Saturday, February 28, 2009

sungei buloh ~ went to feed th insect our blood ya , but thx to Rasyidah . lend us her insect repellent .
so , took lots of photo , but i lazy to post up here .
on th way dere , in th bus . sit wif wen hui . was lyk laughing and toking damn loud cos of th jalal .
he sit behind us ar .. den keep lyk disturb den lyk tht ...
super funny la him .
den shu wei , on th other side oso idk wad she laughing abt . but oso veri loud .
so , th boys infront of us keep ask us tiam tiam .. but ps lor . cnt control la .
th trip wasn't fun . but can say its okok only . kinda boring luhh .
2plus , reached sch , den eat eat eat , den go for cca . forgt wad happend le .
go home ???

Tuesday Again
had maths common test , omfg . it sucks can !
super duper uper difficult de .
i do until wan cry ... cos i dunno how to do . k dun care .
den make lots of sound effect when doing it cos i was lyk really wan to die liao . dunno how to do . wen hui heard my sound effects . oopths~
go home , didn't study for th science class test which mrs sim mention to us tht dere will be one on thurs . cos i was too tired ? forgt liaox .

get bck my maths result . oh my my ~!!
fail by jus one mark ... so tht was before th 1st lesson . totally no mood after noe-ing my result .
so , my face was lyk .. err ...
1st period . had science . but no class test . idk why . but lucky . cos i nv study .
she bluff us la . say only gv our side de ppl wad chocolate . in th end on friday gv whole class .
lols .
den ltr maths lesson , had th fire drill . so we all go to th feild la ...
no maths lesson , which means , no nid go through and see th paper .
so , my mood is bck ... wen hui tio caught for th ear piercing up dere ... by mrs tay , den she ask her to take out ... den she pull pull pull , it wont come out . so .. nv take out .
i was lyk .. wow . heng ar .. nv tio caught .
and and and !!! th feild de fake land is so dirty de la . th dunno wads tht , black black tingy !
aRrgH . cnt stand it . but at least better than if its th mud ... muddy muddy . yucks !

3rd last period" Art-
go form one super duper high and big de tingy by connecting almost th whole class' small stick man .
it was th heigh of nasirah i tink .
cos she was th one holding it . wahahhax . cool lorhhs ..
go let cher mark my stick man .
got 31/50 arrhhs... nel la him gv so less .. hahax ..

Last 2 periods " Eng , CCT
cct , once again , th greg took over cos mdm soh dunno go do wad la .. hate her la !!! CCT tym dunno run to wher .
so both lesson having eng which tht ang mo .
oh man i hate him lyk wad can !
so both lessons having test for eng . , do compo .
so my topic was "Frightening Incident" so write craps . hope wont fail luhh .

go home -
studied for science from 8or9 to 10.30 oni jiu go slp liaox.
mayb to some ppl its lyk so short . but to me . its veri long .
cos i nv normally nv study de ..


1st period , science -
had class test .
hmms .. it was ... idk how to say ???
okok la ... hope i can pass la ! better pass hor . if nt waste my tym study study .

chinese lesson-
th candy was late again . ans so , ya
she eat up our recess tym oso . den ppl were lyk nt happy la den keep argue wif her
say its her fault to be late why mus eat up our recess ? den blahblahblah
i did manage to finish th paper , but , i jus scrible it and any how do for th last few questions .
totally nv study for it cos hv nth to study ...

Last two periods " Maths -
go through th maths paper .. cheers !!! i swear on wednesdat tht i definately will dig out 1 mark for maths th nxt day which is thursday ,
and yeah !!! i did it man !! gt one more mark! and dere , i pass th maths ..
25/50 omfg . tis score sucks can ` but i still happy , at least better den if i fail bahh !
and i dunno wad happen to me lor . why tis yr i become lyk tis ??! i nv study de ...
den test keep only get jus pass de marks .. wakao .
cnt lyk tis liao chanel !!! mus jia jous le !!! tis yr streaming liao !!
i forgt if i gt go out after sch or nt liaox ...


1st period " PSE-
th topic was aiya .. forget liao la ... den dunno wad cher say den was lyk laughings ~ =="

2nd period " eng-
had a surprize test from him ... i hate him !!!
i hate him more and more le . cos of some reason .
shall nt say wad happen la .

3rd period " PE -
weeeee . dun nid run le ^^ so had 2 stations trail test
th incline pull up and standing bor jump .
did badly for both ! hahax .. nvm ... anw nt th real test . real one i will do my best de .
cnt fail if nt ltr veri troublesome de .

