Friday, June 26, 2009

i won't force u to trust me , &don't nid it anymre

come bck post le . recently erm, no tym to post bahhs , plus lazyy lazy hohos xP
den tuesday meet wif wenhui and shuwei . went to queenstown dere acc find th tingy again .. ex de sia . but anw th piercer nt dere so jiu blahblahblah lorhhs . after tht lehhs , makan makan lahhs .
went to bugis . acc shuwei to .... , omfg larhhs , den me and wenhui at th side see th hen gao wei lor .. see liao oso feel th pain for her .. after tht go pasir ris , den realise tht she bleed so much lor . hen scary de hao mah ?! so worry for her . den jiu went bck bugis to find th piercer ask if its ok de . LALALAs ..walk around den shuwei went home . den we continue , didn't bought money so jiu see and touch but cnt buy luhhs . went home .

wednesday lehhs , went to sentosa wif pengyous , meet 9 at int . den actually wan go 1st but raining lehhs . haiis . jiu wait for shuwei cos go se doc . nv wait finish , half way 10plus jiu went off le .. lalalas . reached den playplayplay .
raining so so in water and come out is freaking cold de . shivering la ! hhohos!!
realised i nv tke dao pic wif wenhui hor . hahas .. nvm la .. ermms .. den when they go bath me and pinyi go buy smth lor , hen chi ji sia , tot they veri quick jiu come out liaos , den lucky nv saw us .. went to vivo , actually wanna eat . den acc pinyi go bck den went to lot to eat dinner ... LALALs . went home :D

went to lot bought smth den jiu went to pinyi hse wif ss . den go buy food da bao to her hse . den makan makan ! hohos . den hor , hen hao xiao lor , cos mdm soh ask me call her , so jiu miss call her . den she call bck asking who am i ??!? LOLs . den i was lyk huh , ask me call u dunno me ? jiu play wif her lor . i reply :" 猜猜我是谁" den we all were lyk laughing la . den blahblahblah , tok to much to me over sea, homework wadever de . lols . den jiu wait for wenhui to come . reached le . den ltr shout to her happy birthday , super sorry , we forgt to sing happy birthday song .. den gv her th presents . went down to pool den lalalas .
after tht 5plus chiong home change den rush out again to meet wenhiu and shuwei . go lot awhile , den went to bugis cos wanna buy tings ? shopshop . den went to dere de kfc eat dinner or supper , den laughing and chitchating so loud lorhs , funny de la . 1030 lyk tht , wanted to play our "game" wif th kfc ppl but in th end failed . jiu go take mrt le lor . hen sian la in th train . den after tht , jiu start our jokes liao , again , wif wenhui laughing and joking lyk mad , somemore we wearing earpiece , so even louder . hen hao xiao jiu shi le .. ps didn't tok much to shuwei .
den sw's father go cck fetch her lor . den i go take bus myself lehhs , so lonely de la . hahas .. reached home , quarrel lor . so irritating la . go out oso cannot , now is holiday ok , say i every day go out , den say wad morning go out nite come home den still use com till midnight blahblahblah hua yi i gt bf or wadever de , den tink i do wadever bad tings . pls la , wad can i do ? go sell drugs meh , or wad ? say i cnt go out anymore ? heh heh , lyk i care lor . i go out buy de those tings is use i work de money hor , oso nv take from u say so much .. ==' dun even trust me , now i dun care le wadever u guys wan to tink and say jiu say lor , i wont be explaining le , even i say le u oso dun believe me , dun trust me , den i oso dun wan waste my tym toking to ur le lor ... den chitchat wif friends la . den jiu go orhorh ..

Today [dash]
saw a bitch lor , den ltr she go complain to her frien ??? lame shit la . =='
go home lor .
thts it .

end here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my own title ,

ermms , idk why i am on9-ing now , suddenly jus feel lyk to on th com ...
i uper love tis holiday can ? pls dun end hao bu hao ? still hv lots of things i haven do D:

ytd i nv use dao com lor , i bet my lovely lappy miss me damn much rites?! hohohos .. cnt use cos wasn't at home and went to ahma hse and stay over , super sudden decide de , and veri last min . dunno why , suddenly feel lyk staying over nite dere, since so long nv stay le , jiu go . anw can pei ah gong ah ma mahhs , veri xiao sun de xP met aliciaaaaaa! and went to bukit batok dere to swim , had "aliiciiaaa's swimming lesson" pro lai de wors , hahahah!

