person you said ILYs: EdmundC.

This or That.

Love or lust: LOoove

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Best friends or regular friends: Both

Creamy or crunchy: Both

Pencil or Pen: Both , depends ?

Wild night out or romantic in: Romantic in/Both

Money or happiness: Happiness.

Night or day: Both .

IM or phone: Phone.

Have you ever.

Been caught sneaking out: No ?

Seen a polar bear: On tv / com

Done smth you regret: Ya ,manymanymany! ):

Jumpin: jump wad

Eat food that fell on the floor: Hahahahaha! yesss :}

Eat an entire Jaw breaker: No? -,-

Been caught naked: when i was baby ??

Wanted boyfriend back: uhh.?

Cried because lost a person forever: yes?

Wanted to disappear: yesss

Preference in love.

Smile or eyes: Both

Light or dark hair: both

Hugs or kiss: both

Shorter or taller: Taller

Intelligence or attraction: both

Violent or pathetic: LOL????

Older or younger: Older.

Outgoing or quiet: Outgoing .

Sweet or bad: Sweet

Have you.

Performed in a large crowd: Yes

Talk on the phone longer then an hour: Yess(:

A rock concert: umm no

Cheerleading team: no

Dance team: yes

Sports team: no?

Drama play or production: err

Owned rich cars: no

In a rap video: no


Last call you made: idk

Hugged: poooooh(:

Hung out: playground

Work: bpp

Talked to: mummy

You IM'd:

Movie: Long time ago liao . Twilight

Last person or thing you miss: EdmundC

Tag people to do this quiz:

-Lazyyy to tag (:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

11th - 12th ):

tmr dar gg to camp le ): whole day cnt msg him le.
now nth do , listen song tok wif himm.. LALALA~

*thanks for waiting* :D HAHAHAHA

"chatting wif chamund" Lolol. den nth to do le . today whole day staying at home , haiis ): ROT!
watch tv . btw dar tmr go camp , ltr whole day cnt chat wif him... will 不习惯的 ): haiis. but hope he hav fun for th 2days1night camp (: && he promised he will msg me at night ! yeah~ :D Proud of dar leh , chose to go th camp :D *clapclaps*
现在我不知道要 post 什么了 , denden jiu ask Chamund :}
wan me post abt i miss him (: yea, imy! so long nv see him le! ): haiis.
den dar hor! tummy pain oso dun wan go eat PROPER MEAL and MEDICINE! only noe how make ppl worry nia )': and !!

today wholee day home , chatting ; singsong/listen ; watch tv ; phone wif dar ; post , den nth le .
den too bored 才 come re-edit my post de.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Edmund posting for her AGAIN:D!!! Currently on phone wif her nw. Nice pic above:-P.
Ytd hlp me post, my turn le. Tym to post her GOOD point too:

~ Love ME(Most important):-P
~ Care abt me
~ Worry me
~ Hugs and Muacks for mi:D
~ Pei me chat when very bored
~ Always forgive me
~ Pei mi late slp den Morning early wake
~ Pei wo slack
~ Hlp me take care Bao Bao:-P
~ Always Miss Me!!!

Just nice 10. Bad point jiu dun wan rite le:-P. Ok tink tats all. Bye:)

♥ my love to you ends here

Monday, November 30, 2009

oh! ---

beepbeep! came to post. was tooooooooooooo bored uhh!
today bo lang entertain me ): why today all so early slp ne, jeez! plurk oso no ppl. sians na -,-
denden now , i cnt find anyting to do le. listening to song only . and! i sing out super loud, lyk siao. Roflsss! :D and den i was lyk , laughing at myself HAHAHAHA~ +.+
huh! howhowhow? am so bored now ): ! guess i hav to use my 100 points again.
ummm , but lazy type dao 100 -,-

OH nono!
people are changing ): haiis . da jia dou bian le. jeeez!
nbm , i noe i noe , ren shi hui bian de. . .


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

♥ Cheer Up K, Here To Pei U De:D


SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_ SPAM _|_

No mood -,- bye.1:32am
(i'm so happy f.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

♥ Chanel's Dar Here


Ok, Came to hlp her post. Lazy xiao zhu zhu. Today, tink she whole day hme, den oni use com, msg ppl, chatting ba. Hmms she hme veri bored de lor, sorry nv jio u today:'(. After tat msg mi, den send mi her photo, dun put mine here hor;(. Ask mi pei her watch the ghost show, lol, shud b at hme scream de den becme at msn scream lol. Nw tink chatting wif mi oni. Nw miss her alot lor, hmms, den say tmr wan jio mi go out:D. Okay tats all ba.

♥ E'dmund Loves C'hanel.

Friday, November 20, 2009

dear diary ,


umm , i very long nv go out walk walk le! )': haiis.
midnight, suddenly wake again . reply dar msg, den he call me. chat dao 5plus. omg, he keep making me laugh non-stop lo. hai wo laugh til wake whole family. dar's laughter super funny de. Lol.
today almost th whole day stayed at home , was so bored! at home use com . sian de.
evening tym he come my hse find me :D after that go sunshine eat dinner. go block, dar dun eat vinegar le k. Love u manys!

haiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. i wan go out ): holiday keep on stay at home siol me! )': uhhh~ Lalala.
currently listening to song , watch tv, messge him. Lol , miss him now le.


Thursday, November 19, 2009



dar didnt sleep for two days liao , sleep for umm , 2hrs only )': so ke lian , all thanks to me. sorry! Love u , muack

2 Days never see him , so miss him v.much of cos. den today went to meet him . actually can meet dar earlier de , but nid wait for mummy to come bck -,- uuhh . denden , meet him le force him go lot eat his lunch 1st . I REALLY GOT eat le hor . REALLY got hor . at dere take his photo muahaha, i revenged le :D laugh dao my water drip out siol , Omg ): den stil bei him delete . haiis, wasted )':! 1st tym he so guai lo , nv ask him eat finish den ownsekf finish le :D

after tht go jurong point , haiis, feel so bad de! )': dar realy sorry for losing th ring! I PROMISE I WONT LOST IT AGAIN LE, WONT LE! sorry! haii wasted his money lo )': SORRY! and oso thanks , ): why he so nice ne ? hmmms.. dar best le!

train bck to lot , he go buy drink den went to playground tok awhile . deen pei me walk home , oh hohos, messed up his hair :} !!! :D ! hai him hav to run home in th rain ): ke lian.
I WAN PINCH DAR!! :D bleahs , whole day bullying me , noe he bully dao hen happy :D but nvm , dar happy jiu hao le (:

i wont lost th ring again le ,
Love you ,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the 15th day , i'm sorry )':


15th november , sorry dar , i really bu shi gu yi lost it de. it mean alot to me , really! SORRY.
thousands and millions of sorry that i lost something so important . how can i ?! i lost the ring , )': i really treat it lyk a treasure , really . i didnt anyhow throw de, bu shi gu yi de , dar u hv to belief me k )': haiis . i really cnt forgv myself for losing such a important ting de T.T sorry! forgiv my carelessness please )': although u say nvm le , but i noe u're super sad and disappointed wif me de , tht i can lost the ring . dar really very sorry! jus can't forgv myself for tht T.T i tried to find it , searched everywher )": i stil cant find le . CRIES!!!! Haiis! stupid me na!

today went to playground , tok wif wenhui awhile . hmms , hope she can cheer up na .
ps/ i chuo guai him le . sorry again for tht .

sorry, i shldn't hav lost it ! T.T
forgive me k . sorry!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boy, get well soon please ♥


he asked me to post , so came to post le. see i so ting hua leh :}
ytd meet wif dar den hai him go into th rain den now become so sick )': sorry hai u.
he very not feeling well de now . haiis , xin hen tong na T.T hope he get well soon . so bu ting hua lo , ask him go see doctor den dun wan >:(
how i wish i'm dere wif him now ..v.miss him right now .
&& , dun feel bad abt tht le ok ? nvm le (: love you k. 90words.
den hor , i took one of his photo ytd lehh :} hohohos, damn nice de!! he asked me to put up for him tht photo ,
ahem! now i tinking if i shld post up or not lehh :} dar , mayb i gv u surprise , go open ur blog one day den u saw it inside bigbig! :D muahahah! (LALALA) 55words.