Last 2 periods " Science -
went to bio lad 2 to do some sort of experiments ...
den ltr th mrs go gv th m&m choco . =="

After School -
went back to class to have a "RE-quize"
lols .. ok la ..
much more easier den th 1st quise ..
fun lor !!! shall nt say wad happen .

after tht had cca .. shall not continue wif th cca part le .



went out wif shu wei .
go cause way , den lot1 , bought th new mc furry to try.
omgosh . its so sweet . friends ,
if euu dun lyk veri sweet de hua . den dun try . seriously `
den took 307 to cck sport complex .
omg . it rains ! arghh .. so chiong bck la ! hahax
fun lorhs !! we were both running in th rain shouting . xD
after tht go lot1 she say wan go see if hv her comic not .
so went back to lot1 again . =="
boring , no wher to go le . raining some more .so go home .
oh my oh my my , th rain totally ruined my hair !
so lyk siao zha bor ~


okayys .. monday will go camp le !!!
kinda excited but tinking of th packing part ..
i dun wan liaox .. i was lyk totally LAZY to pack lorhhs !
can any one help me to pack mahh ??? please la !!! i wan cry le la .
ask my mother she dun wan help me . sians !
i hate packing !!! i hate i hate ~~!!!!!

so went bck to th one which i went on pri5 . CCAC .
Changi Coast Adventure Camp`
hope will fun fun fun hor !
dun sian sian sian pls ! ((:

den in th morning have to take bus .
if my father bring me dere jiu hao le ..
but he wont . cos he wont so early wake up de .
so , i will be gg wif wen hui lyk usual ...
any one have car and dun mind bringing one more person de ??? can bring me oso ??
hahas .. joke jokes .


den still need to bring th "MY PORT FOLIO" file for th MR GREG !!!!
wakao ... pls lor !! he noe wad is we gg camp mah ???!!!

till here le !

Monday, February 23, 2009

okayys .. burned my tongue ytd ... cos of th stupid mr bean lor ... my mother go buy th drink den its hot de ... cos i touch lyk only warm warm so i suck it up ... suck veri hard some more .. den my whole mouth is lyk ... ermms ... its killing me luhh ... den i jus pui every ting out ... so till tis morning my tongue still lyk pain ... lyk gt needle poking my tongue ... ohh .. my ke lian de taste bud ... pray hard hard tht i still can taste ting ...

removed th ear ring liao ytd ... its super duper tight de lor ... uper duper difficult to take out ... i pull untill lyk wad liao still cnt open . in th end ask my mother help . POWER ar ... she pulll veri veri hard den can open but den lucky nt pain le ... but still gt blood... idk why ... actually wanted to put another ring de ... but too loose le .. tis one veri thick so put bck ... but change th stud to a rubbber or isiz plastic de ...


actually was gg to meet alicia jus now de ... but so go do "ting" liaox . den i oso tht tym den dismis so in th end , nv meet her ... ps ar .

tmr will be th ... maths CA ... 1st period . which means . no p.e for us ... cheers ~ !!! cos we dun need to run ... hmmms ... maths ... sian liaox lorhh ! ... idk how to do ... th mdm soh la ... teach teach teach so fast .. dunno wad she toking abt ... sure fail de lor ... mus pray damn hard tht tmr de paper will be veri veri easy !!!!! T.T den ltr tmr after recess we , 2-8 and 2-6 will be gg to th sungei buloh ... untill ... idk .. mrs sim say wad ar .. until 3 or 3 will reach sch i oso dunno ... -.=''' go dere feed insect la ~ !!! but at least can skip CCA for awhile ... and we dun need wear tie liao . cos no assembly for us ... but i tink they say tmr de assembly is th brieffin for th camp on march ... OMFG ... its nxt week .. walan .. so fast ... i haven hv mentally prepare yet .. lolls ?? =="

so jus gt a news from nasirah ... good news ! tmr no science test ... ermms .. its postpone to wednesday ... anyway .. idk if its th CA or jus normal class test ... ==" arhhs . blur la ! so many test here and dere ...