&&! i have to say this !!!! I FCKING HATE MY FRINGE NOW !!!! omgomgomg! i dun dare go out see ppl lols! regret let tht aunty cut for me T.T mummy , i wan bck my fringe!!!! D: haiis , anw , ya , jian dou jian le , nth i can do liaos , use pray hard hard it faster grow bck! wei , fringe ar , tell u , gv u max two weeks to grow hor! if dun grow bck , idk wad i will do to u le .. =='

den swim le jiu go west mall , actually want go dere pierce de wher de mah , den dun hv leh , say th yellow de look lykk , errm , nt expert den jiu dun wan . lols . but yea , true :D .. den went to ah ma hse le ... haiis , den sun burn-d !!! omg!!!! D: den kena laughed by her , say i monkey's butt . in th end her's is worst , see la , luagh at ppl de xia chang .. den jiahong hen cute sia!!!!!!!!!!!!! hen cute!! xia gu so funny luhh , go put two ballball inside ah hong's shirt den become his bigbig neh neh . den he ultra funny hao mah ?! he so squeeze th both of them sia!!! den everyone was lyk laughing at him la . so ke ai!
haiis! freaking miss my old fringe de la! D:
well, enjoy my jiao bin ==' && , alicia , pls thx me for nt posting ur jiao bins :D

den hor den hor , ah gong and ah ma hen cute de sia! da qing ma qiao de ^^ lolols . den was lyk laughing lor , cos ah ma was high5-ing wif jiahong , den he ignore her , ah gong jiu join in wan go high5 ah ma den after tht blahblahblah , so cute lor them . haha! den cough cough , was lyk sms wif some one la , actually , if tht person so happen to view dao my post , actually i was really angry wif u ytd de , ke shi wad i say was really true de hao ma ? nv bomb dao u at all .. o'rites , den jiu let it past bahh , will forgt abt it de .

monrning wake up at abt ? 9 ? i nt sure . den 10plus go eat breakfast wif them and alicia . wahsey , i eat dao wan vomit la , den force myself to swollow down th roti panta . den reach home le , faster tell pengyou change tym cos lai bu ji to meet them , den bath bath pack pack jiu chiong out le . go int den LALALAs! me and wenhui saw haozhi lor , hohoho! damn funny sia , cos of some weirdweird plus hao xiao reason .. dun seems to rmb us den blahblahblahs de .. LOLS! keep on jking and laughing lyk usual . den met pinyi and xuetin go to , ermmermm ? they say cnt go far de , haiis , jiu anyhow choose , west mall again ... went up to find starhub but lyk dun hv le wan see can see dao sanbipok mah de . hohohos , so bad gv him tht nick ! den ltr py xt go home le . AGAIN! LEFT WE TWO ! LOLS!!! den ask her go pierce th earlob wif me , go in den piang! lalalas , bu tong de lehh , anw wont be telling mother de , shall let her find out her self Xd ..
went to queenstown nxt , go dere find smth . den after tht lalalas , go bck cck , den go find tings for th swimmin tingy for wenhui den lyk playin luhh , do funny tings again .lols , go eat dinner . kfc , and lyk usual at dere chitchat for damn long . den call ppl to plan for our , ermms . dunno ?

den veri sry la , ky and pk say wan go watch drag me to hell on wed de . but i cnt make it luhh , psps la . i wan watch de sia , really leh but nt free :O hahahas . anw go watch tis kind of movie wif me oso no gd la , ltr movie end will find urself wif many many injuries cos of me :D mayb watching wif alicia ? or mayb pinyi ? dunno dunno .. haiis , holiday bu yao end bu shi hao lor ?!
hao la , i lazy post more le , till here jiu hao , might come bck edit .

-2.50am :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

奇慧says , she hates you


slept at abt 3:30 last nite bahhs , den set alarm and force myself to wake up at 9.
meetup wif wenhui , two of us again .. nvm, alrdy use to it le jus th two ,
went to see swimmin de tings bah? hen hao xiao luhh , th cher say mus one piece de . rofls , but who cares?! i'm going to wear two piece instead :D !
den after tht jiu go for work , till 7. hand sibei de suan can?!
hohohos! den saw sanbipor AGAIN! wahahas , damn funny de sia , i oso dunno why , jiu shi find it hen hao xiao , den laughlaughs! hen qiao luhh , keep on see dao him .
saw ytd tht guy again , uper scary de la him . act cool de sia , come disturb ppl==' den alone jiu tiamtiam de ... veri suay la , gg home de tym jiu rain , ass mans! MY EYE ! den go jiu wash , orites , its wenhui's "lucky" day i bet .. shorts kena soap ..den, go home le lor .