(90 + 55 = 145) words for dar :D


Thursday, November 12, 2009



dar u keep using tht word on me )': !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nvm forgt it .
ytd went to tak bck my phone wif frien . den go imm walkwalk den eat dinner . bck to lot1 den lalals .bus-d home .
today make him sad. i said i wan go le. i really WANTED to go and u asked me not to. so nvm ba. den after tht evening tym went to lot wif pengyous watched 2012 . Lol, was at dere bie niao lo aiyo. nicenice la th movie :D some ATUPID ppl hor, curse me kena kidnap by th bangala lo !!!! EVIL ! den roofgaraden awhile jiu went bck le.
I didnt bomb YOU lo , i posted for YOU le lo ! suan liao . dun wan tok to me SUAN LIAO.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

me jiu shi like this

chatting now ~

`2:09am . jus stop chatting blahblahblah bored bored .
hmms , gg help him up his blog liaos . Lalala~
today actually gg dance de , den again i din go .. cos .. dunno ?
he come wan pei me go sch de . den not gg den go eat . badddie! keep tou take my photo )': wan cry liao la . take dao so ugly de !!! ): haiis ..
den pei me take bus . thanks . den after tht chat wif him . den Lalala~
go slp till 11 wake up . use com . denden i nothing to post liao .
gg to post for him le . END :D

Loves ,

&&den , i come back post again now 5:16am le and i haven go slp yet ..
grhhh , heng ppl chat wif me. den now left me alone again ): haiis .
NANANA~ listen to song . i gg to unprivate my blog soon le :D
so sian private blog might as well no blog .
SKIP DANCE SKIP DANCE :D blahblahblahs. upid go call pa and ma .
hai shi sui bu zao ): zen me ban ??? haiis ..
currently :
1. Listen to song
2. Hug xiao dar
3. Stare Screen
4. Wait people online
5. Wait people message
6. Wait time to past
7. Wait for th sky to bright
8. Stretching back
9. Typing for blog
10. Thinking what to do next
11. Wonder i will continue typing like this until number what
12. I am still typing
13. Lay my head on xiao dar
14. Still thinking what to do next
15. I think dao what i can do liao
16. I can go read story book
17. I think (16) is impossible
18. Think of something else to do
19. Moving my mouse
20. Change song
21. Listening to 这就是爱 - 王心凌
22. Hugging xiao dar again
23. Staring out of window
24. Looking at th sky
35. I think the dark dark sky looks nice too
36. OMG! I finally heard the bus , 1st bus :D
37. The wind is blowing on my face
38. Looking at some photo
39. I still don't feel tired yet
40. Thinking if i should stop here
41. Nope , i shall continue
42. Looking at the time
43. Its 5:35am now
44. Still not tired yet
45. I heard th 2nd bus :D
46. Listening to 3 - Britney Spears
47. 123 LALALA~
48. Cars pasting by the road (: got human-beings le !!
49. Cracking bones ._.
50. Saw a Msn pop out : Horoscope free
51. Reading today's horoscope - Aquarius
52. Mother woke up and says i am siao de
53. Chao with her, so noisy la her
54. I heard th 3rd bus :D
55. Listening to 放弃你 - 郭书瑶
56. Looking at th clock , 5:42am
57. Heard th motor , TSK ! noisy la
58. Wonder why th 4th bus haven come
59. I heard th 4th bus le ! :D
60. Reading my horoscope for topday
61. It says :
Your stars are crossed over economics and romance and it is hard to tell which one should take precedence. Put some time into your business and see what happens. If you don't feel the luck, switch over to romance. If you have to, bounce back and forth until one feels right.
Your Star Ratings:
Love: Love Rating: 3/5
Mood: Mood Rating: 3/5
Finance:Finance Rating: 3/5
Career: Career Rating: 3/5
Your Lucky Numbers: 35, 20, 32, 40, 24, 16
62. Go toilet 1st :}
63. Heard th 5th bus , (Brb)
64. I am back
65. Thinking of what to do next
66. Daddy wake up see me say nothing
67. I heard the 6th bus :D
68. Wtfx! Dragonfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T
69. Daddy go catch and throw outside window
70. I heard the 7th bus :D
71. Thinking what to do again
72. Can't think of anything liao
73. I later have to try to wake up at 10am
74. I heard the 8th bus
75. Wonder why bus 300 keep coming
76. Listening to Beautiful - Akon
77. Look at the time again
78. Now zhun zhun 6:00am
79. Realise stupid kor eat thing never throw away put here!
80. Ohhhh! 1st yawn of the day :D
81. Think dar forget off com then fall asleep le
82. I heard the 9th bus
83. Think dao later whole day at home jiu sian
84. Listening to Don't Go Away - BY2
85. I heard the 10th bus :D
86. Think i going to sleep soon le
87. .....don't don't don't go away , baby don't you know i miss you so ... LALALA~
88. Listening to First Love
89. Di di , di di, di di, di di. the watch ringing?? hmms..
90. I heard the 11th bus
91. Looking at the sky , got ABIT light liao (:
92. Write until number 100 jiu go off le
93. I heard th 12th bus :D
94. Listening to I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
95. 5 more to go
96. But hor , i not tired yet ):
97. Heard th 13th bus
98. Cars and Motors (: human-beings is there with me
100. Heard th 14th bus :DD

reached 100 :D
off com le ba , lappy tired le ): sorry use it so long .

-6:23 am
Morning(: go orhrohh le .

Saturday, October 31, 2009

School Ends. . .

Last day of school le . hmms , SAD la ! seriously can cry de T.T dun wan to separate wif 2-8 ppl ! haiis , nvm . lots of feelings alrdy say out le so wont post here liao :'(
DON'T WANT GEN NI MEN FEN KAI ! sian ~ nxt yr go new class .
LALALA~ ._. heard moumou ren-s said sth oso :} LOL

today den really noe how heartless ppl can be de lo ... haiis. nbm~ blahblahblahs.

aftr sch eat , slack 5plus go home . after tht go meet dar go eat AGAIN . den alicia jj come awhile . den pei me bus home . den tok tok Lalala!

wont let u worry for nth le , dui bu qi ):

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

我很想你 `♥

just eat finish dinner :} quite early de Lol ..
hmms , today pon sch didn't get to see dar D: miss him lehhs ..
ytd chat on fone wif him till lyk 3plus ? den i fall asleep! SORRY! sorry. want to pei him till he sleep de but i half way sleep le . sorry ): hope he by now alrdy cheer up le (: dar , 不要想了 ! 想我就好啦 (:
denden , sorry again ytd told him will go sch de den i didnt go ): 对不起 .
can't chat wif him le )': phone spoil ... haiis.. he now having CCA ..
waiting for him to go home den can use spare fone msg me le :D
dardar faster come home! miss u lehhs ))':
xiao dar alrdy 被我 hug 到很累 liao ... miss real dar ):

****ALICIA JIEJIE! :D OMFG! I DAMN MISS YOU DE SIA!! when den can see u ?? haiis , i wan cry le la, 太想你了,怎么办呢?? Rofls :D haiis , u see , i every night before sleep also miss u sia , den miss until i can't sleep leh ): ......... :}

today at home orhorh zzz :D didn't go out . goshh i become more and more lazy le !! i dun wan become 宰女 lehh!
arghh how come i become lyk tis le ? ppl ask me go out i oso dun wan lehh!
nonono! not chanel liao! ): cannot stay home liao! must go out le! haiis..

