Monday, March 30, 2009


baked th chocolate vermilices cake for home econ today .
did it wif wen hui of cos . my H.E partner x3 ! :DD
and so sry cos i add too much sugar . rofls rofls . and it become too sweet in th end .
hahas .. oh my gosh . i so ah soh sia ! so kia su , rofls .
cos every tym th cher gv de instruction to add how much how much is too less den nt nice .
so tht tym i add-d more sugar and it taste nice . so tis tym i added more again and becum too sweet.

hmms .. and its been so many weeks since we last did for H.E practical so veri excited !
was lyk , "yessh ! ltr can bake tings liao" den i keep saying to them ... hahas.. vex-d lehh ?! lols
blahblahblahs .
we two were th 1st few who reach-d dere 1st and of cos oso gt sm ppl oso reach dere earlier dan us .
hahas .. went in jus in tym . zun zun 10.45am we step in . hahas .. if nt jiu late liaos .
den th ms sally sng will kbkb ...
den me and wenhui was lyk laughing abt smth bout her ! nam nua xing ~ :DD wakakas ..
den tio choked while eating and laughing . rofls !! (?)


went bck to class and saw mr greg standing dere tok tok toking .
say we gg to th com lap to do th eng quiz or wadeva ? errs ...
den ppl bought dere baked products dere . rofls .. den sarsi me and wen slip it inside th window .
blahblahblahs ..

sian diao la ! need to do chinese compo ! pls lor . i hate compo th most la !!! :[

after sch , took bus , omfg ! its totally "orange , SQUEEZE" !!!
den went to lot1 , wen hui go buy th food colouring at fairprice . den saw shu and shiok .
hahas . after tht saw pin and shoot .
rofls . went to buy nasirah's present . hahas . den go aries buy tings .
Boos ! my ear sticks every tym gone missing . lyk got leg lyk tht !

den slack at th play ground opposite lot1 .
wait for nasirah to cum .
den went bck to int to wait for her cos she took mrt .
den gv her her belated birthday present :DD !

bus-d home .
gosh , he still at my hse ! nvm . i oso nv go tok to him . after tht . i go toilet come out.
he jiu left le . nv even say bye to him . hahas !
he nv cum tell me he gg off le . so too bad . btr dun say i rude ! ==' !

sians , tmr hv P.E ! boring lor ...
hv cca some more .. haiis ..

dad off today . so keep nagging and nagging at me . veri fan sia !! aiya !

:D , chanel off .

Sunday, March 29, 2009


o'rite , sry i haven buy her present . tuesday gv her belated de . sry !
and sry oso , last nite 12plus still sms-ing her , but i forgt to wish her happy birthday
omg ! how could i ?!?! such a bad bad friend ! sorry .
hope u get well real soon !
so poor ting lorhs ! birthday still sick .. haiis !

. yesterday friends say wanna go do th H.E course work tgt . but i dun wanna go cos sian and ma fan . so ya , they all go and i didn't go .
actually tot i would be alone and do every ting all by myself which is lyk so boring oso ..
den chat wif alicia in msn in th morning den ask her help me tink some idea for th course work .
say say say . den ask her to bake th cookies wif me .
since she oso nth to do at home . so she agreed to do wif me . wafafafas ! :D

morning go out to buy smths ..
den afternoon , met alicia at int . lols . went to fairprice bought th ingredients .
search damn long for th icing omg ! den choose th food colouring .
chose pink ?
den buy tings . buy buy buy .
after tht went to buy sushi wakakkas ! mum gv money to buy so of cos buy la . if nt wasted sia .
den bus-d home .

had fun mixing th ingredient ofcos . rofls (?)
tis is wad we surpose to bake .

and tada !!~ it become lyk tis ! wakakas!! looks so "Delicious" rite ?! :DD

so , we modified modified and become lyk tis

wakakaks ..
actually , we wanted to go watch "the unborn" but nv go .
den at nite , she trys to be funny ar , she wants to torture my most beloved deardear .
and of cos i wont let her do it !
rofls . tht tym i oso nv go really torture her red carpet ouhh ~ hahas ;DD

today , in th morning went to taman jurong for breakfast wif every one except for my bro .
cos he last nite run away from home . WITH TH LAPPY ! sobs . hahahaS !
idiot seyh every tym go ppl hse stay .
play whole nite for sure , cos he come home jiu slp lyk pig liao. play wad dota ~ dOts la ! . tht tym still go for sch de competition for playing dota . challenge wif other JCs . i bet he lose . he didn't even say he win or lose after he come home from tht . nonono , nt tht i curse him lose . i oso hope he win but no , cos he bring nth home . and . i dun gt it . wads so fun abt dota ?? hahas .. i dun even understand tht game . rofls ..

