Saturday, May 30, 2009

O'rites , she gave up , and chose another guy . i bet its becos she waited too long for him to say the three magic words to her and ask that important question ... so whoever clever boy out there , don't ever let a girl wait . Cause every girl's heart is soft , they can easily xin dong . But also , its very difficult for a girl to forget a someone ...

nah , ur bigbig name ,
ernesttan keep ask me postpostpost ! ==' ! ok i post liaos . HAPPY liaos mah ? rofls.

ok , i forgt wad happen liaos .. but i tink i keep on slp slp slp in class ?
den ? got go out mah oso forgt liaos .

sians la last day of sch le . i rather dun wan holiday lor . but oso dun wan study ! :D
cos holiday 100% will rot at home de .
although say wif friends gonna meet and go out . but noe in th end still will lyk seldom go out de lor ...
ermm , take report book
hen bu shuang my result la , i noe , everyting is written on my face .
so lan idk why can take th wad recomendation letter or wadever de .
diaos , i wonder how many nick i have hor , yi xia camel yi xia siandiao ...
btw , i nv draw th playground la . rofls .
went to jurong point after sch wif py and sw .
go eat oso .
den after tht jiu go home .
den on lappy awhile lor .
go prepare for th music concert .
ok la . i am seriously veri sorry de. cos everytym oso late . ps ,da jia ~
den tok pinyi gg to reach lot1 liaos . den she say wan come fetch me hahas . k thx .
so screams at th control station dere wif her lor . hahas !
we are SO twins mans ~! lolols !!!
den went up to food court , saw th boys and limin liaos . ps need them wait to eat . rofls .
den go buy food lor .
makan makan ...
i tink our class gt many ppl go lor .
pinyi limin kelly michelle me shuwei keechong ernest weisin jeremy lewis yuanguang
tink dun hv le ?
den go take mrt . shuwei suddenly say she forgt bring th ticket . den we girls at dere shout .
oops . psps . den she chiong home take . train-d to city hall without her cos her gan die bring her dere .
ok . veri boring in th train la . tiam tiam all th way ==' ~
den go reach dere . LALALAs ..
go in , 1st part listen until nearly fall asleep lor .
den 2nd part go in again . ZzZzZzZz all th way .
den shuwei and pinyi tried to wake me up but cnt . den in th end both shake me den i wake up .
tmd , veri cold lor . den th ting still dun wan end . keep sing sing sing play play play .
10 lyk tht th ting finally end liaos.
den ah kor say he oso gg dere for dunno wad concert . nv saw him anw .
they say wan go eat .
den train-d back to lot go 302 dere , bo space .. den kelly and shuwei tot is th bus int den bus service 302 den laugh at them lor .
go mac . makan makan .. regret to eat sia so late liaos den eat somemore eat till lyk so full mans .. and si milo . go die . its th 3rd tym le lor .
den 300-d wif kelly . in th end left me and tht uncle driver nia . hen scary de lor !!!
long long bus only one person ..
12plus reach home .
1plus go orh orh liaos.

wahh .. sibei de sian . whole day still home zou bo lor .
11 wake up .. den 2plus go slp again . 6 plus wake up .
use lappy la . nth to do . hen sian lor . chitchat-d .
den play play tok tok . play tok play tok ==' diaos .

k till here liaos .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to the start when everything had never begin ...

sch was , as usual bahs . xueting wont be coming to sch till tis friday cos of some reason .
which means no one sitting at her seat . so zoooom , i go sit dere .
today de muscle hen pain lor . cos of ytd's practice i bet .
chat wif pengyous in class , laugh-d at some weird weird ppl .
for example , sticking a "fake mole" and actually gt a black colour mark on th face after removing it . hmmms .. abit .. bc =='
after sch , was so damn LUCKY de can ? step on to some freaking NICE "ting" :DD ?!
taxi-d to lot den makan makan at subway , eat fresh .
idiot sause and F&N grape drinks nong dao my shirt , tmd .
laughed abt stuffs ? .
after tht dunno wher to go . stand at th entrance and STARE ~ den go in again go up and down up and down de .. den decided to go py's hse .
mrt-d deree .
den at dere sit blow wind . feels so good to slp at dere de ... play-d volley ball .
den after tht dunno why suddenly say wan go swim . hahahas . den borrowed all 3 borrowed from py swim suit .
play laugh tok .
den fcking hao xiao de lor . we playing in water den suddenly we all do our camp de cheers