den use com , chat chat . play ? find ting. LALALAs. today actually got CCA want go de. but i last min den noe plus nv go sch today . den sad la :} dun nid go liao HAHAHA..
denden! friday oso no CCA le ! "SAD" lo HAHA :DD
BORED now! hugging my xiao dar and chatting wif pengyous ~ blahblahblahs

waiting for u to come home ,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


prof.Tan came to post again :D
bored now ): haiis.. bored bored bored ): he now hving piano lesson can't chat wif him le .
nbm dar's in my heart (: so i chat wif my heart ba ._. LALALA currently chatting wif pengyous and hugging my xiao dar , hehehes :D i now very dirty haven bath jiu hug "him" le :}
real dar ,dun sad lehh )':

went to sch alone today ): haiis. morning tym very no mood ,sry nv reply his msg ):
denden LALALA~ dun go tink le lehh . *i sad sad la, dar keep go tink UNHAPPY tings )':

ytd re-download audi , den hor dunno wad prob lai de th song ar . den cnt play -.= sians. nbm anw dunno how play le :}

dendenden! F my tragus la ! pls lo pierce 3 tym le lehh D: arghhh~ swollen lyk siao . in class use tissue clean away th nong and blood , den i tok to sw . nv notice , th fcking tissue pull out th stud . den , TADA ~ poke bck , th last skin cnt go through liao . at dere pokepokepoke soundeffectsoundeffectsoundeffect crycrycry T.T ARGGHHH!~!!!~ _|_ la . tht tym yin jie told me mine cfm close again de ): haiis , thanks , bei her say zong le .. ask them use needle pin help me poke all dun wan ): force through oso cnt ): HAPPY LIAO LO! den i till now stil she bu de take out hahahahha :D lyk last tym 2nd hole Lol.
at sch watched th basketball de movie ... nice :D blahblahblahs. den dar keep on no mood ): haiis.

after sch saw him at bus stop. den he pei me home . feel lyk poking his eyes! hahahaha:} jkjk. so ke lian leh him ): chanel shiok shiok la , mai sad mai sad ! am v.bored now , waiting for him to finish den can chat wif him le .
haiis , hen jiu lehh ): miss him le ):


Monday, October 26, 2009

Prof. Tan


bored ar bored bored bored! my life so sian de. every day stay home slp nia. haiis..
last night hai him cnt go to slp . sorry k.
morning chat wif him LALAALAs . den meet him go lot see him eat Lol..
den he go swim after tht eye pain . ahahas! dar orh-bi good ! :P jkjk . ke lian him actually ):
ermm , idk can post wad le leh .. mayb come bck edit again :D
muacks :D

yeshhyeshh! i got improve i post so fast :D praise me praise me !! :D

Monday, October 19, 2009

ruined my day la


see the two indian people up dere?! they damn fucker la . th blue colour tht person no mother teach ar , no manners . mei jiao yang! *vulgars*!@#$%^&*^%$# they ownselve sex at home ar , see tht mother touch his indian son lyk wad la, sit until lyk tht , tink he very sexy ar huh , i go find a pile of shit put beside him , th shit oso look a thousand times more sexy than him lo . den th mother tink herself very old got power ar , ass her own ass.go home drink ur husband niao la . dare say us mei jiao yang , say us dun understand eng , pls lo , say urself 1st , fcking san bi por la, "Excuse me , u girls understand english , did u her wad he sayin? " LALALALA full of craps . at dere point fingers at us ? [ blank ]

den going home tym , go toilet , tht clean toilet aunty dunno wher not happy wif us ar , cos we go kick her so beloved yellow board? f. keep at dere use malay scold us uhh . [ blank ]

den jus now afternoon .. hng! speechless ar , i nth else to say liao . i totally giv up le . NO HOPE AT ALL , NO HOPE LIAO! u jus dun one day come regret hor! oso too late liao ! [ blank ]


**he keep bully me ): Lolol . he say i sotsot leh . haiis , who ask u my stead hor? :P denden ytd wan scare me tell me i behind got ghost . so bad de lo ): hahahs. i wan piak him liaos :D happy happy! Lolols.. den keep tok to him till 4am ahahas. uhh power lo~ i nv tok to ppl till so early before leh._. but i still INSIST he got say me shen jing bing
andand i not sot de hor ): ! LALALA!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clean-minded , i have :D

Hahahas, dar hav to listen to me liaos - FOREVER . thanks for saying wan to bet hor :D
i happy until can't sleep le .
today went to vivo wif him . den toktok, ask me tell him joke. denden inthe end he tell me 1st . Hahs. funny lo wan say dun wan say lyk tht . keep force him tell me . i insist he dragged LONGER than me :} den go kfc . go out nid tell him uhh . hmms . dragged.
LALALA. den go take mrt bck . so many ahneh ._.
ps hai u . fun tym wif him today ,
till here (:

Thursday, October 15, 2009


exam over le :D happyhappy . blahblahblah._.
stay home whole day . damn sian de ..
very bored now D: jaws&ear pain uhh.. ytd squeeze earpiece T.T ..
LALALA! idk what to post le .. after exam jiu go home sleep ._.
sorry for th last minute msg and went bck myself . &oso for ytd , i didnt tell u th name :X past le , only u now . so dun ask le ok.
Bored, listen song chat. Lalala!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm HUMAN-being (:

I starting to disgusting again liao! SARSI SARSI! make me laugh non-stop lo :D
am currently chatting wif sarsi-mixed cum msging wif friends :D thanksthanks , am not bored le (:
ytd say going study maths but actually i went to sleep ._. Lols. den ltr mid night wake up go lay on bed stare th worksheet . after tht fall sleep again.
Morning , rain damn heavy de lo. dar so bad nv come fetch me )': HAHAHA jokejoke! (:
denden got one aunty super fck off lo! she tink she hv those kind of flowers umbrella can anyhow uhhs? go up bus at dere close her umbrella , take bus nid umbrella de meh? den th water whole ting splash my whole body lo. so cold le stil water all on me , den th drvier uncle oso , aircon nid open so big meh , tink i 冷冻肉 uhh. at dere msg complain to friends. make me laugh at phone again! nbm .

umm , Maths paper 2 一点都不好! i can simply forget how to FACTORISE ! thanks god , th whole paper almost every question need to factorise den i forgt how to. Wish me goodluck hor :D
was told to tink of mojojojo :D i didnt tink dao anw , Lol!
After exam dar pei me walk home(: wind keep on blow my hair den very pek chek lo. den come home jiu blahblahblahs~

I haven do my art lehhs . friends except wh all don't want go out do together , two person also sian. so bo bian lo , STAY HOME AND DO MYSELF._.
i am not msging wif dar now , think he chatting wif girlgirl ba . hmmps, nbm don wan disturb ta. denden am laughing lyk mad now cos frien's msg! HAHAHA. mother tot what ehh , keep ask me shutub.

can someone go buy for me ??? :DD haiis.

post till here le.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My fake Mojojojo! :D


Chanel going crazy again le! ._.
Just finish posting for dar-
Science paper today , didn't study dao uhh , hmms. denden , dunno how do):
uhhhh , byebye nth else post .
Go study maths le D:

Sunday, October 11, 2009


EDMUND, this is for you de.
am really sorry for what i told u yesterday and today.
First , i told you i don't want to care le , then didn't reply you. i know all the way you are angry with what i say. i know you is care for me don't want me become no mood also den say like that de, but i don't mind being no mood with you. Then , about the "photo thing" i know you also very pekchek liao . Next is that , i know i am lyk so unreasonable , out of a sudden i told u "i....you" and so on de things. i know is i asked you not to care about me anymore de, then i still fa pi qi. i dunno why but i am like crying and crying felt really angry and sad.
Today afternoon i told you the same thing . Den worst , i told u something i really shouldn't say. i think i am like crazy le! i wont say those thing again le . i will treasure this relationship de ok. Sorry. i know its difficult for you to forget what i told you just now . but hope you just try to forget , don't take it in your heart le. i say i would do anything to prove de, really de ok. Love you,
Sorry for what i said.

dear diary,

am superduper uper plus ultra bored now ! nothing much to post .
all exam papers sucks . waste my tym study no use de.
today went to bugis wif alicia to buy her cloths for work . walk till 9plus, den mrt-d bus-d bck.
didn't study dao today . fck sia no tym study liao lo-.='
end my post le .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

gone means gone

come bck post le:D clapclaps for me
den i fcking fed up wif th sch work lo , everyting oso nid print. CHANEL TAN DE PRINTER SPOIL LA ! print using th AL la._.
art oso dunnid do le , eng oso dunnid do le . thankyou hor Mr.Printer!