den otw to taman jurong . its lyk oh gosh ! i dunno how to explain . but only one word HOT !
hot hot hot !!
look at tht sun ... bling bling de !! X.x

come home , do th science elearning cos i gt 4/20 for th last tym so need to redo .
tis tym gt . 16/20 wakakaks . gt impove lehh

den evening , went to jurong lyk as usual .
hehes . saw jiahong
wakakakas ! cute lehh

relaxs la !! dun angry ! x.X

ohh ohh !! its a GOAL !!! nice one ==' !

eee ! bo share wif me :[

look at tis childish kia playing wif baby toys :]

ohh , look at his sexy leggs ! x.X !!!

end here :DD

Thursday, March 26, 2009

had pe for 1st lesson .
ran for 2.4 !
tis tym i run finish in tym le wakakakas !!! finally . 16.02min :DD
lucky gt pass . but anw , if fail oso nvm . cos tis one no use de .. try try only de.
ran wif nasirah lyk tht .. ?
run tgt for awhile den seperate . den tgt and den separate den tgt den so on ..
hahas .. she help pull me run !! rofl rofls .
i tink i pull her bck bahhs ? hahas . cos normally she veri fast de.

run run run ... finish le go inside th grass dere .. i keep walk here walk dere cos veri dizzy ..
thirsty ! of cos . ! den after tht wen hui run finish liao . we go drink water.
drink so much lor me . den behind de ppl waiting . rofl .ps ar .

blahblahblahs ... den go science lab ..
damn it lor . raining !!! den its lyk so nice to slp la ! but we still hv to study .
den we go all th way up to th 4th floor jus to blow wind ! Cool la !!
den go down to 3rd lvl ..

mix-d th acid and alkalis den mix mix mix .
den play wif th dunno wad . chemical or wadever ?!
den ltr th sarsi go squeeze th mythel orange or wadever and wadever into our mixture .
den turn veri red , wahahahas !
but . i dunno wad tis chp toking abt la .
den tmr , - friday - have class test on tht chp . ==' ! haiis !

had cca .


hmms ... tired la ..
den our lit teacher change liao .
omg !!! i cnt stand tis cher . i dunno why .
its a "babu" singh . ps . i duno how to spell it .
but its how me and wenhui spell it . rofl ..
den laugh laugh la ...
he say can ask 3 question abt him . den i keep ask ppl go ask him why his beard so long .
but in th end no one ask .

walao , th mdm soh ar . say i dye my hair . i nv lor ...
my hair de colour is lyk tis de hao mah ?!!?!!
den i keep argue argue wif her lor ..
den i ask her call my mother hahas !!!
den ltr idk why lor . she go hiao my hair walan ... make until veri messy my fringe .
rofls , she saw my soft bone de piercing , den she say
"den why so many piercing ?!?! huh ?!?"
wad de , pls la , only hv two !
den ask tell me take out tis cnt put. den i dun care her of cos .. den keli say "she pierce so long liao u now den noe aR ? "
still come tell me wad . my class de girl mus be guaii guaii de lehh . in my eyes ar , chanel is a veri good girl u noe ? ..
den i was lyk .. errr .. hahas ??? ok ..

1st lesson jiu see tht SINGH liaos ... sian lor . see him jiu sian le lor ..
hmms ... today ar ... i veri de no mood la .
sry sarsi hor ! cos she ask me why i today no mood den i nv ans her .
sry la ! dun angry hor!

th pse ar ... veri irritating la th cher . keep asking qns ! fan de lor !

den veri tired lor , maths lesson go through tht dunno wad shit . wapiang . totally lost !!
den i so feel lyk sleeping de la .
eyes are lyk cnt open liaos... den jiu lay on table ... rest for awhile . rofls ...

goo home !!! yeahhs !!
den miss-d two 307 . so wait for th bus of cos . sian la walk . but pinyi and shooting walk .
so wait wait wait , bus came . but lyk as usual , need to stand .
den acc wenhui go buy her lunch ..
den go int . bus-d home . lyk as if i will walk home ...
now adays i wont walk home le . wahhahahas ! i was lyk so damn lazy now !!

Good morning ** Good nite and sweet dreams every one , esp sm one lor ! rofl !!!!!! :DD

Monday, March 23, 2009

ermms ..
say from ytd bahhs .
i said i was having slight fever . and , ltr it gt worst ?
temperature wad 39.2°C
if i not wrong ?? den my mother found out . rofl , cos i was lyk wearing jacket den wrap in th blanket .. den forced by her to go eat medicine . wad th . lyk swallowing two big rock :S

tis morning , feel btr of cos . still hv th cold cold feeling . but i tot its yk fine . so idc lor ..
blhablhablah ..
bus-d to int and meet wenhui .
den she told me today change ez-card . oh my , i totally forgt lor . den inside is $0.07 liaos . hahas
den she acc me go buy concession .
go bck to 307 . reached sch . tis week lower sec assemble at hall . blahblahblahs

den tot mrs tay will catch my fringe , so clip up . walao , den go bck class , put down .
wahh !! veri wad lorhs ! guess wad?! its center parting . omgosh . wahahhas ..
so kept chek chek chek-ing .
but den ltr jiu ok le i tin ? sian lor .
den ltr after recess go hall nv clip she oso nv catch . argh !