okays , i have to admit now tht i love holidays! HOLIDAYS , muackx muackx ! I LOVE YOU , DUN EVER END CAN?! D:
&& i have many ting haven do yet lor i wan go here go dere !
2) Watch Movie (haven watch any during june leh!)
3) Earn more money!
4) WildWildWet [but dun feel tht lyk gg le , cos no money liaos]
5) Vivo at night.
6) Pierce! [tomorrow:D!]
7) Explorer !
8) 黑一点 :P
9) To know my ans*
10) Do this do that !
11) Go here go dere !
thts all i can tink of now ..
ohhohh , and i haven touch dao my homework yet lehhs . hohohos!
actually planned to stay at home th whole of nxt week to do my homework de , but i know imposible de la.. hahas ..

and horhhs , my fringe is getting long le sia ! veri long le lehhs ! i'm so going to cut tmr le ... but nv gg to cut bangs again le , cos i look lyk an idiot wif tht ! denden , gg to swim wif aaaliiciiaaaa! and zoweeE .hohohos!

daddy still at yishun now ?!?!?! walao ehhh !!! veri angry lor! >:[
and i veri curious about something sia ! WHEN IS TH REAL FATHERS' DAY ?!
some ppl say its last week , some ppl say its today some ppl say its tmr . wahh , so MANY father;s day hor?! hnmmms ,, ..

den freaking sian de la now ! haiis ........................................................................
wo ke yi zuo she me lehhs ? LALALAs!
end here le bahhs .

再见! :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

th reason behind

today can't go cca for some reason ...
... morning wake up dunno wad tym la , on com , den ltr help to do blogskin AGAIN . hohohos , i wonder why i so good hor . rofls .. jking la , LOLs .. den after tht jiu faster rush out liaos ..
called ppl for tht , den all no .
den blahblahblahs .. si bei xia suay and funny luhh , something tht happened jus now , den laugh lyk mad . jiu nth le luhh ..
den homesweethome! :D



stayed at home th whole day :D hohohos , slp slp wake up , use com , wan to slp again but , haiis , sui bu zao mah , den dunno i do wad?
my eye still bigbig staring at th screen now lehhs , nth to do , jiu find ppl chat , ke shi nth to chat . den sms ppl . i cnt feel th vibration jiu late reply . LolS .. xD

nite :D!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

omg , its hard !

went out for some reason again .. no luck today .
go westmall 1st , den super qiao de la , saw tht guy again . Rofls!
gg to step into th starhub shop liaos den lift up our head , its him! den both of us burst into laughter la! den th girl beside him gong gong dunno wad happen den stare at us laughing .
haiis , stupid sia , all no no no . no shit la no ! uper funny sia those ppl de reaction . lalalas . dunno wads so weird abt it lor .. hmmms .. nvm , anw its nt th 1st tym liao , so alrdy use to it le bah ?
den jiu go cause way , SAME! D: tmd , my leg is suan de lor . waste so much tym in th end nth . go jurong point nxt and , SAME AGAIN ! D:< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 102, 0);">NO no NO ! =='
pek chek liaos , den jiu go home lor ..
come home le , as usual la , do th same tings :D LOLs .!
den go search again in internet .. haiiis! ma fan de sia! D:

-11:48pm ! :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


today de hand and leg damn suan de la! LOls .
rofls , standard de , always we two , met wenhui den went to bpp for some reason.
hahas , LALALA!
thts all :D lols .


Monday, June 15, 2009

job wanted !

went to imm wif py and wh .
acc her go take her shoe dere , den walk around . go mac .
go lot acc her take smth frm dere . den go library tok tok . go home !
den asked to change classblog skin ? yea, ps i drag until now den change , den jiu changed ..
wed go wher hao leh ? i no money go www le sia D: sad rites ? haiis . den go play badminton scare ltr sian.. how lehhs ? or i shld jus stay at home ?? blahblahblahs ..

wan an :D !
- 11:47pm

Sunday, June 14, 2009

quiz from hanna :D

did tis quiz ytd but nv post :O! LaLAlas!

So from now on, your going to be asked unique questions, you ready?
; LOLs ? yea .
When's the last time you said you were fine, but really weren't?
; ermms , dunno leh ?
Do you consider yourself lucky?
; NO?!
Relationship between you and the last person you texted?
; chaoahlian(her) & nerdyass(me)/ hahaha!
Why did you last cry?
; hmms , idk leh .
Could you cry right now?
; i tink cannot la , my eyes now too dry liaos .
Do you ever think about stuff and start crying?
; hahas ,yea , smtyms bah ?