---Happy 2nd month to Edmund&Chanel:D
veryy fast , 2 months le.

Lesson ermm normal ba . Mdm soh com bck liao , Llala! CHENQIHUI! time to studyT.T haiis, tis friday jiu start th non-stop de exam le . no tym for me to buckup le T.T worry worry! going bang wall le ehh?
Sent him th msg , den make him no mood le , hmms. sorry k.
after school , went to find mrs sim take bck sim card for pinyi , sorry sorry sorry,pinyi! idiot sim la , go collect so many phones for wad. bian tai.
den went to eat wif py wh sw xt . den tok and tok . say so many tings , ownself scare . hmms...
after tht he came pei me home. hope u cheer-d up le.
*Chanel , must go study le , cannot drop . haiis , if i EOY score lyk shit den ppl can say byebye to me le , cos my phone and line is going to say byebye to meT.T its lyk threatening me lo. hmms , mayb i shld jus fail and let them see.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one hour, twenty two minutes

tmr eng exam le , must pass uhh!!!!!!!
one hour plus will be 1st october le:D Lol.
den today sch bag , veryy big cum heavy , very big uhh D: sch normal normal . went to eat after sch . saw sheep&penguin ehh , didn't see dao me . den dar come pei me bck. thx(: den go home . blahblahblahs... use com etcs. make him angry . sry , but dun nid worry le k , cos wad u tink wont happen de. chatchat wif him. come use com. den post .

Yin jie , really hope u will be fine ok ): feel really sad for u . tht person is not everything , still have us with u (: cheer up ! dun think too much den do silly things ! must takecare of urself.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Thanks Pinyi for th phone:D
Happy Birthday AhGong!

short post cos bro chao-ing-.='
ytd , afternoon meeet wenhui den went to cck dere umm , sun tan ehh ? den laughings la . go lot eat dinner den slack awhile . went to roofgarden den f tht ahneh la! bused home . msg wif dar. den Zzz.

morning bei parents force to wake up . den went to bedok . Happy bday ahgong! :D den at dere damn sian de. msg dar again . Lol . den come bck home .

gg off to shut bro mouth. bye:D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A different story


suddenly feel like going to sentosa lehs, hmmms.
yesterday had oral after sch, quite difficult de . anyhow say for th picture blahblahblahs . den dar pei me home , walk bck frm int, hot siol th sun. home den Lalalas . den at nite keep on msging wif ppl , den listen song , until lyk i bu she de go charge my phone lo . denden! wtfzxs , it auto off. try all ways to on it again den can't le T.T den pekchek le whole ting throw, LOlx ._. den must try to survive without phone for lyk dunno how long lo! haiis... sad la i no spare de phoneD: dunnid contact me le lo T.T hp spoil , hse phone sot sot , call ppl tok for lyk afew minute den no batt , charge how long oso lyk tht , haiis! no chat no life lo ): den only can by msn . so now will be on9-ing for lyk super long le .ahahahs . esp cnt msg wif dar le lehh , sadsadsad): nvm , must learn how to live without phone. anw i damn hate this phone lo , so MAN! so UGLY! so BLUE! so HEAVY! Hahaha x.X put inside skirt pocket den always pull down make until lyk i got fold my skirt lo.

today late wake up . den go take father phone reply msg , den cnt contact dao ppl-.=' sorry let wenhui wait so long for me . go sch sian de all lessons. tym for me to really really really go study le! science test dunno how to do at all , haiis . den recess nid go needle work room assemble ?? ermmm.. ==' Lalala! boring lesssons , slp Zzz. after sch canteen makan , den go do d&t till 4 . den bused to int tgt . i realize it seems so long since th last tym th 6 of us took bus tgt , go out tgt .. soo soo soooo long since we last went out together le , miss th tyms when all th 6 of us were so free , went out and hav fun tgt ...den now always left wif me and wenhui lyk tht le . hmmms ... and den i rmb-d le ! S,S,S,O,L,B Lololol! :D. den come home nth le lo . BYE


Monday, September 21, 2009

one month , twenty one days


20th September
morning very early jiu wake up le , den prepare take things , went to ahma hse . Hahas, jiahong see till me very happy ouh! :D so cute de , hahas. den wait for ah ma to come bck . Lalalas. den start those tingys. keep msging wif dar , haha :D den went to th gim mu wan suay deere. blahblahblahs . den sent ahgong ahma bck to jurong . baack home . changed , den went to meet dar. went to jurong point tgt , train dere den damn lot of ahnehs lo! omfg~-.=' scary la! walk around th shopping center , say wrong ting to dar lehh, say shuang only lehh psps shldn't say de :X train bck to jurong int to take bus , den dar pei me go wait for bus . walk down th stairs and slip down!!!! *&^%$# damn ps de la! omgomgomg! T.T haiis.. dunno gv wad stupid face. den keep laugh at myself. heng got him hold zu me lo or else fall le, thankthanks! :D after tht caught him at dere arm chio lo ): laugh me de. Hahaha, cute ehh dar ? wan laugh me den dun dare laugh out. i noe my action and face veri stupid lo T.T den bused to ahma hse . eat 1st uhh , whole table mine ._. Lols . went home quite early , miracle happened.

21st September
woke up and den blahblahblahs , use com den nth to do de . haiis bored lo . den afternoon went out to do hist laugh here laugh dere . den went to eat dinner , heng nv tio choked , but keep laughing denden, eye! argh~ damn fed up wif my eye de lo . den make until so pain la. lyk th skin gg to drop le lo . den get to know tht dar oso eyes pain cos kena hit by his cousin, poor ting uhh. Hahahaas. denden i jealous brenda lehhs, cos... HAHAHA! edmund uhh , u noe why de :} den bused home . reached home nothing do again le . watched th chinese version de incredible tales , alone watch lo! scarescare ,Hahha. msging wif dar , bad siol, try to scare me Lol. but i nv bei scared dao :D hehes.
father ar ! keep say wan lock me , siao de lo! my leg leh , i wan go out cannot ar huh. Lester Tan ! dun everytym at dere add vinegar add salt hor, idiotic ass. u nt any btr den me hor. den mother stop keep at dere nag nag lor , veri pek chek liao everytym at dere tok so much craps. lazy to even tok bck le lo. jus full blust my song :D

tmr got sch ar , i very tired of studying le , retain sec2?? LOL!
update till here

nighty! :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

三个字 ,


hmmms , i have nothing to update ._.
err err errrr .... today wake up , 1st jiu msg dar uhh Lool den lazy get up oso hmms, afternoon go bugis with MOTHER?! hahahas, shocked tht i wan go out wif her ouh~ and den at dere msg msg, she not happy cos i kip msg nv entertain her? LOL! sun bian go praypray . sorry dar everytym make him angry de , haiis. den train bck to lot . LAlaal, go home . actually gg watch movie wif bro and father. den in th end nv go -.='

yesterday i dunno what happen in sch liao , stm :} after sch go dance , den th cher late by 30 mins , den jiu cca delay cos of him . heng today nv muscle pain lehh :D phwee.. den delay till so late , hai dar wait me for SO LONG! D: sorry leh . den pei me home , tqtq :D nxt tym use walk de k , Lolol. denden , go home jiu prepare prepare , den went to meet alicia makan . den pei her go to sportslink find her friends . after tht she went go somewher else find ppl , so jiu separate le. train bck alone , den dar pei me home again , one day ma fan him 2tyms, ps. somemore he play bball half way den come de ,psps uhh . go home den nothing to do de lo , com cnt use oso , den at bed listen song msg hug my mini dar. lolol. slepp

and den now chatting wif friendS and him(:

miss dar lehh D:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turn back ,& i saw what i wanted


i wake up late today , and den hair oso gen wo zuo dui lo. damn angry de la tis morning , do until pek chek . den go sch late -.=' heng dun nid run lo , hahhaas.

ermms, usual de boring lessons. tsk keep on hving headache ._. onli rmb 2nd last period music, very de funny lo . see th cher's hand is enuff le, Lols. after tht go to range for th streaming talk . keep say abt th tkk , den laugh him . noe will have bao ying , but cnt stop all those saying . Hahaas.

denden very hungry , go kfc wif wh eat lunch. tok and tok . den jiu bused home. bored ar, den hv th insert ez-card de paper, jiu take lai fold th stupid paper crane . home , lalalala! and den hor, i very irritated by my hair liao lo , want go ti botak la! ._.

grr, that word keep popping out from my mind sia. haiis..