den today morning ... took bus wif wen hui to sch ... den my EYE !!! my RIGHT EYE !!! fcking ugly de ... wahhhs ='[ ... single eye lid ... idk why lor ... sm tyms will lyk tot ... den one eye BIG BIG and one eye SMALL SMALL ... lyk wad lor ... "left eye ahh left eye , i tell u ar ... one more tym u lyk tis i slap u hard hard hor !" makes me dun dare to look at ppl lor ... but thx god ! i ltr den when , my left eye de double eye lid come bck liaox ... yea yea .. come bck to mama !!! ==" so on th way to sch ... was lyk toking to wen hui lor ... hmms . chatting abt tings la ... den tok tok and laugh laughs ... and ya ... nxt tym tok to th green group people , mus rmb to take out phone and stand-by th cam/video ... cos ltr if anyone got do any funny tings/face .. can immediately take down ...


okayys ... i have to say some ting abt th lift outside my hse ... omg omg ... now every tym i take tht lift hor ... i will lyk veri scare tio stuck inside lor ... every tym when reach my floor liao hor ... it jus wont open .. and i dunno why ... gt open but veri long .. lyk wan to open den cnt open ... den lyk "bong bong bong" can any one go fix it mahh ?!! if nt ltr i really tio stuck inside nxt tym sure dun dare to take lift liao lor ...

den tis morning when i gg out to take tht lift .. got one fatt fat cat .. VERI BIG . i repeat ~ VERI BIG ... and plus , veri fierce !!! black cat , den some more its lyk ... staring at me lor ... den i jus show him/her my fist den gv a lj face ... ==" ; as if it will scare of me " den i faster run bck th hse den call my mother go see ... go dere . th cat STILL staring at me . "pls lor . wads wrong man ?" den ltr my neighbour open his/her door , den th cat run away liaox ... lame shit ... eye so big for wad ??? dig it out arhhs `

eyes are closing~

Sunday, February 22, 2009


ok its .. 12:21am now .. kk late le and i m tired oso liao . so it will be a short and quick post ..

k , so 1st , wish jacklyn a happy happy happy birthday k !!! ((:

jus now went to watch "Look For A Star" wif my "ex"-wifey LOLs .. jkjk ... th movie started at hmms ... 9.3opm den we meet at 6 cos we going to eat our dinner ... so eat eat eat ... had th "MacSpicy" omfg .. its lyk so damn hot ~ as in spicy !!!! until i nearly cry lor ... den she go do medicure den kill tym luhh ... so th show ended at 11:30pm ... so go home ... den reached home at abt .. 12am le ... den i tot tio stuck in lift lor ... lyk dun wan dun wan to open lyk tht ... den reach liao immediately go bath le lor .. cos its lyk cold ~ th hot water is lyk shiok lor ... kk .. gg off to watch tv le .. buaiix ..

Friday, February 20, 2009


today hv health check den need to bring specs so ya .. brought mine .. den ltr realise tht me , wen hui , and jalal 's spec is totally th same de .. jus tht th colout nt same ... red , black , blue .. hahax ... cool sia .. all same .. so funny lor den lyk laugh laughs =="

den hv p.e oso today .. i ran on tuesday le . so ya , i dun need to run , but i go run again today for th 2.4trail .. hahax ... so bai chi hor .. ppl run alrdy den will lyk "heng ar dun need run liaox' den i still go run again .. ahahax .. den run again wif shu wei and wen hui .. they tues oso run le but oso run again . so run wif shu wei... walao . she ran veri fast .. keep on wan to catch up wif her den she run veri fast hahax .. no tym to rest . but we only run 4 rounds.. hahax .. yeahh ,.. we cheat .. any way we oso dun nid run de .. actaully we wanted to run for all 7rounds de.. but den really cannot liaox .. hmms .. really have to train for my running le ... cos my running totally sucks lyk hell man ... !!! tht tym on tuesday i run until wan die ar . dizzy man ...

after sch hd CCA ... den sian ... do warm up den after dunno dance how many tyms ... den go rest le . go buy th wad dunno wad drink la ... hmms .. honestly .. nt tht nice ... no offence ar .. after after tht th badminton ppl come .. so play wif them outside th hall .. lols ... tok lots of rubbish den laughs non-stop .. den th jalal go do those funny funny tings lor . den we go take video of him . k shall nt post up here ... dun wan embarrass him .. i so good hor . LOLs .. den ltr take 307 home wif keli , sarsi , jalal ,wenhui , shiokhuey and shuwei . wahh.. list so many name .. den ltr come home den jiu blahblahblahs ...

