Thursday, July 30, 2009

where were youu

arhhs , wan my holidays bck can ? wher are u my darling holidays .
miss th tym luhh . haiis . nv hao hao zhen xi la ... ._.

early wake up do to do elearning ?
girls and boys conv. vulgars-ing la . Lol cos eblaze got prob or sth de.
pekchek liao all anyhow do . stupid eng go die can ? -.=

2plus went to mit wenhui . back to my usual crazy-self . laughings- madly ouhh~
walk around tok , Lalalas.
5plus went to eat . slack larhhs . laughs tok "play"-our game* etc.
8 smth , bus-d home . thx many ppl for th elearning ting o'rites!

till here le , niteeee!

ohhh, just shut up ! veryy irritating can ?! ._.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

counting ,

ytd wore the "live for my life" shirt le , 3rd tym yea? got count de lehhs .
hmms , got a stupid/silly/baichi/kns/angry meaning behind that t-shirt . shan't type out th reason . only afew ppl noe abt tht lehhs . Hahas . tht tym really make me damn angry de , stupid cloth ! and make me lyk a fool , so stupid . plus wasted alot of tym , waste money . waste my mood on tht silly ting .

today sch is lyk , ya , normal luhhs -.='
wh went bck early . den recess acc her down to general office . btw wanna thx her again for th zi qian but didn't use dao anw . HAHAs. lessons , sian of cos . den after sch regret buying th laksa , wth , eat dao wan vomit la can ?!
went for dance . den go home le .

yawns ,

there sure is someone , just wanna know :/

Monday, July 27, 2009

{ Lassst }

went to sch ,
monday so went late .. woke up late of cos :] but still tired ,
had d&t for th 1st 2 period. do out our ermm , cam toy de structure , jus a testing one .. using cardboard .
ending , laughs . cnt forgt wad wh said , tht sentence . laugh lyk ?? Lols.
recess , went down . acc her buy smth frm bookshop . went up . Lalala .
Maths , -.='
Chinese , do dunno wad test , totally dunno today hv test . den cnt finish , jiu anyhow do .
Maths IT , went to com lab , do th chart tingy ? went bck class .
History , jus noe tht dunno when den nid hand in ==' BLAHBLBAHBLAH.

Went to eat lunch wif pengyous .
home .

went to meet alicia . uper long nv see her le . den hor , say de hao ting is acc me home . Lol .
cos she wanna buy smth . so still thanks for ur acc-ing me home la k HAHAHAHA!


[remember , it will be my last time]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

am a HAPPY kid , SMILE ! :D

chanel's back to post le worrs :]]
hmms , try to post wadever i can rmb bahhs ..

i can't rmb wad happen in class and so on de liaos , after sch went for dance ... hmms , i did realized something , its like so strange , weird la can ... didn't noe wad i hv done ? blahblahblahs , i forget all th steps for th new dance le la . aiyoo , only rmb-d th 1st few ? so jus follow follow .. nxt day muscle pain cos of warm up tingy ? went home le bahh ..

dunno why , jus felt veryy tired . ZzzZzz
saw moumouren -.=''' nearly vomit-d for wad he did , th actions ..
den 8 or 9 jiu slp le , phone drop damn hard onto th floor , omfg ! drop drop drop ~ ass .

morning , wake up early in th morning den went to meet shuwei den mrt-d to gombak , buy food den went to pinyi's hse .. discussed about th history project again . in th end each take one vanguard home to do ... shuwei left early for her piano den left pinyi jingyi me .
chat about xin shi -s . lots of stuffs . den did th ermm , smth ? den i saw my result , was lyk laughing lyk mad banging table etc. happily laughing , at dere zhi-highing la ..
wasted my day staring th wall , day dreaming , listen song etc.
denn, chua tio la ! hmmm...
i know i am good at making people get irritated . yes, am always good at this ...
wonder whyy .

morning , something really terrible happened ... dunno wads wrong with me .. haiis ..
&& yeaps , i stayed at home th whole day again . dun feel lyk going out , ps !
plus , need to chiong th stupid history project . d&t . and my owe cher veri long de zuo wen :O ! ermm , science? den idk wad else le .. ehh , dun care le la . do finish th history jiu hao le ... haven finish yet , scare if i do wrong jiu die le ..