Qi hui,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eight years later

Actually i have nothing to post , but nothing to do now , so jiu post shuang ba ..
and den now my eye very pain again cos of th same reason uhh , wind keep on blow into my eyes .
had dance after sch , den jiu go home le .
Sorry pinyi ! hai u go hv to go home eat kimchi . sorry lehh ...
i nothing to post le sia , but have to type more to cover my over my twitter tingy , Hahas.

if its like ,
Eight years later ,
Eight months later ,
Eight weeks later ,
Eight days later ,
Eight hours later ,
Eight minutes later ,
Eight seconds later .
I can't predict the future , but I hope for the best .
I know , it won't last for long . Understand the fact that it should be like this .

ahahas, py told me about th eight yrs ltr ting , and den i bo liao go edit until lyk tis ._. !
Whatever rubbish i am typing la! i want off com le , nothing to do .

Red vs Purple

oh, my deardear one week holiday byebye le D: haiis. am still in holiday mood you mei you?! -.='
den now my eye very pain cos th wind keep blow and blow lo! tsk!
ermm , just finish my history singapura de , Lol , tyvm Crazy Sarsi!! don't say u nv help me hor! u seriously help me alot k . thanks thanks thanks! :D Currently chatting wif dar and sarsi only. and den i keep tok rubbish to her again liaos. Lalalas doing my "speech" la .

woke up late today ._. hahahaas, dar alarm me up den i went bck to slp again Lolol . thanks for waking me up everyday uhh :D as usual meet wenhui at int , bused to sch. denden, saw dar nv tok lehhs :\ th parade square is HOT cum sai de lo! go do d&t , Omfg! i damn angry de ok! whoever "_____" hor! wtf lo , my d&t work oso wan to steal . damn u la k ! i curse tht person la hor , u hand rotten la! !@#$%^*&^%! den do do do . today xing qing bu hao lo , den bad temper Lol! den day ruined again . painzxs! ._.

other lessons lyk normal ba. blahblahblahs lo~ after sch uhh , went lot . den tragus. wish me goodluck for th nxt few days k . Lol .. if close again i ... i ... i jiu nth to say liao , angry is th only word to describe le ...

den after tht dar came to pei me home . haiis , make dar angry , sorry
come home , blahblahblahs lo . ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ...

Night :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

no yawningz :\


Happy 5th month, Alicia! :D

meet alicia. den wenhui. Blahblahblah, whole day ruined manzxs! damn pain de lor! D: today very early jiu go home le, LOL. and den reach home still nid listen motherfather "sing song" .
i veryy veryy de bored now ~ ALONE in the living room using com cum watching tv , den mother suddenly shout ask me off tv! wtfzxs! scare me lor!!!
now nothing to do ... ahem! Chanel tan! YOU HAVEN DO ELEARNING LEH! T.T Omfg , only done science cos got ans ._. denden tinking of doing it now. Hahahahaa! okayy, do now since i not tired plus nothing to do :}

&& i am done wif my elearning le:DD left maths , can't do plus tired le :\ Lols.
tired - means i going to off com and go orhorhh liaos , Hahahaas. denden , th wind blow until my eyes very dry , pain siol):
yesss, am yawning lyk crazyy now!! wan an ! :D

nitenite/ morning :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

200th post :D

Lalalalas, my 200th post here :D Hahahas.
i bored until ermmm , until .. ??? and den now veryy no mood ouhh ._. haiis. nothing to post le-.=' *&^%$#@!#%*(&%^@^%^#$!#!@%*&%^$#@!


Monday, September 7, 2009

strangers, looking around

2nd ear hole closed! wtfzxs! who ask me itchy hand T.T ! go take out for wad?!?! at dere ki siao lor ... go sch den go toilet ask wenhui help see , den poke until wan cry LOL! th skinD: Lalala! go do d&t . hahas , nid thanks lewis la , tyvm manzxs! HAHAHAHahaha! ._. go eat after that . and den dar come pei me bus bck(: went to find sw aft tht , see her reborn hair. Haha:D at dere listen song uhh . Lol

go bck home , den bath-d ects. went out to meet wh , den help her wif sth . Lol , she happy dao~ LOL . den go eat dinner . LalalaLalalaLAlala .. Hahas. den bused home. jiu use com ? blahblahblahs. and den i dunno why suddenly so happy . now am lyk bck to normal liao ._. Hahas.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

understand and don't

get my result all i can say is sad sad sad . "de-proved" alot de la. gonna chiong study , study day and night , don't ask me go out ._. but impossible . LALALA!
Holiday le lehhs :D but den nid go bck sch , haiis . tmr gonna go bck for d&t lor . do shit , haven even cut my wood yet -.='

went to swim wif wenhui from 2 to 4.30 , den sun tanning ouh . and den now bck stil red?! cos burned uhh. bath etcs . got out abt 5 plus luhh , den went to lot1 and have dinner tgt. makan makan . realised got one mosquitoe bite on my left eyelid lor , wtf siol! hao bite bu bite , go bite eyelid~ den bei her laugh. rofl , tink its my bao yin , cos tht tym laugh sw her eye bei bite . den bused home , half way alicia ask me go watch movie . so agreed , den go home rest rest awhile . changed , den out meet her . watched G-Force , got 3D lor , my money byebye .. $13 , haiis .. tot $9. and den i only bring $14 ._. HAHA! i pok le , pok le .. LOL . den slack slack 9:15 go in , take photo Lalala? her flash make my eye blink blink blink, den become so small D: lyk we very hungry or wad? show jus start awhile th popcorn finish le . Lolss. nice lo th movie , cute hamster or genie pig?? dunno . finish le go int slack slack , photos? den try nite eat icecream. weird cos melt veri fast :O go home after tht . bathd den zou bo , aft tht go orh orh liaos .

11plus wake , eat breakfast and den use lappy . i hate u lappy! can't install windows den now i cnt transfer tings into here le . afternoon pei alicia go buy earpiece . den bused to ahma hse . bored luh . LALALA! 9plus , finally can go home le . haiis .. blahblahblahs , use com .

till here , wan an :D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleeeeep Zzz.

late wake up today. den chiong & chiong , went out. den msg wif wenhui, tsktsktsk , kept smiling at th phone lor . LOL. and den lesson.LALALA~ aft recess den went off to fort canning . Zzzz-ing lo. veri tired , dunno why. den take th video , sw ermm , very , cr8tive ar???? && i nearly become deaf liao lor. otw bck listen song den orhorh .

go bck sch in class wait for my turn to oral , slp again .. damn long de you mei you?! who ask me index number so behind, wait for lyk one hour den dao wo lor.. at dere say joke abt th cher . hahahas, super er xin de la. Lols. den finish le go playground dere tok tok, boring ehh ? den go dui mian see bball awhile. go home . den sleep again Haaha. till lyk 9plus:D and on com . post , chatting wif ppl den blahblahblahs.
怎么办啊怎么办??? haiiis..


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st September 2009

Happy 1st Month, Dar . Happy Birthday, Pinyi

morning wake up and den do tings do tings. Lalala!~
den went to int , meet dar. went in lot , walk and walk. den wait for his friends to come.
watch wher gt ghost . den after tht dar pei me go int wait pengyous.
go buy ticket for up den go eat . inside toilet laughlaughs, den photophoto. dunno why keep laughin durin th movie even though dun really tink its funny ._. pass tings here and dere. Lol. and den blahblahblahs . get in bus listen song den realise th earpiece de rubber ting missing , pek chek uhh .