start to feel sick again . actually in hall alrdy start le . but i nv say , nv tell any one .
den gv my dearest dearest ez-card !!! sobs la !!! nv return us de !!! pei wo for so long le sia !
nv even take a last pic of it den cher take away le . haiis .. sad de la !

den during maths lesson . yaya , feel sick .. but i still did laughs . omg .
tok so much craps jus now .. too funny nt to laugh le .
and am so sorry , tmr , if gt ppl nv go sch/sick . den blame me bah ! cos tht means is i pass th fever to them de .

totally lost when mdm soh was teaching th maths . haiiis !!!
after one week holiday . every ting gv bck to cher liao . hahas .. every oso forgt le .
hahas !!!
hv headache den feels tired and cold tht tym .
but during home econ when we go hall was worst la th feeling ..
den ltr take our new card .
yucks ! i wan my pri1 photo can ?!
hate ms sng lor ! bleahs ! x.X

eng ... tok abt th dunno wad .
den chinese ... tok abt smth den cher nt happy wif our group . but we nv laugh veri loud lor .
nt happy for wad i oso nt sure . mayb she heard our conv. den sensative so nt happy .
wakakaks . o'rite , we r getting more n more .. ermmms "___" wakakakkas ! friends shld noe . rofls ?!

den off ! and then . i feels so much btr !!! wOws ! lucky la !! so much better lor .
dun even feel sick hehes :DD
so bus-d to lot1 . eat .
went to nasirah hse for th planning and photo taking for our IPW project . hahas .
th photo arhhs . :DD hahas . nt gg to post it ...
hahas .. so obvious to see me cos i am th shorty ! wakakakas :DD !!
shooting !! i envy envy la ! hahas ... compare her and me . hahas . she so tall . den ********
wakakakka !!!!!!!!!! i wont say wad of cos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but ppl will noe :p ? rofl .. jkjk .

den print out .
go home .
reached home for dunno how long ?
start to feel sick again . den after . nasirah keep ask me go eat medicine . hahas . i only tell her i nt feeling well , and idk why i go tell her .. rofls ..
and oopps , i haven eat .
den ltr . feels so much better again .
den jus now , suddenly th feeling cum . wtf ! play me si bo ???? shoo la !
now ok again . 37.8°C hahas ! yeah ... i am bck to normal :DD

den jus finished doing th maths . and i so stupid sia .
i tot she only say do only question 6 .! rofls rofls !!! den ltr shooting ask me do le mah .
i say ya . she say . 1-6 . hahas ..

wakakakkas ... he is wearing wig ! so its true la . so many ppl say le . wakakkka !!!
i wanna pull !
oppths la ! i am so bad . go laugh at ppl :DD

and and . tis is for nasirah !!!!
tis is wad mdm soh write for me last yr in th pupil's record :

"The number of days late for Term 4 is zero. Chanel is a pleasant student who gets along well with her peers. She is conscientious and determined to do well in her work. The result for intergrated Humanities is reflected under the subject History."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

tht was th sky ytd ... nice lehh !! orange colour de ! :DD
well , didn't post it ytd cos i totally no mood ytd la ..

hmms ... said tht i hv headache ytd ... well ... now still hv actually ..
slight fever ...
haiis ... gt well soon :DD

err ... whole day stay at home ...
but i didn't do any ting ... cos i was resting - sleeping .
sleep for veri long actually . wake up liao sleep . wake up liao sleep again ..
do maths home work ... wadever !
ytd do chinese ...
hms ... actually still hv lit , music , and science i haven do .
but hack care lor . cos tmr dun hv those lessons .

hmmms ... head , feels sick . ==' ?!
currently wearing my bro's jacket , wakaakakas ... quite thick de actually ?
still nt warm enough for me .

end here :D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

okayys , having headache now ! indeed veri pain . nvm , hack care la .
anw , i gt to noe smth jus now . "SMTH"

heh , HeH . HEH ~ ! ?!?! ==' !

fuck it man ! nb la . sibei nt happy abt it de la .
thx god , ppl dun cum ka jiao me . ^.^ ?!

Friday, March 20, 2009

o'rites , idk why hor , now adays i'm lyk addict-d to rainbows .
hmms .. miss all those rainbows la . but .. i haven seen one lor ..
only once for th past few months ?
its on .. ermms .. i forgt le .. tis few day nia ...
i saw it wif wenhui de .. veri nice ! :DD
its on th floor some more .. ! hahahas .. lyk sua ku lyk tht me ==' !
but i didn't go take pic of it !
cos .. its in th middle of th road, at my hse down stair dere ?? if i nt wrong .
haiis .. ke xi lor !!!

jus now had CCA , from 9.30am to 5.30pm , but of cos in between gt break la .
meet friends at 9am at int .
pinyi veri early reach ? she 1st den follow by me .
so chit-chat wif her while waiting for others ...