dunno wad tym i will slp tonite lehh .. hahax .. ytd damn early jiu sleep le . guess wad tym ? i 7pm jiu sleep liao ytd .. ahahahx ... so early .. hmms .. den heard tht our march sec2 camp is at changi den ppl say its th one tht i pri5 go before le tht one ...hmms ... actaully tht campsite nt tht fun one la .. jus tht go wif new friends den mayb will be more fun lor ??? hope so !

so till here le .. tcs ! ((:

Sunday, February 15, 2009



thx for those present up dere !!! BIG pooh pooh is from my WIFEY !!!! cos i once told my friends tht if gt ppl gv me big big bear i sure marry tht person de . so yeahs .. i kept my promise ... and she accepted me !!! wahahhaha !!! woohoo !!! ^^ th cup oso from her de . actually tht one is for x'mas . but nvm la . and th BREAD BREAD is from VERNON ~ !!! thx man !!! i will gv u urs on ur birthday too de . its a promise k ! ((: hahhax .. and his wrapping paper is th COOLEST i gv ever seen !!! and i mean it .. nt tht i suaning him ... its news paper !!! nv seen before ... LOVE IT MAN !!! next tym i will use news paper to wrap too ... COOL lehh .. hehes . den saw JIA HONG baobei ... wahhh .. he is jus so cute .. noe how to sit .. den he "tok" so cute lor !!! not in a good mood see him liao mood oso will come bck de ... CUTIE PIE !!! ((:


kk ... morning i shall not say wad happen la .. but jus veri veri not happy lor ... and veri sorry to those ppl who got lyk come chat wif me or wadever de . cos i tink i got gv attitude ... sryy hor !!! i not purposely de ... srryy again ...

ok so till here la ... buaiis ~!! ^^

Saturday, February 14, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SHU WEI !!!!! and happy valentine's day !!!

tq friends !!! for gving me my birthday presents . although my birthday is tmr la but stil thx . luv it k !!! ((:


dear dear men , u all r my best valentine !!! wahahahah !!!

so jus now went to shiok dere at abt 12plus .. den so sry aR ... cos i late again ... den after go up her hse ... den veri touch ... th bake for me and shu wei th cake ... but i tink its lyk not a sucess one ar .. cos its lyk wow .. veri veri soft . but nvm ... hv heart to make jiu hao le . ((: and ya .. thx for th BIRTHDAY SONG they sing for me ans shu wei !!! ^^


den after tht we at dere play game de laugh and tok damn loud de lor . ps ar .. if gt disturb until her brother ... hahax .. den wen hui still laughing at th video we took yesterday during CCA ... okayys .. i shall nt say or put up here th video la . cos too embarrass liaox .. bu hao yi si put up ... den we all lyk laughing oso lor . many mnay funny tings la .

den after tht we play cards .. den we play th wad ar .. th poker card .. we play 21 dian .. dunno la infront we all play bet small small de . lols . super duper small !!!! 10cent !!! wahahhahaha!!!! den after tht den play bigger la .

den after tht ask my mother help take pics . den she keep huh huhh huh ?? how u wan me to take ?? den i jus . aiya nvm la . den i take myslef lor ... currently chatting wif friens ... den oso argue-ing wif "some one" hahax ..

so tmr is my actual birthday !!! actually i dun care liao .. cos i alrdy celebrated wif my friens le ... but if still gt ppl wan celebrate for me . i is ok de la ! hahax ... and i dun tink tmr my father side de ppl rmb my birthday lor . except my family de and alicia and vernonn ..


yesterday hv CCA . ya so until 5.30 lyk usual .. but its lyk 4 hours ... den we jus keep on toking and laughing .. and ya . all becos of tht video .. director phua !!! ahaaha .. wen hui tok it ... den i was th so called actor ... but i mo fang xue ting de .. den she take cos i say i wan see how it looks lyk ... den after take liao jiu keep on replay replay .. OMFG .. den keep on laughing non stop ... till today watch liao still laughs ...

and lucky ar !!! we dun nid to run for th 2.4 ... its th biy run . but i nt sure if its for th 2.4 la .. girls de is nxt week .. haiix ..

den yesterday veri early slp . idk why leh .. lyk veri tired ... 9plus jiu slp le .. i tink i today oso will veri early slp bahhx ..? <--- referin to 14/02 .

so ya . till here .. and TMR IS MY BIRTHDAY LE !!!! ((:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

today went to buy shuwei's bday present lor ... den dunno whether gt celebrate wif her anot lehh ... ltr ppl nt free to go .. haiix .. if nt free den jiu nvm bahhx .. cos i sunday oso nt free cos evenin hv to go to jurong le. . ahahahx !!! hope there de ppl will gv me present lor . but i tink got 99.999% is they wont gv me de ... cos i tink they dun even noe tht when is my birthday lor ... den forget it . i dun care liaox ...

