Tuesday, November 18, 2008


helloos readers/friends hmms ... its been quite for since i post ... th "post" as in writing my "story" ... i noe la .. those previous ones are all QUIZZ ~ so now , finally , i came to post abt my "story" of th day ...

tis morning ... woke up at abt ... ermm ... PS , cnt remember liao x] den i feel lyk ... hmms ... uncomfortable la ... sore throat & headache ... den went to use lappy le ...

AND ya !!! and and and !!! my brother went to camp le ... monday to friday hehes ... FIVE DAYS ouuhh !! ((: haiix ... th hse seems so quiet when he is nt here ... haiix ... LOLs ... seems lyk its more fun when he is here .. but oso ... nt tht good some tyms ... he disturb me , i not happy . when he is not here and no one to disturb ... it feels lyk some ting is missing ... ahahax ... crazzyy ehh ?? ahaha x] !!!

den yin jie jio me go have lunch wif her ... so jus go lor ... went to long john to hv lunch ... but i jus eat th fries la ... although i dun tink i can eat cos got sore throat ... eat liao more die ... but now its seems OK la ... but i hope tmr wont be worst lor ... today we din tok much of rubbish la ... dunno why ... LOLs .. den we go dere walk walk lor ... welll when we were eating rite , i saw one pri sch friend wif his girlfriend ... i was lyk ... wad th helll ???!!! they two together ??!!! walan . i cnt imagine lor ... they two couple ... LOLs ... i totally hate tht girl ... chao ah lian ... but ... nt tht its becos she lyk ah lian den i hate her .. its becos of some other reason ******okayys ... forget abt tis ting now ...

hmms ... heard from nasirah tht those pri6 ppl taking their PSLE result on tis thursday ... wahh seyy ... so fast worx .. one year liaox .. i last year still waiting for result lyk them ... bet they feel scare or wad de bahhx ... ermms ... hope all my juniors get good result luhh ... ((:

so thts all for today le ... bye bi ~ x]

Monday, November 17, 2008

2nd quiz of th day !!!

Asked by HANNA to do tis quizzz ~

1)Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2)At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged.& list down their names
3)People who get tagged need to post 10 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.
4)No tag back !

this is how it goes...
1)act cute : BUT only to those who r really close to me
2)LOVEs to slap ppl's butt . BUT !!!! only to family members&cousins AND im totally nt pervert !!!! I SWEAR IM NOT !
3)ok ... i am ABIT crazzy
4)do funny actions sm tyms but idk y i did it .
5)teach ppl to do crazy tingys
6)i cried for a soft toy cos my bro broke its eye . one eye !!! >='(
7)saliva drip out from my mouth when i sleep * SOME TYM ONLY !!!!!
8)i USEd TO play wif th buttons in th lift
9)keep toking rubbish
10)"tink too much" sm tyms

the lucky 10 people that i choose are (sorry if reapeted)
-anyone luuh x]

1.The person who tagged you is?

2.Your relationship with him/her.

3.Your 5 impressions of her.
-can be crazy sm tyms
-can be quite loud sm tyms
-gt wear spec (LOLS?)

4.The most memorable thing she/he has done for u?
ermmm ... ahahax ... ?

5.The most memorable thing she has said to you?
aiyoos ... idk lehh ...

6.If she becomes ur lover,u will?
LOLs ... NV EVER EVER NV EVER NV ~ wahhahahhax ...

7.If she/he becomes ur lover,she/he will need to improve on..
i dun treat female as LOVER -.='''

8.If she/he become ur enemy,u will..
dun care her . diao her ? aiyoos ... depends la . how i noe .

9.If she/he becomes ur enemy the reason will be..
hmmmms .... idk ...

10.The most desired thing u want to do for him/her is?
huh ?????? wad she wan me to do ?

11.Your overall impression of her/him is?

12.How do u think people around u will feel about u?
extra . friend . nice . kns . irritating . go to hell .

13.The aspects u love about urself is?
ahhh huh huh ??

14.On the contrary,the aspects u hate urself are?
wth ... huh3 ?!

15.The most ideal u want youself to be is?
huh again ~

16.Say something to the person that care and like about u.
I LOVE YOU !!!! muack muacks ~ !!!