+++ 11.11pm now !!! wahahahhas !!+++

continue ~
den all ppl come liaos . jiu go take 307 to sch ... dunno wad tym reach .
go toilet 1st . tie up hair , clip up fringe . den wenhui go change .
den tie hao liaox , i go change th my ear de ring to ear stick . but seriously , th ring btr to wear .
as in , easier to wear ... which means . i hv difficulty putting on th stick . den i keep poke here poke dere . until my whole ear red red ... hahas . they say gt blood . lols . dun care keep poking cos nt pain . den reach home take out really gt blood . hahahas !!! x.X

haiis ... sry to my hair .. its a torture to u bahhs ? cos i tie u up and clip u . sorry !!!
den i take out got th pop pop shape den quick quick go put water . come home wash . den thx god . it come bck liaos :DD .

wenhui bought th , she said tht was "choco Pop" but actually its "Coco Crunch" ? ya . thts it . idk if its spelled lyk tht or not .. ya . den take go eat ? chit chat ? . dance . ?
den 12.30pm - break !! until 2.30pm . wakakaks . 2hours break . 1st tym so long .
den , set off to lot1 wif many many ppl . as well as xu .

den ... he forced us to go food court eat .. den say dun go B1 hor ! go up ! haiiyo ! so we at 1st bo bian so followed him up . but on th way , we keep vexing him ... say we no money go food court la . bo liu la , if wan us go , u treat us la . den he ask me go eat from rubbish bin cos i ask him treat me . wahh ! kk . no problem. wan eat eat tgt . den i will eat . ==' ?

den reached 3rd floor . me and wen hui dun care le . we jus go ... den after tht th rest still follow him . went to long john silver. "SILVER LONG JOHN" ! lmao !!
after tht . th rest oso come eat wif us . they say xu say go go ? i nt sure .
eat eat eat ... walk around .
go bck sch . reach sch abt . 2.20pm ? took th same bus wif xu again .. err ..
den on th way bck . he say dun lyk living in those hse lyk .. ermm ... infront of our sch de.
i forgt wads tht called liaos . x.X !! den blahblahblahs ..

den ltr . start wif stretching . den he ask who eat mac .
nonono , we didn't eat mac . so we didnt say anyting .
den ltr , he ask shuwei wad she eat jus now . den she veri gu yi lor !
she ans until veri nature : "SILVER LONG JOHN"
den i heard her ans . i immediately laugh out . rofls !!! hahahas ! den kena hit by him .
he go hit me head lor ! laugh only mahh . den he say . laugh until lyk tht ar ?!
hmms .. ps lor . thts th way i laugh . cnt control :DD !!?
she gu yi say cos xu every tym said "Silver long john" instead of "Long john Silver"

BLahblahblahs ~
called sarsi , den she she shout damn loud to th phone . wOw !! i nearly become deaf lor ..
cos i keep huh huh huh -ing . sry ar . cos dere veri noisy mahhs .. so she shout .
actually tmr gg to do th planning and photo taking for our project . but she cnt. so nvm la ..
we nxt tym do . and and ! sarsi , u dun nid to say sorry de la !!!

took 975 home .. ps , wenhui , nv acc u go int .

hmms ... current tym now is 11.33pm . and and .. now th horror movie . i tink its call "the sister" ? . start le start le !!! i am waiting for tis show la . hahas !!
[ps] ppl who noe me well , noe i luv watching horror movie , but i wont watch it myself de.
but tis tym i nv force ppl watch wif me cos my father dere and my bro oso here ..
kk .. ltr i sure dun dare to go to slp liao if i watch ... hahahas !!!
and , thts me . dun dare to watch , but still wan to watch ..
lyk tht den got fun mahhs .. ! den exciting lor . hahhas !!

alicia say wan to cum my hse stay tmr . dunno lehh . whether she serious de mahhs ..
nvm ... i go watch le , so till here ! :DD
good nite and sweet dreams to all !! :DD

ohh , fuck ! tht show . keep making tht kns sound .. && !!! it reminds me of "Ju-on" .. tht show .. ppl shld go watch .. i lyk i lyk de x.X !

buaiis D:

ohh .. now . tym is 11.51pm . hhahas .. ya . i haven go yet ... th man pulling th cloth now . ohh .. damn it larhs . hahas .. ya lyk tis i scare liao ! hahas .. !!!

wahahahas ... bck once again . and th tym now is 12.45am . wad th .seriously , i dun feel lyk continue watching tht show liaos le.. get scolded by my dad for being a coward . rofls !!! kk nvm .. i dun dare to watch . watch until wan fall asleep . cos once i dun dare to watch i take th pillow cover my face den close my eyes ... hahas .. now , ppl are die-ing ... hmms ... dun understand th show actually ... no meaning de. tht lady jus now jus let tht guy keep herslef and nv fang kang at all ... lame shit sia ! den bro dun wan watch liaos ... he go slp le cos tmr he gt tuition ... hmms ... kk ... lets see i will dong until wad tym den go slp .. but surely i cnt go to slp de la . wakakakas .. ermm .. now , 12.50am . rofls rofls ! hope i wont come and edit tis post again ltr. :DD

aii seyy ai seyy .. got one black cat come outside my hse . scary seyy stare at me lyk tht ... shoo la ~~~!!! and nice one dad ! :DD hehes ==' ! 12.52am - chanel signing off ~ !