oh ya .. back to went to buy present for shu wei ... den we go to th wad action city i tink ... to see see la .. den dere gt damn much rubbish and li siao ppl de ting lor ... so go in .. den look look here touch touch dere de ... den i saw a "magic candy" damn fcuk man ! i go open den kena eletric shock . cb .. pain la ... den its lyk really tio shock lor .. den i jus shout KNN dere .. den lyk vibrate till my shoulder ... den after tht shiok huey oso go press cos i ask her try den she try la .. idk how much eletric shoch she gt . mayb more ??? or mayb she no feeling liao .. cos shiok huey mahh ... sry .. i nt making fun of her name or wad hor! seriously i nt ... jus saying nia ...

den in th end went bck to buy th ps . idk how to spell but is at th gift a name ... den blahblahblah la ... den i tink i saw one friend from pri sch de ... aiya .. dun care la ... den after tht go take bus home wif sally .. cos we both taking bus 300 de ... so ya ... reached home . den blahblahblah ...

kk . its lyk so sian de lor . ppl say we tmr for pe have to run th 2.4 trail . wahh !!! sian la ... so jus pray hard tht tmr will rain den we jiu dun need run le ~~!!! den some more have CCA ... haiix .. 4 hours seyy ! how to survive ?! aiyaas.. actually i go dere oso tok tok nia de.. LOLs .. but still sian lor ... tmr hv to rmb to bring ear piece for incase .. hahax .. can listen to song btr den nth to do dere ... tu tu staring at them ... x]

so till here for today .. buaiis ! ((:


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


okayys .. .thts my stupid comic strip for lit .. so after tht hav art ... den make th dunno wad la .. use wire to make de ... den after tht hav english . tht ang mo again .. ==''


thts it !!! cool rite ??? make of mine , shuwei , wenhui , xueting , nasirah and keli de ... den we were lyk playin playing dere .. den after tht i tink tink ... walao .. lyk damn childish sia .. sec2 ppl still play lyk tht ... kk nvm ... we still small .. so took th pics during CCT period but den mdm soh nv come so tht ang mo take over la ... knn ... go take my phone away cos i use my phone to take those pic .. loller ! nvm la .. anw its only for one period den he return me liaox .. cos its th last period ... still come tok rubbish to me "i wan to cr8 a learning environment thats good for all" good his lan ...

ytd phone drop damn hard on th floor ... wOw .. den i go slid open th phone den its lyk gt colour but i press nth den press off oso nth happen .. wahahhax .. tot will spoil or wad ... but lucky no ..

((: count down to my birthday every one !!! 4more days to go !!! YEAH !!! ((:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sch day lyk usual ... hv P.E and CCA on th same day jus lyk fri ... but at least friday is btr cos its th boys turn to run ... which means ... today its our turn ... ya ... ran 5 rounds .. today fastest lor ... 15 min finsih liao ... if nt normally veri long den run finish de ... den veri tired la now ... although i was lyk jus slacking during CCA ... cos i nv perform for SYF .. thts why ,.. so i jus sit dere tok tok and do home work after th warm up while those who r performin go practice ... den we were lyk .. laughing and toking .. den ltr th cher ask us "here is kopitiam huh ?!" den we jus ... tiam tiam for awhile den after afew second we continue ...

today de running is TIRED de lor ... cos idk why we today run faster ... normally will take abt 18 min den now 15 ... den after tht go bck class ... chinese lesson .. ermm ... shall nt say wad happen ... den thanks to ernest ... step my shoe th whole thing come out ... but nvm la ... anw i buy new de liao cos actaully alrdy jus spoil liao de ... o.O ya chinese class ... th cher keep ask us to copy copy for bi ji ... wa piang ... den copy until idk why ... feel veri dizzy suddenly ... Eerrr ...

so now tired lor .. wan to slp ... but hv to go do home work 1st ... but nt sure whether have home work to do mahh ... tis few days nv study ... infact weeks .? sianns ... lyk no mood to study ..

haiix .. kk . gtg . ((:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

heeellllooos !!! ((:

bck to post le . hmms ... so start wif ytd ...