Do you believe in karma?
; ?{dash] ?

Are you okay with the life you live?
; hai hao bahh ..
Last person you told a secret to?
; errr ...? mus tink tink tink .. i forgt le ... :D
How many true friends do you have?
; hmms , many ?!?!

Can you walk into a room full of strangers and maintain your confidence?
; dunno leh ..
Do small children like you?
; i nt small kids how i noe they lyk me mahh ..

Do you give up easily?
; depends on wad it is ..
Where do you go when you want to be alone?
If you could go back one month and change something, would you?
; yea ofcos , but one month nt enuff !!!!!!! i need manymany months .
Are you a jealous person?
; yea , who wont jealous de , unless i xian la.

Would you ever consider adoption?
; LOLs ?
Do you like Redbull?
; ermm , forgt th taste liaos ?
Think back 5 months ago, were you single?
; yea .
Is it easy to make you smile?
; ermm see my mood how luhh ..

Do you have a bad habit?
; yeaps .
Where do you wish you were?
; Somewhere tht i wan to be .
Would you date someone taller than you?
; hahas , dun shorter can liao . but i'm SOSOSO short alrd rofls!.
Did anything annoy you today?
; ofcos
When is your birthday?
; 15 february ! wan gv me present ?!?!
What are you looking forward to in the next 2 weeks?
; ermermmm ..

Do you think you could last in a relationship for 6 months.
; yea ?
What time did you wake up this morning, why?
; 9plus or10plus ? cos need go out .
Have you ever been kissed on the neck?
; mayb when i was a baby .
If you were kicked out of your house, where would you go first?
; hahahas , call friend/cousin ? lols , ltr ppl oso dun welcome me go .

Does it bother you when people get drunk?
; idk leh . see is who bah ?
Is there anyone that will text you and you smile instantly?
; yea , sometyms . even laugh .

Ever given your all to someone who walked away?
; no?
Are you mad at someone right now?
; no bah .
How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
; hahhas , idk leh . sometyms only bah ?
Full blood or half brother?
; huh?
Think anyone is missing you right now?
; mayb my ah pa luhh ? hahas .
Will tomorrow be a good day?

; idkidkidk
Do you like hugs and kisses?
; see frm who ?
What's on your bed?
; manymany tings :DD !
Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
; my pooh :D
; my pooh
Is there one person in your life that can always make you happy?
; Always ? i tink No .
Do you have a friend you can tell stuff to and you're sure they won't tell?
; Yea , i trust my friend de leh :]
Can you sleep without blankets covering you?
; can , but nt when weather is cold .
Is there someone you don't ever want to be out of your life?
; lols , mayb ?
Know how to cook?
; hai hao la .. i noe how to cook maggie mee ! :D

Do you prefer beaches or forests?
; Beaches
Who knows a secret or two about you?
; LOLs , he her him she you & you .
Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?
; hahahs , how i noe .
Do you believe that things last forever?
; no.?

Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex?
; yea ?

Tagged 5 of your friends , they must do this ,
Happy 18th Birthday to Lester tan !

Saturday, June 13, 2009

if raindrops were money

Happy 18th birthday in advance to Lestertzh !
ok , i noe i ain't a good sis all th while . cos of many many reasons .
well , our gan qing ain't as good as when we were lyk in primary sch .
but still wanna wish him a happy happy birthday tmr 14.06.09 ! :D
ps , actually i this morning den rmb tht tmr is his bday luhh :P

had dance , meet pxw for lunch .
gosh , forgt to bring my dance tights , den called home ask mummy help me bring go lot , at 1st dun wan de luhh den in th end , muahaha , hai bu shi help me take, ok thx ! den walk around th pasamalam idk how to spell ?! but didnt buy anything cos bo money luhh . nv bring =='! den jiu go sch for dance . den xu lao shi veri slack oso luhh , heng ar .. :B
go home bahh ..