Thursday, March 19, 2009

E-learning Day

*cough cough* okayys ..
today wake up at abt 11 ... blahblahblah ..
on lappy . den after tht bro need for sch . so , byebye my darling T.T
nvm .. den i use com instead . haiiyoo ... th com is lag de lor .. cos i open many many tings .
wakakakakas .. den chat wif friends and blahblahblahs .. boring ...

den ltr do th elearning .
start wif english 1st ... th talking skull ?? err .. =="
den after tht do th .. errmm .. chinese i tink .
follow by , maths , science , and lastly . geog .
maths was .. hmms .. all th ans i jus guess .. 1,4,2,3,4,2,3,2,4,1 wakakakas ..
and . my score for tht is 4/10 . hahahas .. better dan if i gt a zero for it bahs .
dun even noe how to do lor . only do working for one question . hahas ..?

den for science lehh .. th mrs sim la . haven teach us yet lor . how do ?!?! hmms ..
den i look through th text book cos i cnt open th ting in th eblaze . argh !!!
den some question jus guess for th ans lor .. do until sian la .

geog lehh ... hmms .. actually i ytd gt do abit liaox ..
but den i do in lappy de . den all work is here den he take it away from me .
so i use com . which means . i redo every ting . but nvm la .
cos i only do abit nia ytd .
and thx for much la nasirah !!! cos she gv me many many information on tht !!
thank you !!! :DD

den ltr , my bro abt 6 or 7 plus . come home le !!! yeahs !!! cheer cheerrs !!! :DD
lappy lappy ! come back to mama !! :DD hehes .. white eat !

smth random !!
den i veri rmb lor . th sufi ar . he keep say me lor . blahblahblahs .
say me ahlian . poke his eyes . wakakakas ! me totally nt at all de :DD .
so i shoot him bck . i say him ah beng . although i dun tink so too . he still can tell me .
he is romeo . WAKAKAKAs .. kk .. yaya , u r .. ==" ahahas .. act cool seyh sufi !
take only half face stil tell me mus be cool . rofls .. ok lor !

today chat wif veri few ppl nia . cos veri less ppl on9 ?
nonono . i oso dunno why lehhs .. sian ..
but . lyk as usual tok lots of craps wif sarsi la .. wakakakkas .. :DD
den go play th facebook de pet society wahahhas .. den leave message for each other .
saying : Sarsi did not write you a message
den i reply th say : Tadiie did not write you a message
err .. lols ?? hahas .

errmms ... now i am bck using facebook jus for one simply childish little reason .
is -----
play th pet pet ting . wakakakkas !!! yesh ! i am so childish :DD !
mayb i shld change bck my old url bahhs ?
hahahas .. mayb will bahh ?
waste tym ...
hmms .. veri long nv change blogskin liao .. mayb gg to change when nth to do .
and song oso .. tht song i put veri long le i tink ? nearly one month ? ermm . less than ..


a little some thing for alicia : bleahs me ?? bleah u back ! wakakkakas ! yaya !! i showing off to u luhh . bleahbleahbleah :DD !! toot toot !! :DD **dun get angry or any ting k ! toot-ie ! :DD wakakakaks !!!.


haiis .. currently tinking abt smth .. lorhh !! hmmms ....
current tym - 10:45pm . buaiis :DD
me go orh-orh liaos la . tmr have to wake up veri early . haiis :'(

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

eeekkk ! me so ke lian . bo ppl tag de :'( wakakakas ... n i noe wads th reason . cos i now aday nv go tag ppl liaos . :D nvm . dun care heh heh heh =="'

err .. lazy to change th fonts*

Last Tuesday
ohh goshh . its lyk so long liao . i forgt every ting tht had happend .
onli rmb i had CCA on tht day . ==" its tues

Last Wednesday

totally forgt liaos !