Love my 他,

Sunday, August 23, 2009


22 August 2009
morning wake up , Lalala! -.=' den afternoon ask ppl go out . meet wenhui , slacking whole day . scare scare de sia . ytd happen to me at playground , then today oso happen at playground but her turn . yeaps , indeed 很恐怖 la . den keep at dere 胡思乱想 abt stuffs den she dun dare alone go home le . laughings again . toilet weird stuffs , so on and so on ... Supersuperduper plus ultra funny larhs! and soryy for th piak on th hand ! didn't do it on purpose de . Just kept laughing non-stop ~ :D Hahahahas.
go roofgarden dere PLAY O: ? rofls . turning round and round until feel like want to vomit den go one side sit down. den th video of me , LAUGHs!? den after that realised tht smth's wrong abt "someone/something" ! at dere scare scare le D: LOLOL!
Blahblahblahs :}
den dar and his frends wait me at int , sorry let u guys wait for so long! xiexie, pei wo go home(: && sorry again abt last night me gving attitude ouh D:

halfway,bye / redit:D
-2.18am / -7.04pm

Monday, August 17, 2009

i'm still waiting D:

too bored le , so come post ?? i wonder why my lappy see blogger is like this de . whole thing white white , got problem or smth ??

i am STILL ! STILL waiting for my sim card to be activated , -.='' tsk .. so long de sia .. hai wo in school keep on trying , on & off , on&off as what th person told me to .. Anw , saw Baoxia in bus just now :D! Soooo super duper uper long didn't see her le . so bus home tgt .

Lesson - Had D&T test , very rush super last min finish. Den recess LALALA! ~ Maths , go through pp . Chinese , --- . Maths again -,- . History , feel lyk to piak th cher. Zzz.

after sch go eat . chitchat . Home . Have history test tmr ehh , sians . tanqihuichanel HATE history! ---

Currently: listening to song , transfering pic into lappy , chatting wif wenhui (:

-4:54pm :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

16th day :D

Quiz from Nasirah & Amirah :D !

1. Real Name: Chanel Tan
2. Nickname : Camel (most common de)
3. Age: 14
4. Horoscope: Aquarius
5. Male or Female: Female
6. Elementary: CGM
7. Middle School: Chua Chu Kang Primary School
8. High School: Regent Secondary School
9. College School: ---
10. Hair colour: Brown (:
11. Long or Short: Long ?
12. Loud or Quiet: Both :B
13. First Kiss: when i was born ? LOL
14. First Pet: turtle
29. First Big Vacation: SINGAPORE :D
30. First Love At First Sight: Haha , yeshh .
31. First Big Birthday: 15 February :D
32. First Surgery: o.O?
33. First sport you joined: Badminton ehh ?
34. Orange or Apple juice: Apple juice
35. soul or Rap: dunno
36. Country or Screamo: dunno
37. Ne-yo or david archuleta: Both
38. Britney Spears or Taylor swift: Both
39. Night or Day: Both
40. Sun or Moon: Both
41. TV or Internet: Internet
42. Candy or Chocolate: Both but Chocolate more :D
43. Kiss or hug: Both
44. Iguana or turtle: turtle ba ?? =='
45. Spider or bee: Honey :D
46. Fall or spring: Both
47. Limewire or iTunes: dunno
48. Soccer or swimming: Swimming
49. Eating: Nothing
50. Drinking: My saliva
51. Excitement level: 0/100
52. I’m about to: Cry ! T.T jkjk (:
53. Listening to: the keyboard sound when i am typing
54. Plan for today: don't message anyone
55. Waiting for: Waiting for you to appear LOL
56. Energy Level: 60/100
57. Thinking of someone: yessh .. thinking and thinking
58. Want kids? : After i marry . &of cos
59. Want to get married?: Rofl, of cos ?
60. When? : dunno lehhs , 20plus before 27?
61. How many kids do you want?: ermm , 1 or 2.
62. Any name on the mind: hmm , haven tink till so far Lol.
63. What did you want to be when you were little : Teacher! ROFL , not anymore now !
64. Careers in mind: don't know leh.
65. Mellow future or wild: o.O?
66. Something you would never try: eat shit/drink urine/eat insects
67. When do you want to die: dunno lehh .. depends ?
68. Lips or Eyes: huhs? both ?
69. Romantic or Funny?: Both?
70. Shorter or Taller?: I want be taller ! TALL TALL TALL TALL !!!
71. Protective or Caring?: Both
72. Romantic or Spontaneous?: Both
73. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: err..?
74. Sensitive or Loud?: Both ? dunno?
84. Broken someone’s heart: Yes.
85. Had your heart broken: Of cos ,Yes xinfinity )':
86. Been arrested: Nope (:
87. Cried when someone died: Yes.
88. Liked a friend more than a friend: yes , best friend lor
89. Do you believe in yourself: yes & no
90. Miracles: Yes, there is miracle de
91. Love at first sight: Yess.
92. Heaven: Never go before lehhs
93. Santa Claus: People act out de jiu have .
94. Tooth Fairy: Never see before.
95. Kiss in the first date: o.O?
96. Angels: i am one . jkjk
97. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: Yess.
98. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?: Not really , but this is life . bo bian.
99. Do you believe in God?: Yes , believe de . ermm but maybe not .
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people :

- EVERYONE of you who viewed my blog and see this post de (:

Saturday, August 15, 2009


went to school for th sec2 streaming talk . listen until want fall asleep , so leave early with wenhui .
took bus to lot , went to food junction eat . den went to west mall , didn't get dao my card cos they say need a adult to take for me , tsk . veri tao yan lor (: !?!? den today whole day phone silent de . is sian de lor !!!! :D ?!?!

at westmall slack , actually wan watch movie de , but den th rest dun want den nv ask other ppl le . jiu didn't watch le . almost 2months nv see dao sanbibor liaos , den 'heng heng' today see dao again ROFLS ! stil wan to piak me lor , lucky i siam de fast HAHAha ! didn't know what happened , but hope she-s fine. den trained back to cck , go buy th mr.bean ice cream den went to playground . at dere listen song, lick icecream , Zzz. 6 lyk that went home .

haiis , tmr want go take th new card ba . but why i suddenly think that without phone is better le ?? O:

ya , maybe we are really drifting away from each other le ba , but its not becos of those reason .
you didn't say anything wrong that make me angry & i didn't ignore you . yea? u ignore me ehh ? nvm (: don't need worry , friendship won't end jiu dui le (:

why i feel like i can't trust you anymore ?

PUK's fault >:(

Ohh, sorry my sim card ! D:
tomorrow/later will get a new one ! cos , i can't stand even just one day without phone ):
thanks to my lovely itchy hands :D LOL
*tht ah neh talk until so , ---ah neh ! can't really listen properly to what he was saying lorhs , kept on huh huh huh-ing ! Hahahas :D

Last good nite :] ,

Friday, August 14, 2009

i love 14.08.09

my super lucky day ok ! ":D"
morning went sch , actually count late le but heng mr thomas say can go in nvm. den go up hall , blahblahblah la . get caught by tay again luhh , 3days straight ==' thanks hor , but i dun nid & dun wan to seek for ur attention ok . tsk , pek chek lor , catch uniform , ear , hair . den , me&wenhui's "wish" come true liao , tuck all th way in :D Omfg LOLOL! i look freaking good in tht :D !! HAHAHA!

den go down for pe , is happy de lor ! cos heng heng tay dere , FRINGE ! rofls . asked to go needleworkroom . at deree play joke of sng . wtf damn funny de. den cut hair .. :D haiis , shld hv xiu bao yi dian de sia , tmr go dere cut again ba .. LOL.

history lesson sian sian de , copy note or smth de ?