1230 meet pengyous at int , go walk walk dere , wh bought bags ? den after tht acc her home to put th bag , den go to bugis meet xs . den they lyk sian sian de luhh , anw , i noe they dun feel lyk gg de . but we lyk askd them go go go lyk tht , den they jiu go . go dere , shop shop , buy tings luhh . 5plus xs go home . den me and wenhui continue . LALALAs! leg suan . den 8plus ? mrt-d . she batok go off le . den jiu solo , cck , go lot help mother and bro da bao food lor , wahsey , i so good la . den hand all take their food can le lor ! heavy la . thts y i HATE to help ppl da bao food de lor ! 9plus reach home ? go out again to sunshine dere de kopitiam help them buy desert , wad th?! hahaha! ==' den myself leh , come home eat bread , rofls ?!?!?!

i few days back den noe tht actually i got homework to do de sia , den i haven start yet :D th dunno wad chinese thingy lai de . blahblahblahs . anw idk how to do ? elearning , oso haven start :O btw , wo yao find work leiix .. but oso left 2weeks nia . haiis ..

till here le bah . buaiis ! :D
wan an !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

give a smile&forget everything


actually was meeting pinyi and wenhui to go jurong de , den pinyi suddenly say cannot go .
in th end acc wenhui go lot de library , den after that went to causeway cos no wher to go .
den went to jurong point to walk walk .
mrt-d to cck den bus-d home !

i guess thts all ?


y am i still thinking about it , its been so long le D:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forgive & Forget

had dance in th morning from 9-12 . den continued wif our new dance , den learn learn learn .
kinda blur de . idk how to do th back roll sia , die le die le .. den do until th shoulder hen pain oso no use .. how lehh ? ok nvm , den we gt our new dance tee le lehh ! haahs. den they pay us bck $8 cos it actually only cost $10 .
left old , right new

ok they say th size was XS same as th previous one , but its much bigger than tht lehh , wahh ..

after dance went to subway and hv lunch wif wenhuixuetingandpinyi . ok la , wtf mans ! everytym oso tio choked by th bread's za . hell , lyk a fool ! so ps de lor !
den tgt wif pinyi acc wenhui go jurong de dunno wher to buy , th ermm dunno wad ting ? den buy drink , yucks la , bu hao he de !!! den took bus to west mall , played a "game" hahhas ! freaking fun la ! den go arcade lalala ! nv play anyting dere , den jiu pei pinyi go take train . continued wif wenhui our "game" . total went to 16shops to "play" lor . den if wan to plus up wif those passer-by de hua , den is really dunno how to count le lor ! den alicia sms-d jio me go eat durian ?! hahhahas . den ask me wan go her dere stay mah , den i ask her come instead den so shock she said yes lor . den jiu ok luhh . wenhui acc me to wait cos need wait her to off work .. den went to arcade deere sit . wonder why we can go in wif our sch skirt hor .. lols .
met her , den lalalas , went to bpp to eat dinner . den after tht jiu go her dere liaos , thx for th treat . den she say wan wait for her mother come home . den jiu wait wait wait . ZzZzz rofls .
traind to cck den bus-d home .
morning wake up but still hen tired la .. wahh! lols.
den alicia say wan bake cookie , orhh ok ..
so was doing tht luhh ?
den she go meet her bf in th evening liaos . bb ,

ermms , idk ? morning , ermmmm ... ?
den use lappy bahhx ? den evening go to jurong , celebrate ahgong's bday .
den blow wind blow ! my hair become lyk siao za bo ! rofls .
went to jurong int dere de restaurant . lalala , pics pics !
den makan !?
jiu homesweethome !!

morning zhao zhao wake up , den jiu meet pengyous .
den go escape la !
1st go to th arcade , den go in to escape
play play play quite fun de bah . den shout and scream lyk (..!?!?) den throat pain pain pain luh!
play th pirate ship 1st and 2nd tym play until cry lor ! den slowly jiu ok le ..
after th afternoon go kfc eat .
den rest rest go in again .
went to th huanted hse ! omgosh , _|_
at 1st tot he was nice , asshole , u sucks can ?! dun ever wan to see u guys again liao la . too much to say ! *&$#@!@#* !#$%&*#@!
den play other tings la. make until clothes hen wet ! D:
1st tot we cant reach out goal de . which is , play 10 tyms of pirate ship !
cos we play 5tyms jiu go out le , den sh only play 2tyms nia lor , sibei wasted la , den she jiu take pic take pic luhh ..
6lyk tht go out ? den me and wenhui go back for some freaking reason which made us regret gg bck . play 5or6 more tyms which in total for me is 11tyms of pirate ship and 12 for her .
den 10plus , reached home , hell , feel so dizzy !!! lyk gg to vomit or can say feel lyk dying lyk tht . rofls !
den cnt tahan le jiu zzz liaos . of cos gt bath 1st la !

orites , th day i will nv forgt ok ! i wont say wad happen , and dun ask me waad happen .
tis day sucks ! go gao bai to smone & get rejected oso nt so embarrass hao mah ?!