Last Thursday

Last Friday
ermms .. ya forgt every ting and only rmb i had cca only ..
wakakakkas .. tht friday was o'rites .

ahahhaas .. finally dere's a day when i rmb smth liaos .. :D
went to sarsi's hse to do th sungei buloh project hahas . aiyoos .. i am totally sry lor . cos i every tym go out wif ppl i will be late de ! seriously ! SORRiies ! x[
rmb-d went fot rebornin tht day and thts th reason why i was late for tht project .

ohh ~ damn tht lady who did my hair lorhs ! wahhs , cb . omfg de !
she make until my ear twice and th 2nd tym , i nearly cry .
cos ... th comb's spiky tingy goes inside th ear's hole den she comb down .
wOoTs !!! yeaps ~ sibei song ! ==' ! den my ear whole ting fold down .
hmms ... can imagine how pain it is ???? some more tht hole behind is alrdy rotten liaos lor ..
well . its rotten cos my ears is alleged to those fake earings . which means , wads tht ?? metal or steel or wadever la .
den ltr otw to sarsi's hse , i touch touch , ohh .. nice one !! its bleeding again !!!

ohh ohh !!! th tym now is 11.11pm ! :D wakakakas !! ohh , its so random :DD
den i go myself to search for sarsi's hse cos shushu and weihui and shooting dere le ..
haiis . so lonely . who ask me wan to be late ..
den i go search lor . den called her .. she tell me how to walk ...
walk walk walk . den found her block she updere shout to me . dunno wad she shout . camel ? ohh , wadever. i forgt le ..
fifth floor . den i from down stair shout up , her name ! den she nv reply .
wanted to ask her got lift mah de .. den she nv hear me den aiya . nvm lor . i climb up .

go up ... i tell her ei shouted . she say nv hear me lehh .. err ... den she tell me gt lift .. wahhs .
nvm ... den start to do ..

go search for horror movie to watch lor . blahblahblahs ..
go home ?

went to amoy street or dunno how to spell la .. eat breakfast . sian diao . go so far to eat den in th end become eat dinner cos ym father eat de tht que sibei de long and slow lor ... den drive past th lao pa sha !!! yeah yeah yeah !!! i finally noe wher it is and how it look like liao . seriously i nv go b4 . i tink ?

every tym i tell ppl , ltr i kick u let u fly till lao pa sha den u noe ar .. but totally dunno wher isit wakakakas .. lame shit -.='''

wen to jurong lyk as usual lor .. saw jia hong ! weee !!! babe . he's getting cuter and cuter each tym i see him lor ! hahas !!! dadadada-ing and clapping clapping ! ^^


went for cca . +smth i dun wanna say+


go to do th project again but tis tym only me sarsi and wenhui . den ltr shuwei came .
went downstairs and saw tis bad kitty catty ! she go bit sarsi until gt one scar ?
den ltr bck home cos i 2 pm lyk tht or wad tym ? i leave lor .. cos gg to meet sm one else afterward .

went go home . itchy hand go on lappy .. mum bought th mac fold over and mac spicy .
and of cos i chose th fold over la ! 1st come 1st serve .
cos ... i tht tym eat th mac spicy until i nearly cry lor ... hahahas !! so kor had th mc spicy bahhx.
cos she go for check up . den ... she told me smth , but i noe its nt jus lyk tht so easy lor .
ltr aunt lily called . den i hear her toking , telling her smth ... haiis !!!!!!!!!! shall nt continue !
den faster gt prepared .. go out . meet yin jie at lot1 long john cos i ask her go eat 1st . ps i was late! ;'(

den after tht meet her liao . we go vivo .
took mrt . actually tis tingy me and vernon planned to go tgt de . as in lyk .
me , kor , yin jie and him la . but in th end . only me and her go watch nia .
kor say wad . boring la tht show . den vernon nt gg cos ying jie say wan take mrt den ..
they two blahblhablahblah .. idk la ..
so he nv go oso ...
reach dere abt 4plus ? den we tuu de lor . tot dun have liao .. as in lyk tot no more space liao .
but actually still gt de . so walk around .
den went bck to th cinema dere , bought pop corn sit dere tok , slack .
for 2 hours if i nt wrong . rofls ! we is pro de lor !
after tht saw vernon's cher , den they two tok tok . she say she watching "Departures" and say wad its nice ? so we go buy th ticket for 9.20pm de show . lols . yeaps . quite late de ...
den we go walk around again . went to noshinoya to hv our dinner . eat eat eat ...
keli called ? say her elearning cnt login den sounds lyk she's veri scared .. blahblhablahs .

eat finsh we go up . see see ... veri nice la at nite up dere .. th sea and every ting lor . no wind . ke xi lor .

den went bck to th cinema . go watch th "Departures" wakakakkas ! i watch liao laugh until i cry ... but its only th front part tht i laugh until cry ... 3.5/5 i wld rate tht show . lazy type th story la ...

den ltr . we watch finish is alrdy 11.40 or 11.50 le bahh? den wanted to tke mrt de . but den close liaos . wapiang ..
den go take taxi lor . didnt go home . went to her hse to stay . actually wanted to ask my dad come fetch but .. troublesome la . so nvm . go dere slp lor .
reached dere abt 12.50 lyk dere . den bath-d . 1.30 lyk tht slp .
and sarsi , tis is th reason hahas , why i nv itchy hand to on lappy :D!!!
hugged her red carpet to slp . hahahs !! nice to hugg lor ! but i always torture them :DD !!!