17.Pass this quiz to 10 person to know how they feel about u.
no.2-Pin Yi
no.3-Xue Ting
no.4-Soo Min
no.6-Yee Hui

18.Who is no.6 having relationhsip with?[YeeHui]
idk if she hv or not ...

19.Is no.9 a male or female?[myself]

20.If no.7 and no.10 are together,will that be a good thing?[Dacus.Myself]
will love him xinfinity de ~ !!! muack muacks !!!! x]

21.What is no.2 studying about?[pinyi]
huh ? how i noe .

22.What was the last time u chat with no.3 about?[xueting]
asked her if she going for her CCA

23.What kind o music band does no.8 like?[nasirah]
idk .

24.Does no.1 have any siblings?[Alicia]
yupx .

25.Will u woo no.3?[xueting]
huh ??? i not les pls !!! >.<

26.How about no.7?[dacus]
ermmm ... he is alrdy mine ~ wahahahahhax ... LOLs jk jk la ..

27.Is no.4 single?[soomin]
i tink so . but not sure ..

28.What is the surname of.5?[eudice]
isiz koh ? shit i forget le ... x]

29.What is the hobby of no.10?[myself]
sleeping .

30.Does no.5 and no.9 get along well?[eudice,myself]
ahahax ... of cos

31.Where is no.2 studying at?[pinyi]
Regent Sec

32.Talk about something for no.1[alicia]
wad can i say ?

33.HAve u tried developing feelings for no.8?[nasirah]
huhs ?

34.Where does no.9 live?[myself]
my hse lor ...

35.What colour does no.4 like?[soomin]
idk .. sry sry .

36.Are no.1 and 5 best friends?[alicia,eudice]
they dun even noe each other .

37. Does no.1 have pets?[alicia]
nope .

38.is no.7 the sexiest in the world?[Dacus]
yehhhh ~ he is so damn sexy man ! LOLs :B

39.What is no.10 doing now?[myself]
ansing tis question .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged By yeehui & nasirah

1.What Is Your Full Name?
mus i say ? jus say CHANEL

2.Do You Like Your First Name?
as in ? surname or wad ??? i lyk my name .

3.How Long Have You Liked The Person You Like?
no ans

4.Have You Kissed Anyone Before?
of cos . my family

5.Did You Cry Today?
nope .

6.What Are You Doing In The Morning 8Am?
still sleeping ~ LOLs.

7.What Are You Doing An Hour Ago?
using com bahhx ?

8.What Are You Currently Doing?
writing th ans for tis question lorrhh ... -.='''

9.Who Last Texted You A Message?

10.Have You Told Anyone You Love Him,Today?
LOLs ... ya . my "didi" - some one noes who tht "didi" is .. LOLs x infinity ~ !!!

11.Do You Miss Anyone Now?
hmmms ... nope or mayb yes ..

12.Any Plans For Tomorow?
wake up , bath , play , eat , play , sleep ,wake up , play , eat , play , bath , play , sleep , den wake up th nxt day .

13.What Was The Reason Behind The last Time You Cried?
aiyooos ... forget le lehh .. ahahax .

14.Is There Anyone You Wanna Be With Now?
hmms .. no bahhx .

15.Have You kissed With Anyone Whose Name Start With J?
J ar ... nope .

16.Name Someone Who Made You Smile Today.
hmms .. . no one ?

17.Name A Friend That Name Starts With Z.
Zi Hui . ZzzZzzZzzZzz

18.Which Of Your Friend Stay Closes To You?
jacklyn , ker yang , asyraf . so sad . only 3 ppl live near me .

19.Do You Prefer To Call Or To Text?
hmms .. depends la ... both oso can de .

20.Was Yesterday Better Than Today?
hmms ... jus started a new day . how i noe ?!

21.Can You Live A Day Without Your Tv And Your Phone?
hmms ... can ... i stil hv computer and lappy to use wad . LOLs ...

22.Are You Mad About Anything Now?
yes !!!! uper duper mad abt it lorhhs !!!

23.Do You Hate Anyone?
ohh ~ com'on ~ who dun hate anyone ??? LOLs ...

24.Last Person You visited In The Hospital.
sry ... i really cnt rmb liaox le .

25.When Is Your Last And Second Last Hug?
who go rmb tht ? LOLs ... wad if i ask u when is th last and second last tym go to th toilet ?...-.='''

26.What Does Your Last Msg in Your Inbox?