morning get wenhui's msg , say wan to meet , so meet up wif her .
den went to many places ?
meet lot go in awhile jiu go out le , went to bpp , araacde . den go buy drinks .
no wher to go and dunno wan go wher , jiu sui bian lor , walk-d to th sheng shong inside .
den after tht went out , cross th road went inside th pet shop ! OMG OMG OMG OMG !
th puppies super duper plus ultra cute can ?!?!?! i wan one oso !!!!!! buy for me buy for me !
at dere kan those doggy lor , den one bulldog over dere , hen ke lian la , name is "yu yuan" : fishball rofls ! den i said th bull dog mouth look lyk someone . ok i noe i veri bad ! so soryy , ! but i slap-d my own mouth for saying tht le ..
after tht went up to ten mile lrt station , den took one round in dere "sun tanning" den reach bpp station , train to cck . changed to mrt .
den dunno wher to go again jiu by luck lor , see which side de train come 1st jiu go wher . den train-d to jurong , changed and went to queenstown ,
den we became "explorer kids" den tio stuck in th dunno wher th hell is tht place la , damn funny sey ! den asked a girl to help us . get out liaos , den anyhow go dere take bus , choose one guy , see he take which bus jiu follow .
den go up th bus , reach a so called "shopping center" tmd , lyk shit la shopping center ! go in awhile jiu come out le , den we say dun wan take bus , jiu walkd back to th int . lols , freaking hot can ! den train-d to "some place" spent abt 2 to 3 hours dere , den go eat . hen angry lor ! waste our precious tym ! angry until no word can describ luhh .
den jiu finally home le .
10plus reach home bah ? ZzZzz ?

k , today stayed at home th whole day , slp , use lappy , eat , ? i guess thts wad i hv been doing today . kinda bored , but at last i can rest liaos . den tmr how leh ? i dun wan stay at home le .
hen sian de sia !

till here ,
wan an ! :D
-11.41pm !

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Tagged by Jonathan(:
1) Besides lips, where is your favourite spot to get kiss ?
2) How do you feel when you woke up this morning ?
My head , omfg , its damn pain ..
3) Who was the last person you took with ?
took wad ?
4) Would you consider yourself to be spoiled ?
Nope .
5) Would you donate blood ?
ermm , mayb bah ?
6) Have you ever had a best friend who is the opposite sex ?
7) Do you want someone dead ?
hmms, currently . no
8) What does the last message says ?
can chat ?
9) What are you thinking right now ?
how to ans tis question .
10) Do you wish someone with you right now ?
yea , why nt ?
11) What time you went to bed last night ?
12plus .
12) Where did you buy the t-shirt that you're wearing right now ?
o.O ? idk lehh ..
13) is someone in your mind ?
mayb ? yes ,
14) Who was the last person you text ?
one sheep
1. Weilin
2. Pinyi
3. Fiona
4. Keryang
5. Debbie
6. Ernest
7. Glendon
8. Hazlami
9. Hanna
10. anyone who want to do (:
16) Who is 2 having relationship with ?
ahaha , 椅子人, rofls ps !
17) Is 3 male or female ?
18) if 7 & 6 get together, would it be a good thing ?
hahha , idk , mayb ? lol
19) what is 1 studying about ?
Sec one ? what study wad ?
20) when was the last you had chat with 5 ?
lols , i didnt really chat wif her b4 .
21) is 4 single ?
I tink so .
22) say something about 2 ?
Pinyi ! :D
23) what do you think of 3 & 6 being together ?
lols , ermm , idk ?
24) what will you do if 9 & 7 fight ?
i tink they dunno each other bah .
25) do you like 3 ?
like as friend :D

ok , am lazy to go tag again , see ur name here jiu do , dun wan do den nvm :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ok , so last night ZzzZzz at abt 2 ? den sms ppl jiu go slp le .
den 9 my alarm rang , wake up see sms , bo reply ?
went back too slp cos veri tired , den 10 lyk tht , wake up cos of hp vibration .
den reply reply sms ...
ermm , prepare .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
go out walk to int den saw shuwei . rofls , walk dere all th way look at her den she nv saw me lookin . hahas ! veri funny lor , i lyk a baichi or can i say a biantai , keep stare at her yet she dunno . rofl !
den meet wenhui pinyi xueting at int . bus-d to IMM .
walk around , den after tht go food court eat . den buy desert , makan makan .
den laughs and chat ! hen hao xiao lor ...
actually wanted to look for swimsuit de . den end up shopping for cloths and so on de . lols
hen sian la imm , so went to bugis wif pinyi shiwei wenhui.
walk shop walk shop.
den went to arcade dere ..