our makan cheer ,
-sha , sha , sha ,
sha sha sha sha . xi sua sua xi sua sua xi sua sua , makan !

our aeroplane cheer ,
-weeu weeu weeu , weeu weeu weeu , weeu weeu weeu ,
oummpapa aeya aeya oummpapa ohh x3.

yea , super diaos de . dunno why we did it oso . hahahas ! damn hao xiao lor ,
four ppl at th pool dere cheering and doing those funny actions !
tried my best to "drown" shuwei , hahahas ... and of cos she oso lor .
did lots of fun and weird tings la . lolols !
den Lalalas ~
i want become more black lor ... gt go sai tai yang lyk dun hv lyk tht de ..
4.45 or when ? till 7.15 ?
basically , its fun !


hen mei rite , pool at nite , i noe cnt see =='



Nites da jia ,
- 11.40pm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


pe , zou bo again .. stand dere see ppl play . no mood play , if nt normally will help to make sound effect by screaming de . but dun wan la . even me myself gt irritated . now i wan to keep quiet liaos ... hahahas ..
den science . go lab . do dunno wad . totally sian diao de .. feels slpy lor . den sry to rasyidah cos she keep go dere measure th ting for me . den shakir , make me so speechless but jus to laugh .. btw , i not bian tai de to see . every one noe lor , so dun say me ..
eng , listen wad train . nearly fall asleep in th aircon room lor. .
music laughed at th asyraf ==' super diaos la he and shakir .
den shout at th jalal cos of some baichi reason . nasirah , not funny hor ... rofls ~
go back class , cnt tahan liaos . slp for almost two periods ? den kena waken by dunno who .
ask us go down take th music concert ticket ==' tmd , scare me lor tot wad happen suddenly call me .
ok la , i dun wan go liaoa . sians , regret tht tym go buy lor. lucky lewis say zihe wan . 'but scare ltr he last min come tell me dun wan liaos .

after sch , cca .
warm up took up so much tym la ..
den laugh until my tears down . force myself nt to laugh out if nt xu sure sing de .
den bie until tears come out lor . if nt sure laugh lyk hell de . cos of "handsome" and some other "faces" and "sentences" .
learned new dance steps . finally he change th type of song le . actually i prefer tis type of song more ... den come home realise tht i niu dao my leg ... ==' den my shoulder la . wapiang do th roll back de . lolols .

den go toilet retie hair and so on de ..
bus-d to int . den go acc wh see someting .
bought drinks . tok tok . den go home le ..

**o'rites , end here le . nite .
-11.01pm :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

boring de lessons . veri sian la in sch .. wan tok oso nth to chat abt ..
blahblahblahs ..
sorry to wenhui cos i nv wait for her .. seriously veri sorry sia , cos normally i will wait de .
den today she late for sch .. haiis . shld hv pei her de ..
after sch acc her go sign th ting .
go makan wif her and pinyi .
den tok tok .
went out , find somewher den chitchat and laughs lyk usual .
den homesweethome .
lalalas .
chat wif pengyous ? den blahblahblahs .
surprised tht pek koon , keryang called lor . tot is ppl plunk call.
chitchat . lalalas .
lastly , Alicia , mus cheer up la , seriously , dun so sad le ... see le oso bu hao shou de ..