am a HAPPY kid o'rites ! :D

finally make a decision , 我说到做到 :]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i've many choices , but i chose this ...

yes , i do have many other choices , but i chose this . i'm starting to regret now , very very regret-d ... aiyoos , why are things getting more and more complicated now arhh .. super duper weird de can ... okayys , nvm . act blur is my 专长 ! Lalalas ~

went to ermm , hawker eat wif wenhui. save money nehh , hhaahas . den th rest go subway . long tym nv go le . anw i cnt eat tht anymore . might be jus one day i tio choke by th stupid bread again ==' why only i having tis problem ehh , lyk a idiot .. den walk bck lot scream-d wif her cos of th dragon fly lor . Lol. seperate and went to library find them.
haiiz , yeaps . do project again . lyk usual did nothing in th end , jus lyk chitchating lyk tht nia . den den mac sit sit . saw "him' la . den hor , i super throw my own face de . my face seems lyk wan to cry lyk tht lor . aiyoos .. xia dao jiu auto lyk tis :X ...

chitchat at dere luhh .. Lalalalas ! den left middle right .
Homesweethome !

&& i cnt highlight th words cos blogger got problem ? :O


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it would be better if i let it go ,

usual boring lessons . didn't tok much liao le .. due to me ulcer on my tongue , its getting worst .. pain till tears can come out D: ! haiis .. have difficulties eating and talking luhhs .. den u will find me toking in a veri weird way ... cos i cnt speak normally .. or else veri pain ...

went to pinyi's hse to do th history project , didn't do much , write afew words and get abit more ideas den went to swim , at 1st i still did laugh - happily . but den , when shuwei told me "something" . i was lyk totally shock dao de .. so it was me ... am really veri sorry . i didn't noe it was like tis , or else i wont be lyk , treating "you" in tis manner le ... felt veri guilty ... nvm , i bet it doesn't matter anymore now ..

chit chat-d in pool wif shuwei and pinyi from 5plus till lyk 8? chat abt many stuffs ... den bath-d, mrt-d , bus-d home ...

now veri tired le . nite all ..

now jus freaking no mood de .. sad , confused , tired ... my eye balls veri dry now , gg off le . bye

Monday, July 20, 2009

Turned away, like a stranger


its easy when u said that u wan to forget about something or someone . but its difficult for u to do it ...
ehhs , yang and penguin , really must cheer up dun be so sad le la ...

sch as usual ... ==' den after sch went to makan wif wenhui den chitchat abt stuffs . went home . lyk a baichi in bus luhh me -.=''' den reachd home . Lalalas. den slp 6 lyk tht wake up . now feels slpy again le lehhs ._.

wan an

Sunday, July 19, 2009

fool , stop !


o'rites reach home nt long ago jiu cme post ................

ytd on phone wif pk and ky till 12plus almost 1 ? den tok tok but didn't tok much .. thx la guys , i noe ur trying to lyk cheer me up or smth de . yea , i did laugh . pk , thx for ur pronouce of "moon" . found it veri funny and laughed though no one is laughing . u two ar , dun anyhow tink of "other stuffs" liao , and cheer up ok ?!

happy 4th , pinyi ! :D
went to vivo wif pinyi weisin yuanguang today .
weather is great yea ? veri windy . night view ting hao de ba ?
Lols , so ps to th two , felt so bright la ! sorrry ._.
went dere , eat walk sit , eat walk sit . blow wind , so on ? ..
lazy upload pic , might come back and edit /might not .

tmr got sch le , tired .
bye , nite ! :]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet / Bitter


awww , i bet someone's cursing me behind my back for my ear to lyk , rot or wadever de ==' pain de k , swollen lyk hell .
after sch went to makan wif pengyous at 302. den go home .

after tht wh called , den went to westmall wif her to gt back smth . when waiting for bus to go int , saw a malay aunty wif her husband , den hor , she was lyk walking luhh , after tht she sit down and start to ...
DIG HER NOSE lyk she is at her hse lyk tht . buay hiao pai seyh de hor._.
ltr she stop den ,
her husband join in and they dig together ! Wad th ? ==' dig until veri shuang somemore... er xin la .. :X
go west mall liao take smth le , den go bpp . go home after tht.