woke up at abt 11 ? den balhablhablhabls ...
abt 2 we left th hse . went to lot1 . she wan to return and borrow books .
den i saw one . so borrow lor .
she borrowed two .. hahas ... wadever .
den ltr she go cut her fringe . cos i keep ask her go cut .
den in th end . she say lyk ah toot . hmms ...
nvm lor . lyk tht we twins liao ! ah toots in action ! wakakakkas ..

didnt go take pic . cos she nt gd mood liao bahhs ? cos of her hair tingy ..

den go eat at th food court dere ..
blahblhablha ... walk around . dere boring ya .
den go int dere walk again ..
went home . reached home abt ... hmms .. idk ? 5 ?
den i go on lappy liaos .. now i seldom use com le .. hahas .. and idk why .. .

Tomorrow .
idk wads gg to happen


ohh ya , && i am so going to watch "The Unborn" omfg , its lyk so cool la !
i wan watch u wan watch ..
lucky its nt nc16 or smth ! its jus pg . yesh ! :DD
watched th trailer ytd . wahhhs ... veri de nice :D even by jus watching th trailer i shout-d la .
can imagine when i nxt tym in dere watching th whole movie .. wakakakas !

and th .. ermms . ya . "Coming Soon" veri nice oso . watched th trailer ytd oso le ..
veri nice . but too bad lorhs ! its nc16 ! bleahs !!! x[
th alicia ah ,, they all can come shoot me liao lor .. come show off liaos lor ..
cos they can watch .. but nvm .. i watch in internet . hahahs ! :D
but tis oso good lor . means i still young . they old ppl liao la . hahas !! :DD


ohh , and and ! get back my result last week thursday or friday le ..
and i have to say tht , it sucks sucks sucks lor !
see , i failed my eng ! i hate u la ! 1.2 marks only nv help push . wakakakas :X
hmms .. ppl got improve , den me lehh? "deprove deprove" lyk siao luhh . hahas :D
see , thts how lousy my eng is . and i can get a D7 for it . uper duper pro hor ?!
but lyk as usual , i gt nth more den 80 . ahahahas :DD

this year de !!!

and this is last yr de . see how much i "deproved"

hmms ... o'rites , currently , th tym now is 2.09am . so , i gg off le bahhs .
and buaiis :DD ! so good nite and sweet dreams . wakakakas . i always say tht sentence to sm one lor . and non-stop de . xD

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here's a quiz that was from Hanna .

1.Besides your lips, where is your favourite spot to get kissed ?
Cheecks .

2.How do you feel when you woke up this morning ?
I still wan to sleep .

3.Who was the last person who you took photo with ?
Sarsi ? but its candid .

4.Would you consider to be spoiled ?
ermms .. no ?

5.Would you ever donate blood ?
mayb bahh ? but so far i haven .

6.Have you have a good friend of an opposite sex?

Good good good friend , nope .

7.Do you want someone dead ?
Currently no .

8.What does your last text msg say?
Telling keli th test on home econ .

9.What are you thinking of right now ?
To ans for tis question .

10.Did you wish someone was with you right now ?
hmms ... i now wan to be alone ar .. cos sleepy le .

11. When did you go to sleep last night ?
dun rmb le .

12 .Where did you bought your t-shirt that you are wearing now ?
hahas .. idk ar .. veri long le .

13.Is someone in your mind right now ?

yes , many many people .

14. Who last the last person who texted you ?

15. People tagged to do this quiz ?

10. Zaliha

16. Who is 2 having a relationship with ?
err .. i tink now dun hv ??

17 . Is 3 female or male ?

18. If 7 and 10 gets together will it be a good thing ?
hahas , mayb ?? jkjk la !

19.What is number 1 study about?
how i noe arr ..

20.Is number 4 single ?
ermms .. nt sure ..

21.Say something about number 5.
She s a female , 14 after bday . pretty . friend , classmate , in class 2-8 , ex 1-8 . rofls ..

22.What do you think about number 3 and 6 together ?
nonono . they cnt . 3 is mine okays ?! joking :D

23. Describe no.9 .

24.What will you do if number 6 & 7 fight ?
dun fight la pls !!!

25. Do you like number 8 ?
i HATE her , de OPPOSITE ! hehes ! :D

Saturday, March 7, 2009


after cca , went to play wif sarsi jalal shooting and wen hui outside th hall . play for awhile th badminton , den shu wei came up den i saw her hand holding th watermelon .
den i see i wan liao . rofls .
so i ask her acc me go buy .
go up to outside th hall again . den shu wei and shioky say they wan go home liao
so they two go off ...
ask them wan eat mah so share wif them . all dun wan . only th jalal come take himself when i haven even ask him ==" lols ?

den watch tv show wif jalal's phone wif shooting .

after tht tok damn lots of craps and playing lyk crazys ...
so LAUGHs !!!!