hen cute lor tis one , stupid pian qian de la ! only grab dao th ass den drop liaos . tmd .

after tht go in , play th basketball . muahahas , my b ball is "PRO" de lor !
Photobucket 1st try , "nice" score ! :D
Photobucket 2nd try , at least its better bahh.
Photobucket yeaps , ppl says : practice makes perfect . thts my high score ! 45 ! :DD rofls . hen "pro" dui bu dui ?! for a 1st tym play de ppl lyk me its nt bad le la hor . hahas!

den after tht jiu walk for awhile more . den go take train le . damn sqeezy de . ORANGE ~ SQEEZE ! diaos ==' ! den gt one auntie ying ying wan sqeeze in lor , wth , cnt see no space le meh ??? lolols , wadever . den jiu ... ermm go jurong int dere de so called pasamalam walk walk . den train-d bck to cck . ask wh and sw acc me go lot buy food for my mother lor . den i buy food for her i bo lui liaos . hahas ! jkjk . den jiu take bus hui jia .

sians , tmr got dance sia , guess wad ? i forgotten all th dance steps le . omg , wish me goodluck hor !


okays , dunno wher Lestertzh 又跑去那里鬼混 liaos , 到现在还不回家 ... !!! rofls rofls . ass , so random !

ps , nxt tym den i come bck edit highlight words . lazy now ! :]

till here , 再见 :D !
Yesterday [2june]
okays , so ytd , i stayed at home th WHOLE day lor !
can imagine how boring i am mah ?!?!?!
den whole day jus eat slp play lappy , stare screen , listen song , stare wall , slp , play lappy , stare screen , eat , play lappy , stare screen , slp . yea , smth lyk tht la =='
den 3.30am went off to slp cos cnt slp mah ...
, morning wake up den ahh choo-ing non stop cos of th air con .
see , i noe i cnt slp aircon de , lao mao bing lai de ... but ytd bo bian too hot le .
den father every day oso on , wan ying you me to slp aircon de la . so bad hor ?!
ok , but i dun care , i am so going to slp aircon again le . really cnt tahan la k !
den last nite found out weilin mei was a half nocturnal worx rofl rofls den jiu chat wif her , anw oso no ppl chat wif me le , all on9 de nth to chat wif them de .

Today [3june]
12plus wake up , reply sms .
stayed at home and zou bo again ...
sians lor . den alicia ask me go eat dinner wif her . wahseyy , tot she will be wearing lyk OL de lor , den zun bei hao wan laugh at her le , woops . hahas ! den in th end , she wear lyk normal gg out de lor . hahas .. went to look for lui lian . but we cnt find la . hahas , so funny lor , go find durian . rofls ! den acc her go see th cookies and so on de la . LALALAs !
den jiu homesweethome !
played wif vernon again ! hahhas . yea yea , i cheated butt luhh , at least i help mah dui bu dui ? hahahhahas ! den chitchat blahblahablhas .~
help-d mehmehyang change his blog skin. omg , i realise tht wo de ren hen hao hor ?!
rofls , jking if nt ltr ppl wan say me huo lian pi liaos .
okays , so whoever tht spammer is , u're such a *&^%$#@! hahahs . ok wadever ~
i bet he veri angry .
den after tht , actually wan to help change 6E's blogskin de , but ps la . i tht tym nv save th link mahhs .. sorryy luhh ! den jiu go help nasirah post for her dead blog . so long nv post lor her ..
den i be kpo go help ~ hahahas !
den after tht jiu , zoooOmm ,~ come here post for my own blog le .
okayys . i tink thts all le . byes .

-12.40am :D

Monday, June 1, 2009

ok , 2nd post of the day ,
Quiz from Hanna .