haiis , hen xin ku lehhs D:

till here,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i have eye to see & heart to feel ...


recently manymany ppl are in a emo state lehhs . Pengyous men , Cheer Up okay ?! dun wan to see u guys sad sad de .

haiis , saw smth this few days . ytd see dao , today again . mood swing swing swing ~!

tired le , gg off to bed liaos , 晚安

Sunday, July 12, 2009

its 心痛,好吗?!

Happy Birthday , Vernon !

Lols , ouhh , see i so good , nv use news paper to wrap his present lehhs , Hahahas :D wish vernon a happy happy 16th bday bahhs ! :D

unprivate my blog le ! :D
went to bedok , actually gg to help ah girl wif her sushi , but she too late come bck le , den bro nid go jurong study . so went off 1st didnt wait for her to come bck . Lalalas . den come home , wanna put bck my tragus ear stick . den hor , close le sia !!! i only take it out for lyk 3-4 hours nia lor , WTF la !!! den took one or more hour to try poking in and cnt , now swollen le lor ==' hng ! tmr gg to repierce luhh , dun care >:( ! den poke until it bleed ==' diaox sia .

den quarrel wif father again ok ! cos of th going to jurong tingy la . wad th .. always lyk tis de lor . dunno wads th problem wif him la . so gan jiong for wad sia , scare th place will run away meh , or scare th beer will run away . den mother side de ah gong ask him and ma go th dunno wher eat dinner jiu keep on say dun wan dun wan . veri not fair to mum de ok ? i only infront of u dun wan say nia lor , cos i noe u sure will say me lots of rubbish if i tell u lor . see lor , we only dunno how many months den go bedok once nia , den every single week no miss de will go jurong , den one day go eat nv go jurong oso lyk wan ur life lyk tht. ==' den every tym u quarrel wif other ppl liao , or nt happy wif smth , jiu come take ppl chu qi , scold damn lots of vulgar , pls lor innocent de ok ?! ytd oso lyk tht lor . make me so @#$%^& ?!?!

nv do dao home work , cnt be bothered le la . now sibei de fan lor . so many tings tht make me feels so irritated now .


Friday, July 10, 2009

it was then i realise ...

thanks ky for waking me up at night ytd , if nt i will be slping lyk a pig and forgt to do smth liaos . i was lyk laying on th floor doing my zuo ye to kill time , den fall asleep . actually slp on th floor feels nt bad de , cold cold de th floor , hohos :B went to sch , den sing national anthem outside class again cos late again Lols , den class hen sian la , den day dreaming nv listen lesson . hen tired luhh . Zzz ermms , i tot everyone alrdy use to " it " le ? why lyk still so "surprise" lyk tht =='

after sch went to eat wif pengyous , den see dao ky and pk . den take bus home together . tok tok luhhs . &&& i still insist tht I AM TALLER THAN PK! and dun need compare anymore le. roflrofls! after tht go home lalalas

&& i wan to thx pinyi and shiokhuey , thanks for "supporting" me kays :D and thx for tht letter u guys wrote for me :] but sorry cos i wasted it . haiis , no choice . and i noe i have to stop my rubbish le :(

ok, jiu till here le bahhs , seems lyk i hv nth else to post le . Bye .
-11:11pm :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


actually oso nth to post , jus bo liao den come in .
and , if anyone not happy with me just come infront of me and say k ,
dun behind my back say so much rubbish , if want say just let me know . i let u say infront of me.
although i not very sure which part of me u not happy with , but dun think that u th only one who can dun lyk other ppl hor . i oso can hate u de , if u hate me =='' Lols , actually found it kinda funny , rubbish lai de .

still no mood for lessons yet , now even worst than holidays liao , dun feel lyk going out le .
at least holiday i wan to go out , now i just feel lyk staying at home and sleep or wadever de ...