chinese , zui sian de , at dere sleep nia .. Haha . Zzz :} after school super early go up range le sia . boring boring ! Haha .. yeayeah! i revenge baddie ass le ! Muahahahhaa!!! :P warm up le den jiu slack slack liao , doing th syf dance for 23th de performacne ? so sit one side tok tok . Lol .

at lot walk here walk dere for awhile .. den went home ...
Hoho , i long tym nv take book in hand go home le lor .. Lol . no choice ..

after tht my hand itchy , go anyhow "play" wif my phone , den anyhow press tis press tht . press until got problem HAHA!?!?!?! errrmm .. den cnt msg and call ppl le . dun miss my sms-es k ppl :D Rofls. tmr den go call th wadever operator . haiis , ma fan nehh ! *tym now , 11:11 - random only* . th stupid sim card still stuck inside my phone now , Hahaha! make until my nails pain . Lol ..

wan an <3 ! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Went to school without wh , ohh , soryy ~
see dao nasirah and limin? take bus tgt ... zhun zhun th tym went in.
ear got sheng nong lor , damn it la. rofls, hen er xin de ok .
2nd warning for fringe heh ! DX Think lesson lyk usual ba ..
eng nid do th skit , veri ma fan , plus no idea wad to do ? :X haiis ...
den aft sch go out sch meet , went to makan .
separate table again .. i shld sit dere de hor ?? haiis , LOL.

anw , th new blog will be done , ermm , soon le ba ? :D Hahas.
make me so confused luhh , say those tings ? hmms .. weird weird de ..
den hor , someone ask me 4am wake up tmr so tht i can 6am can go out to sch le . LOL , too early liao i still slping lyk a pig de ..

xxx i dunno wad i can post le lehhs , mind suddenly blank blank ._. ?

lastly , thanks for being my "waking alarm" :D


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ohh , _|_

I hate people to copy me luhh . please la , be urself can anot , copycopycopy ==' [ tis only to that ONE person i am referring to . ]
Just feel that i hate you more and more le . Don't know wtf ur mind is thinking about de luhh , I hate that 眼神 and whatsoever ~
And , its something for the another YOU , really very disappointed wif you . I really didn't expect you to say those things de ... but , haiis . Forget it le bahh .
Maybe its my fault or something .

失望 ...


Friday, August 7, 2009

what what ?

sch, ndp . lot . home .
coughs , =='

i noe something's wrong lor , i never say doesn't mean i dunno , just that i act blur nia luhh ..
i hv eyes to see , heart to feel ok . dun tink i fool la .

now headache so i gg off soon le .

*er zi ! cheer up la , dun sad liao lehhs . dun influence me . jkjk .

anw , thanks sarsi ouhh , for my bigbig pretty photo on ur blog ehh , JOKING la . damn bhb de .
thanks for those words ! <3

sorry to ni oso ! dun angry O: !

till here , bu xiang post le

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

leave everything unchanged

wake up at 7plus today luh . haiis , stupid me , blurblur , phone rang and i go back sleep again ..
den chiong damn ultra fast de ...
ask father bring me go , of cos bro late for sch oso LOL!
den go in run 3 round , wif Aslyn , lucky got ppl pei wo .
Super duper sorry to wenhui !!!! sorry x infinity D: !

wtf manzxs ! my repierced tragus piercing gone again ehh ?!?!!?!?!?!!?! !@#$%^*&^%$@! wapiang ehhs !! D: run finish le den realise its missing den go back class poke th hole close liao . Arrggh~ haiis , nvm let it rest 1st le , left ear left ear , happy hor ? now u can listen to ear piece le :D .

class , no mood ehh , mood swing swing swing whole day luhh =='
ps anyone , if i got attitude u .
den suddenly headache etcs de .
after sch went to eat wif pinyi xueting .
chitchat abit ...

homesweethome ..

haiis .. what can i say ? i siao le la .. =='

if , i ... Lalalala

its time le , i will de...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mixture of feelings

had dance on friday .
feel lyk a fool . friday sucks big , but seems lyk i don't even care now - disappointment . sadness . pissed . love . hate .
all different feelings just pop out ok .
den brain abit something wrong la . say many stupid stuffs to quite many people de . gone crazy and keep on go and disturb people etc .
_|_ pervertic markerpen ! go eat shit la .

lalalala lalalala ~

ytd met wenhui , go lot eat lunch . den went to bugis . walk walk etc .
den sun bian go dere de temple pray pray .
aunty lucy rocks ehh ?! ROFLS !
evening go bck lot . eat dinner . slack around . arcade . den go th roof garden .
act lyk a small child at dere play den shout shout . ah boy veryy guai one . Hahah xP
9 lights out . den go explore lot1 . bei tht aunty scold . LOLS! ==' dun care her.
chitchat . Lalala, etcs. 11 bus home .
den yin jie called . chit chat till 2plus ? den go orhorhh..

today , morning . wad to say ? dun wan say anyting . father throw temper la .
wan slp oso cannot hor ?! den go charge phone , he go pluck out th charger den throw ! pls lor , jus 0.5cm more jiu hit dao my head liao la . if i nxt tym throw temper throw tings oso is he teach de ok . you yang xue yang rite . went to jurong . den dunno go wher . go bck home . chiong d&t ==' redo everyting . didnt finish . went to meet alicia . den go jurong . wait for ppl . den went to ermm ermm , dunno tht place . celebrate ah ma's bday in advance de . so nxt tym on actual day den wish big big in here ba . go home . wad tym le lor . 10plus liao . haven do th two compos. ==' tmr den do le . End

wan an

why am i always like this , it seems like i can't change the way i do things , what have i done ?! omg , am seriously veryy sorry , i know i shouldn't be like this D:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

where were youu

arhhs , wan my holidays bck can ? wher are u my darling holidays .
miss th tym luhh . haiis . nv hao hao zhen xi la ... ._.

early wake up do to do elearning ?
girls and boys conv. vulgars-ing la . Lol cos eblaze got prob or sth de.
pekchek liao all anyhow do . stupid eng go die can ? -.=

2plus went to mit wenhui . back to my usual crazy-self . laughings- madly ouhh~
walk around tok , Lalalas.
5plus went to eat . slack larhhs . laughs tok "play"-our game* etc.
8 smth , bus-d home . thx many ppl for th elearning ting o'rites!

till here le , niteeee!

ohhh, just shut up ! veryy irritating can ?! ._.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

counting ,

ytd wore the "live for my life" shirt le , 3rd tym yea? got count de lehhs .
hmms , got a stupid/silly/baichi/kns/angry meaning behind that t-shirt . shan't type out th reason . only afew ppl noe abt tht lehhs . Hahas . tht tym really make me damn angry de , stupid cloth ! and make me lyk a fool , so stupid . plus wasted alot of tym , waste money . waste my mood on tht silly ting .

today sch is lyk , ya , normal luhhs -.='
wh went bck early . den recess acc her down to general office . btw wanna thx her again for th zi qian but didn't use dao anw . HAHAs. lessons , sian of cos . den after sch regret buying th laksa , wth , eat dao wan vomit la can ?!
went for dance . den go home le .

yawns ,

there sure is someone , just wanna know :/

Monday, July 27, 2009

{ Lassst }

went to sch ,
monday so went late .. woke up late of cos :] but still tired ,
had d&t for th 1st 2 period. do out our ermm , cam toy de structure , jus a testing one .. using cardboard .
ending , laughs . cnt forgt wad wh said , tht sentence . laugh lyk ?? Lols.
recess , went down . acc her buy smth frm bookshop . went up . Lalala .
Maths , -.='
Chinese , do dunno wad test , totally dunno today hv test . den cnt finish , jiu anyhow do .
Maths IT , went to com lab , do th chart tingy ? went bck class .
History , jus noe tht dunno when den nid hand in ==' BLAHBLBAHBLAH.

Went to eat lunch wif pengyous .
home .

went to meet alicia . uper long nv see her le . den hor , say de hao ting is acc me home . Lol .
cos she wanna buy smth . so still thanks for ur acc-ing me home la k HAHAHAHA!