Real Name: Chanel Tan
Nickname: camel , she niao , "jun de" , siandiao , channel ...=='
Male Or Female: Female
Primary School: Chua Chu Kang Primary school `♥
Secondary School: Regent Secondary School :D
JC/Poly: mayb its ite . ?
Hair Coulor: black cum brown
Hair Long or Short: Long
Loud Or Quiet: both . depends.
Swear or Jeans : errr ...
Phone Or Camera: Phone .
HealthFreak: wad . no ?
Piercing : 3 nia .
Been In Airplane: In my dreams huh .?
Been in R/S: wadwad ?
Been In Car Accident: once , if its counted .
Been in A Fist Fight: pillow fight jiu have .
First Piercing: K1 ? K2 ?
First BestFriend: hmms , i guess its cheryl , but no contact liaos .
First Award: ermm ... ...
First Crush : mayb was tht red teletabie ?
First Vacation: Singapore ! :DD
Last Person I Talk: Mother
Last Person I Text: Vernon
Last Person(S) You Watch Movie With: tht 5 person. .
Last Food You Ate: Rice .
Last Movie You Watch: Yes man
Last Song Listen To: dunno , ppl blog's song .
Last Thing You Bought:Peach ice blended bubble tea :D
Last Person You Hugged:my winnie th pooh .
Favourite Food:dunno leh
Favourite Drinks: dunno lehh
Favourite Clothing: dunno lehh
Favourite Book: dunno lehh
Song: dunno lehh
Flowers: dunno lehh
Colour: dunno lehh
Movie: dunno lehh
Phrase: dunno lehh..
Subject: dunno lehh
Kissed In Snow: here bo snow leh .
Celebrate Halloween: never celebrate before.
Have You Been Broken: broken wad? lol
When Over A Min In yr CellPhone: ???
SomeOne Question yr sexual orientation: ???
Came Out a Closet: wad ?
Gotten Pregnent: virgin .
Got an Abortion: no .
Done Sumthing You Regret: Yes , too many tings liaos.
Broke A Promise: Yes .
Hide Secrets: of cos .
Pretending to Be happy: yes ... sometimes .
Meet Someone Who Change You: ermm , mayb yes mayb no ?
Pretend To Be Sick: ermmm i tink yes . hahas.!
Left The Country: to ?
Try Smth that you would never do: mayb . mayb not
Cried over a small thing: oh , yess .
Ran A Mile: mile is how long ?
When to A Beach With Best Friend: yes , th son of beach .
Eating: my tongue .
Drinking: saliva .
Im Abt A Ton: ton is how many kg ?
Listening to: my mother's keyboard type so loud mans .
Plans For Tmr: GO OUT GO OUT GO OUT . but , th fact is tht i will rot at home .
Waiting For: durian to drop .
Kids: dunno leh .
Want To Get Married: yeaps, but of cos nt now .
Career In Mind: dunno lehh . sweep floor de . ==' !
Your Lips Or Eyes : Eyes.
Shorter or Taller: i wan get TALLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romantic or Spontaneous: dunno .
Nice Stomach Or Arms: i hv ugly stomach and arms how ? ==
Sensitive or Loud: both , depends .
Hook Up OR R/S : wadwad ? lol
Trouble Maker: hai hao bah ?
Ran From Home: yes , once . hahas .
Broken SomeOne Heart: err .. dunno leh .
Do You Believe in Miracle: mayb bah ?
Believe in Love in First Sight: hmms , yes .?
Are You Happy with Your Life: hai hao la ..
Tagged 10 person to do this:

ok , ppl ps , i lazy go tag ppl to do quiz de . so u see ur name here den jiu go do k .
dun hv ur name oso can do de . dun wan do den oso nvm .

ok , it took me , abt 20mins to do tis quiz bah ? rofls.
-12:00am .
morning :D

ok , currently waiting for vernon to on9 back . dunno why he take SO long hor .
lucky i come out 1st . so came to post while waiting =='

yesterday went to Jurong to so called celebrate jiahong's bday . one yr old le. see , tym really past veri fast de .. one yr jus gone lyk tht .. haiis ...

today morning wake up reply sms 1st .
on lappy awhile . den after tht meet wenhui and shuwei at int .
wahsey , shuwei is pro de lor . go int take cab . nt bad nt bad .. den she say saw me walking .
bo call me in cos she say cnt half way stop . hahas .
den bus-d to wenhui dere ,

ok bck . so actually he was waiting for me rofls . ps .
continue :
meet pinyi and xuetin
den after tht go dere de kopitiam eat lunch . den wait for shiokhuey .
go up her hse . watch-d th unborn . scream/shout abit cos nt th scary .
den after tht watch yes man . den go see her mouse play . long tym nv see him liaos hahas .
hen cute lor .
den after tht jiu go watch yu le bai fen bai .
go lot wif sw . den go up th lvl 5/6 see ..
den go b1 buy drink den find pinyi . den jiu say byebye liaos .
walk-d home wif sw .
den blahblahblahs ~
tmr veri sian la . shld be whole day stay at home bah ? haiis . sians x infinity.
o'rites , till here .

buaiis :D