ppl might feel better if i just shut up and stop asking so much bahhs , :X
actually i also didn't realise i became lyk more quiet le , until someone told me .
ok la , 也好 , talk too much also no use .
now just feel lyk sleeping only , Z.z

till here ,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

STOP ! i will stop everything ,

back to post le .
so last saturday meet pinyi and xueting den went to novena , cos they wanna buy smth den i nth to do so be extra luhh , follow them go . actually wanted to go to to vivo after tht but pinyi need go home . so didnt go . went to woodlands awhile wif xueting , den go to shiok dere for some reason . thx for lending me ur place . and wasted me so much tym de ok ? ermm den sit sit watch tv awhile jiu bus home le .

den sunday , meet alicia and her friends liao suddenly tell me wan go pierce th ear luhh , so sudden lehhs, nv even have xin li prepare yet . den jiu go pierce wif her cos promised le last tym, after tht her frien dun let us see her pierce so went to library do my chinese . write afew sentence jiu nv do liaos .
den go jurong . eat dinner . den LAALLAs . go home .

ermms , monday 1st day of sch . nth much bahhs , slpslp in class ? cos haven use to wake up early . den after sch go eat wif pengyous . come home . den went to vernon's performance at raffles wad? i'm ultra sorry for being late kays ! soorry ! after tht 9plus go dere eat wif them ? 960 , den after tht 190 and 300 , freaking sian la no one to msg wif me den felt so lonely de can ! plus cnt listen to song luhhs . den homed .

tuesday , i forgt wad happen le lehhs .. after sch go eat wif pengyous again bahh. den i forgt go wher liaos .

denn , wednesday . laughlaughs in class ? nt so sure . onlly can rmb those ncc de wear th unifom hor , den saw th who de , jiu at dere ni de xiu zi dai duan liaos . den go eat wif pengyous again . did we went out ?? yes ? no ? forgt liao forgt liaos .

thursday lehhs , wear pe for whole day . LaLala , den after sch go eat . den went to bugis wif shuwei and wenhui , in th train was lyk mad ppl laughing so loud , den saw ppl looking at us , but we dun care . jus dun let th nu wang ben she pai dao jiu ok liaos . den do stupid face and stuffs , jus keep on laughing la . veri wad luhh wear uniform go dere den ppl keep on look look look =='.
den LaLAlaaa .. i poor until insert th card oso need lend money from shuwei lehhs , haiis .. so didnt buy anyting . den walkwalk . go take train den laughs lalalas . doing th -- leg den laughs lyk crazy wif wh lor . went home .

sch lyk usual bahhs . den tired in class de luhhs . den after sch go eat den they say wan go library find th book for th hist ? so went dere , den saw Pekkoon and hibari Lols! i dunno wah happen to me oso lor , i see dao pk jiu keep on laughing liaos Hahahah! yeayea , i noe i tok veri loud inside dere , ps . && i gg to say tis all th tym and again ! I INSIST I AM TALLER DEN PK ! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! i got go compare our reflection lehhs , mai act blur , u saw it too lor hahas! kay la actually nt veri clear who taller but i wan say i teller jiu shi le :DD den after tht go comic shop , see dao one boy look lyk pk lor den ask isiz his bro . Lols , really super look lyk him. hibari !!! u sua wo hor , u rmb hor , th chewing gum , wan gv den dun wan gv lyk tht . nxt tym i will copy wad u do de . hahas. den force pengyous go out ? Lols .. den go gombak dere , after tht go west mall acc wh buy smth . den go lot buy smth again den jiu go home le lor .
den saw tis at th lvl four toilet . th small de hen cute lor . hahas!
den hor tok wif vernon on phone , den th i bu xiao xin lor , th phone jus knock dao my ear , damn pain la , Lols . cnt shout cos mother dunno . hohos ==' den play luhh .

den today jiu whole day stay at home lehhs. den jiu listen song i dunno why i suddenly become so sad and smth happendd , i hv tink alot le ... hmms ,, after tht stare screen. Lalalaas la .
till here liaos . i tink i post for dunno , mayb one hour plus le ?cos was chattin and other tings at th same tym.

till here and i'm going off le ! :D

i hope u wont regret for what you are doing ...