[remember , it will be my last time]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

am a HAPPY kid , SMILE ! :D

chanel's back to post le worrs :]]
hmms , try to post wadever i can rmb bahhs ..

i can't rmb wad happen in class and so on de liaos , after sch went for dance ... hmms , i did realized something , its like so strange , weird la can ... didn't noe wad i hv done ? blahblahblahs , i forget all th steps for th new dance le la . aiyoo , only rmb-d th 1st few ? so jus follow follow .. nxt day muscle pain cos of warm up tingy ? went home le bahh ..

dunno why , jus felt veryy tired . ZzzZzz
saw moumouren -.=''' nearly vomit-d for wad he did , th actions ..
den 8 or 9 jiu slp le , phone drop damn hard onto th floor , omfg ! drop drop drop ~ ass .

morning , wake up early in th morning den went to meet shuwei den mrt-d to gombak , buy food den went to pinyi's hse .. discussed about th history project again . in th end each take one vanguard home to do ... shuwei left early for her piano den left pinyi jingyi me .
chat about xin shi -s . lots of stuffs . den did th ermm , smth ? den i saw my result , was lyk laughing lyk mad banging table etc. happily laughing , at dere zhi-highing la ..
wasted my day staring th wall , day dreaming , listen song etc.
denn, chua tio la ! hmmm...
i know i am good at making people get irritated . yes, am always good at this ...
wonder whyy .

morning , something really terrible happened ... dunno wads wrong with me .. haiis ..
&& yeaps , i stayed at home th whole day again . dun feel lyk going out , ps !
plus , need to chiong th stupid history project . d&t . and my owe cher veri long de zuo wen :O ! ermm , science? den idk wad else le .. ehh , dun care le la . do finish th history jiu hao le ... haven finish yet , scare if i do wrong jiu die le ..

am a HAPPY kid o'rites ! :D

finally make a decision , 我说到做到 :]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i've many choices , but i chose this ...

yes , i do have many other choices , but i chose this . i'm starting to regret now , very very regret-d ... aiyoos , why are things getting more and more complicated now arhh .. super duper weird de can ... okayys , nvm . act blur is my 专长 ! Lalalas ~

went to ermm , hawker eat wif wenhui. save money nehh , hhaahas . den th rest go subway . long tym nv go le . anw i cnt eat tht anymore . might be jus one day i tio choke by th stupid bread again ==' why only i having tis problem ehh , lyk a idiot .. den walk bck lot scream-d wif her cos of th dragon fly lor . Lol. seperate and went to library find them.
haiiz , yeaps . do project again . lyk usual did nothing in th end , jus lyk chitchating lyk tht nia . den den mac sit sit . saw "him' la . den hor , i super throw my own face de . my face seems lyk wan to cry lyk tht lor . aiyoos .. xia dao jiu auto lyk tis :X ...

chitchat at dere luhh .. Lalalalas ! den left middle right .
Homesweethome !

&& i cnt highlight th words cos blogger got problem ? :O


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it would be better if i let it go ,

usual boring lessons . didn't tok much liao le .. due to me ulcer on my tongue , its getting worst .. pain till tears can come out D: ! haiis .. have difficulties eating and talking luhhs .. den u will find me toking in a veri weird way ... cos i cnt speak normally .. or else veri pain ...

went to pinyi's hse to do th history project , didn't do much , write afew words and get abit more ideas den went to swim , at 1st i still did laugh - happily . but den , when shuwei told me "something" . i was lyk totally shock dao de .. so it was me ... am really veri sorry . i didn't noe it was like tis , or else i wont be lyk , treating "you" in tis manner le ... felt veri guilty ... nvm , i bet it doesn't matter anymore now ..

chit chat-d in pool wif shuwei and pinyi from 5plus till lyk 8? chat abt many stuffs ... den bath-d, mrt-d , bus-d home ...

now veri tired le . nite all ..

now jus freaking no mood de .. sad , confused , tired ... my eye balls veri dry now , gg off le . bye

Monday, July 20, 2009

Turned away, like a stranger


its easy when u said that u wan to forget about something or someone . but its difficult for u to do it ...
ehhs , yang and penguin , really must cheer up dun be so sad le la ...

sch as usual ... ==' den after sch went to makan wif wenhui den chitchat abt stuffs . went home . lyk a baichi in bus luhh me -.=''' den reachd home . Lalalas. den slp 6 lyk tht wake up . now feels slpy again le lehhs ._.

wan an

Sunday, July 19, 2009

fool , stop !


o'rites reach home nt long ago jiu cme post ................

ytd on phone wif pk and ky till 12plus almost 1 ? den tok tok but didn't tok much .. thx la guys , i noe ur trying to lyk cheer me up or smth de . yea , i did laugh . pk , thx for ur pronouce of "moon" . found it veri funny and laughed though no one is laughing . u two ar , dun anyhow tink of "other stuffs" liao , and cheer up ok ?!

happy 4th , pinyi ! :D
went to vivo wif pinyi weisin yuanguang today .
weather is great yea ? veri windy . night view ting hao de ba ?
Lols , so ps to th two , felt so bright la ! sorrry ._.
went dere , eat walk sit , eat walk sit . blow wind , so on ? ..
lazy upload pic , might come back and edit /might not .

tmr got sch le , tired .
bye , nite ! :]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet / Bitter


awww , i bet someone's cursing me behind my back for my ear to lyk , rot or wadever de ==' pain de k , swollen lyk hell .
after sch went to makan wif pengyous at 302. den go home .

after tht wh called , den went to westmall wif her to gt back smth . when waiting for bus to go int , saw a malay aunty wif her husband , den hor , she was lyk walking luhh , after tht she sit down and start to ...
DIG HER NOSE lyk she is at her hse lyk tht . buay hiao pai seyh de hor._.
ltr she stop den ,
her husband join in and they dig together ! Wad th ? ==' dig until veri shuang somemore... er xin la .. :X
go west mall liao take smth le , den go bpp . go home after tht.

haiis , hen xin ku lehhs D:

till here,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i have eye to see & heart to feel ...


recently manymany ppl are in a emo state lehhs . Pengyous men , Cheer Up okay ?! dun wan to see u guys sad sad de .

haiis , saw smth this few days . ytd see dao , today again . mood swing swing swing ~!

tired le , gg off to bed liaos , 晚安

Sunday, July 12, 2009

its 心痛,好吗?!

Happy Birthday , Vernon !

Lols , ouhh , see i so good , nv use news paper to wrap his present lehhs , Hahahas :D wish vernon a happy happy 16th bday bahhs ! :D

unprivate my blog le ! :D
went to bedok , actually gg to help ah girl wif her sushi , but she too late come bck le , den bro nid go jurong study . so went off 1st didnt wait for her to come bck . Lalalas . den come home , wanna put bck my tragus ear stick . den hor , close le sia !!! i only take it out for lyk 3-4 hours nia lor , WTF la !!! den took one or more hour to try poking in and cnt , now swollen le lor ==' hng ! tmr gg to repierce luhh , dun care >:( ! den poke until it bleed ==' diaox sia .

den quarrel wif father again ok ! cos of th going to jurong tingy la . wad th .. always lyk tis de lor . dunno wads th problem wif him la . so gan jiong for wad sia , scare th place will run away meh , or scare th beer will run away . den mother side de ah gong ask him and ma go th dunno wher eat dinner jiu keep on say dun wan dun wan . veri not fair to mum de ok ? i only infront of u dun wan say nia lor , cos i noe u sure will say me lots of rubbish if i tell u lor . see lor , we only dunno how many months den go bedok once nia , den every single week no miss de will go jurong , den one day go eat nv go jurong oso lyk wan ur life lyk tht. ==' den every tym u quarrel wif other ppl liao , or nt happy wif smth , jiu come take ppl chu qi , scold damn lots of vulgar , pls lor innocent de ok ?! ytd oso lyk tht lor . make me so @#$%^& ?!?!

nv do dao home work , cnt be bothered le la . now sibei de fan lor . so many tings tht make me feels so irritated now .