27.How Do You Feel About Your Life Now?

28.Do You Hate Anyone Now?
yes ! any problem ???

29.Last Person You Called.
forget liaox

30.Who Usually Send You The Most Text In A Month?
ohh ... sry . i jus deleted all th msg :B

31.Is Your Room Messy Now?
hmmms ... ya ! LOLs

32.Your Shortest Relationship?

33.Who Do You Look Like?
ahahax .. how i noe . i look lyk myself .

Tag 10 ppl to do this survey
1.any one can do
2.any one wan to do jiu do bahhx ..
3.who can i tagg ?all ppl do le ...
4.who wan do come do ... quick quick
10.er65itkghnmdf5r2 6

Sunday, November 9, 2008

asked by eudice to do tis quizzz

1. Do u have any secrets ?
- of cos yeshh .

2. Would u fall in love wth a guy older dan u ?
- yesh .

3. Do u enjoy going to sck ?
- depends .

4. Wad would u do wth one billion dollars ?
- wahahahhax ... idk lehh .. nv tink of tht ...

5. Would u fall in love wth ur best fren's stead ?
- i hope i wont . if yeshh ... den i will keep it a secret luhh ..

6. If u have to choose between ur best fren n ur bf ?
- >.<>

7. Wad is th thing u desire now ?
- hmmms dunno

8. If th person u secretly like is attached ,, wad would u do ?
- hmmms ... sad bahhx ?? idk idk idk

9. Is there anything tt make u extremly happy ?
- mayb ? or mayb nt .

10. Wad makes u angry ?
- too many to list le :B

11. How would u see urself 10 yrs lata ?
- idk ...

12. Who is currently most important to u ?
- family friends ?

13. Wad is th most important things in life ?
- idk lehhh ...

14. Wad is more important ? Family or Career ?
- Family bahhx ?

15. Wad is ur favourite colour ?
- love most of all colours .

16. Would u give all in a relationship ?
- hmmms ... mayb or mayb nt .. depends luhh ..

17. If u fall in love wth 2 persons simultaneously ,, Who would u choose ?
- th one i love more ? or th one who love me more ? >.<

18. Wad would u do if ur boyfriend two timed u ?
- breakup la !!!

19. Wad u would u tell tat someone u liked ?
- ahahhax ... "**************"

5 ppl i have tagged

haven tagged any one yet ...
any one wan to do den jus do lor ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

_chanel is bck_

heyys all ... i am bck .. hehes .. long tym nv post le cos i lazy .. and since its so long liaox .. i oso forget wad had happen in those few days ... so jus type abt tings tht i can remember luhh ...

hmms ... 1st i hv to say tht i changed handphone liaox its on sunday if i not wrong ... but my feeling is . not happy and happy ... hmms ... so to make it simple ... my feeling is . no feeling ... seriously ! its true okayys ?! hmms ... although its really much better compared to my previous phone ... for those who seen my previous phone will noe ...

actually i dun really lyk how i get my new phone ... and i totally dun expect them to buy a new phone for me de ... totally nv expect ... welll ... and so on la ... blahblahblahs ~ !!!! o.O and for those who i nv send my new number to | as in those friend(s) who dun hv my number can ask from me ...

den i went to watch HSM3 wif friends on monday le ... yeahhhs !!! finally i get to watch liaox le ... hehes ... and yeaps ... its nice de lorhhh .... they say hv HSM4 ... dunno la .. if hv i sure will go watch de .... but hor ... th scene lyk ... hmms ... not touching de lehhh ... nvm la ... okok la ... can say its nice lor .. hehes ...

haiix ... den have CCA oso on tuesday and today ... and its totally so damn tired man !!! i wish tmr i wont have muscle pain !!! pls pls pls !!!! god bless me !!! >.< style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; color: rgb(51, 0, 153);"> 4hours ... haiix ... so sianx la ... really dun feel lyk going lorhhh ... -.='''

den when we reach th bus stop .. th bus jus left ... wtf ... den we wait for veri long lor ... den chat wif friends lor .. and of cos sms ppl .. LOLs ... den bus finally cme liaox ... LOLS .. den blahblahblahx ... ~

and still blahblahblahs ... and till here le ... byebi ~