ytd hav CCA ... hmms ... is lyk slacking but kinda tired thou ... den half way i wei tong ... and i hv no idea why ... i gt eat oso lor ... why will weii ting lor ... ?! den its lyk so damn pain ... so i jus slp ... while the rest - th "gang' idk wad they tokin abt ??? .then they jus continue tokin .. so i go one side rest ... den sms alicia .. tell her blahblahblah ... shall not type out our conversation la ... den after go home lor . oso no mood liao cos really veri pain . but den after i reach home not jiu not pain liao le ... heng ehhh !!! den after tht idk why .. i lyk veri tired or wad ? i 8plus jiu slp liao le ... hehes ... so early !!!


tis paragraph below ... veri veri angry ,,, actuallly i gt type alot more de ...den idk why become lyk tis ..

ok ... jus now went in th morning but i tink its afternoon le cos 12plus ... meet th gang except pin yi ... idk y she nv go ... den we meet at cck mrt 1st den after tht meet th others at gombak ... and ... ermms .. ps lehh .. cos i was late ... den we go to queensway shopping center ... actually its quite near de ... as in nt tht far as i tot ... den we go dere walk walk here walk walk dere ... den we go dunno how many "circle' lolls .. den we buy th fbt luhh .. .den after tht look look here look look dere ... den we go eat th laksa dere ... den after tht we go sit dere they go buy th bubble tea den sit dere tok tok decide wher to go nxt ... cos dere nth to walk le ... actually gt say wan go jurong point de den in th end nv go i oso dunno why la ... hahax .. kk .. nvm ... den we go lot1 see gt movie watch mahh cos we wannted to watch horror movie de ... if hv jiu hao le ... but dun hv .. den jiu sian liao lor .. den lot1 to us can say is th most boring de shoppin cneter liao lor ... den go walk here walk dere den after tht go kfc .. den they go eat lor ... den we at dere is lyk ... omfg... damn ps de ... cos we lyk WAD lor ... laugh veri loud .. den we jus continue toking and laughin den i tink gt many ppl looking at us lor ... den when we walk out rite ... den i realise tht its lyk so ps de lor ... lolls ... but den its lyk now when i recall if wad we said jus now its still veri funny de ...

den now lehh ... i jus posting and chatting den after posting here ... i still have to post for another blog ... hahax ... so now hv to tink of wad to rite for another blog .. or mayb shld i copy and paste tis post dere ??? ahahax ... no la .. jk jk ... -.='''

kk .. so till here for today .. ((:

ohh ... yaya .. wait !!! and my BIRTHDAY is coming le !!! yeahhh !!!!!!!!!! 15 FEBRUARY !!! 8 MORE DAYS TO GO !!!!! YEAH !!!! any present for me ppl ?! lolls .. no la .. jk jk .. :P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

kk ... finalyy i cum bck to post liaox .. ((:

many many many tings happened so i shall nt type all those tings tht happen in th past few weeks /days .

went to pierce my ear jus now wif wen hui and shu wei ... we 1st went to lot1 de Bluez see see 1st den after tht we went to th .. ermm ... west mall dere .. den wakao . waste damn lot tym dere lor ... den we in th end go bck to lot1 de Bluez pierce ... shu wei 1st den me den wen hui .. OMFG ... pain .. i scare ltr when th healing period will more pain sia ... we pierce th soft bone dere so yupx ... its 1st tym i pierce dere so ... to me is pain la ... ahahax .. i tok rubbish ... cfm will pain de la ... den blahblahblah lor ...

nxt ting to worry is TMR ... cnt let th "tay" and "sally sng" see our ears lor ... if nt idk wad to do liaox ... -.=''' if they ask us take out den jiu "hahahahhahahha" le ...

den we go library to slack cos west mall nth to do oso den we lyk small children veri childish go play wif th baby books which have furry furry ting stickin out ... den we lyk veri sua ku lyk tht go touch touch =p

den when i was piercin rite ... i lyk so damn scare sia. .. shu wei say i was lyk shakin ... hahax ... den when th person piak down is lyk ... aRRR mummYYY !!!! i nt sure how to say th feelin .. so ... ya ... if wan to noe th pain den go try pierce lor ...

haiiz ... sian lor ... sec2 liaox ... no mood to study any more ... why become lyk tht sia??!!! den during lesson is lyk boring .. den jus now art lesson i nearly fall asleeep when th cher is toking ... den th behind part of th lesson is lyk ... laughin laughin lyk tht ...

kk ... hav to stand th pain .. if nt my mother will come suan me liaox ... ...

so till here for today ... ((: buaiis .