6.30pm , th dunno who chase us away ask us go home go home !
so walk out of th sch to th bus stop .
veri fast th bus come , so ya . gt up .
dun dare to laugh loud liaos ... so force ourselves nt to laugh out ... loud ~
but in th end stil tok and laugh ...
keep saying wad power ranger .. kao . damn funny de ..
den go li siao jalal , make his hair =="
sarsi didn't gt down th bus cos she ltr den gt down .. err .. `rubbish , of cos ltr den gt down ..
den go to lot1 wif wenhui cos she wan buy smth ?
shooting go home arhhs ..
go home le .


afternoon abt 3 , go shiok dere wif sarsi shu wei and shooting to do th ting for lit .
do until 10pm plus go home ...
den laughs and tok lots craps again lyk usual .
had long john wif them at abt 5 or 6??? idk ..
super duper uper long nv eat long john le lor .
eat until veri full .. arhhs !
den go bck do th lit ..
tis tym we more concentrate on doing le .
so finished it .. 1st tym in one day finish one so called "project"

suddenly i veri quiet jus now cos stomache ..
hmms ... yeaps . indeed veri pain ... thts y i veri quiet .
after tht .. continue to gt crazy again ...

den th sarsi go carry us ... hahas ..
aiseyy veri fun ... but scary when do bend down down ... kao .. scary
so i was lyk ... screaming .. den she cnt stand .
lols . cos i was screaming and laughing beside her ears ..
sorrys ar ..
hahas ..

shooting go home at around 8plus be4 9 ?
den we continue ...
den 10plus we three go home ..
took 300 wif sarsi but she 2nd stop go down le ..
so i alone in th bus ... sad larh . hahas !!!

reached home ... blahblahblah ..

yesterday forgt to bring bck home econ txt den monday have test ..
so ... jus go look through shiok's book ..
but actually , nv even read at all ..
hmms ... so nvm ar ... dun care le . since ppl say its test ur common sense de ..
so dun study lor ?? monday go sch den look through th book ..

hmms ... nth else to post i tink ?
buaiis ~ ^^

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cheer We Did For Camp Fire 2-8 !!!
Credits to NASIRAH ~

Repeat after me!
Do what I do!
Say what I say!
Every morning day and night,
2-8 warriors out to fight,
All united act as one,
We will win the cheer this time….
“We will win the cheer. We will win the cheer. We will win the cheer.”(whisper)
one more time
one last time


As we go on we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever


“SMART!” (the ting ting ting thingy)
“CUTE!” (ting)
“HUAT AR!!!”


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

okayys . jus came bck from camp tis morning ...
1pm jiu go slp le ... tired . so slp until 7plus ...
den on msn see see who gt on ... den sian .. gt ppl on9 but no one to chat wif . so go out ..

2-4th March o'9

went to camp on 2nd march ...
din play much activities la ... quite sian de actually , tis camp .
1st day only play one general station , den did some camp prep , den keep on raining , go for th safety wad wad . forgt liaos . den at nite hv th Night Trust Walk ...
blind fold ourselves wif our shirt ...
take out liaox .. walau eyes pain lyk wad ... too bright le .

2nd day

keep raining again .
play th abseiling ... okayys ... veri scary , but fun oso ..
half way on th wall , screaming lyk hell , cos my leg cnt touch th wall
so , i was so called "Dancing in the air"
shouted shut up to some one on th ground when coming down .
den th instructeor tot i scold her ==" blahblahblahs !
so do camp prep ...
after lunch , go play th kayaking and sea rafting ...
fun la !
ohh _|_ gt out of th water . i was lyk totally shivering all th way until we go bath .
more cold cos its raining ...
totally hate th cold !!! shivering lyk hell . 1st tym shiver for lyk so long lor !
after bath , did camp prep again for th last tym .
den they say need to do crazy tings for th last "we will win th cheer"
arghh ... i cnt do it infront of so many ppl , seriously !
jeremy and jalal pull up their pants den tuck in till lyk . damn high !
jalal is lyk ... ohhh ! i cnt describe . but , uper duper funny de la !
so keep laughings .

lastly , had our camp fire !
see other classes "perform" . den our class , lyk usual , last !
sians .. 2-8 every tym . every ting oso is last de lor . kns cnt let us be infront mehs. nvmmm X.x

3rd day

today , last day ar ... clean th boys toilet for area cleaning .
omfg , i cnt imagine lor !
how th guys use th toilet de ... veri dirty ..
hv "chocolate" somemore . yucks can !

den before we leave . did a last regent 2-8 cheer la !
keep huat-ing ! hahahahas !!! :D

okayys ... some cheer is lyk weird weird de . their , plane cheer , wahahahahs !
wad "om pa pa aya aya om pa pa oh"
den th jalal go say "om pa ma " or wadever de . dunno how he do so many tht kind of face lor.

plus , THE TOILET SUCKS can !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i nv bath lyk tis before in other camp lor !!! 1st tym ar ...

tmr hv to go study le . sianx . nv gv break .