Nights :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday .
sch as per normal i guess ?
science , hmms , go science lab i tink . den do th measurement de .
den pe . sians , jus sit dere watch ppl play .
art toktok . chinese red teacher gv us watch xiao hao bu ben .
want to noe th name of th song .. long tym nv listen liaos .
den after sch , two S went for th dunno wads tht concert ? for th syf de .
pinyi go th maths tingy . wh and xt go makan without me :D cos i dun wan to go .
dun wan interupt them .. cos they toking abt smth . den i jus tiam tiam ..
walked to int. den bus-d home .
afternoon meet up wif my chaoahlian and zowee . ahahas . jkjk la ! dun angry u see tis .
go causeway . tmd , got fire . den alcia buay shong cos of her adult fare to take mrt . rofls.
after tht go eat dinner . walk around . den dunno wad tym go home .
didn't go to th park for th bbq . den bus home saw asyraf sitting at th bus stop dere .
seems lonely o.O ? rofls .
go home use lappy bah ? den lyk usual ultra boring de ... den tok to pengyous . stare screen , tok , stare screen , tok . den ... i am bck to audi again . wahahahas , super duper plus ultra long nv play le , noob lyk hell de .. so ps miss all th way hahas , play-d wif kenneath de . after tat jiu stare screen , tok stare screen tok again . dunno wad tym slp liao . mayb 1plus ?

*ps , damn random . but freaking scary , type half way suddenly one bee land on my hand >:[
so big someone . =='

Saturday .
damn ! so so sorry de . cos i Over slept .. sorrys !
11plus den wake up my mother wake me de somemore if nt i still slp .
wake up see , oops , pengyous sms me 8plus . felt so sorry lor . cos actually meet wan to meet them 11.30 den in th end i wake up so late .
den veri gan jiong liaos mother still ask me eat 1st la .
so faster soot up th noodle , wapiang veri hot mans th soup !
den faster chiong out .
go west walk around , omg , hao wu liao ouhh dere , cos i hen jiu nv go le .
den bought smth from dere .
go out , buy drinks , went some wher to sit and chat abt stuffs .
muahahahahhaha! we did smth , hey boy , dun jealous ! we at dere "KDB" ! get it ?
know den good , if dunno den too bad cos i wont explain le :DD !
den slack slack . LALALA ~
den they go home liaos .
asked mummy wan go lot anot cos i need buy smth else . its a mus ! den she say dun wan lor .
walao , den i solo . i go alone , seriously i dun lyk gg out alone de . kinda weird ?
so quick quick buy tht ting den jiu go home le .
come home . LALALA ? idk i do wad .
rmb i play wif vernon audi , cool sia ! he oso became so noob jus lyk me mans !
i tot he lyk so pro liao ... hahahas .
seems lyk he gg to chiong audi again ? 1plus , go tok to him , bo reply , go in see .
tmd , still at dere playing . den jiu shun bian wan yi xia ..
LALALA ytd spam-d my plurk lyk siao de. rofls .
3 plus , went to orhorh liaos ...

Morning , 11plus wake up . see sms , reply reply .
didn't go eat breakfast wif family cos veri tired .
didn't do anyting .
well , changed my blog url ~
Currently watching CJ7 ! oh my gosh , cao ke ai de ! :DD
den jus now went to jurong . nth much . gave alicia her belated bday present .
she seems down .. hmms . cheer up la k ! still hv me , although i cnt do anyting .
dun luan luan xiang k , he still ai zhe ni de la .
come home blahblahblahs ~ =='
gonna pok liaos many ppl de bday coming le .. haiis . bo lui liao ar ...

okayys , actually i dun really look forward to th june holidays , nt tht i wan to study .
say NO to study o'rites ! but i stay at home more sian. i wan sch but without studying .
at least can tok and play wif pengyous mah . at home only waiting to rot nia .

OMG , pinyi told me one ting ... xia si wo le la !!!! ahahahas ! wo de tian ar !! tht si bai chi ! bian tai de shi mah ?! hahahhahhaa!!!
rofls . i wan laugh dao die liao la !

End here :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

err .. tmr den come post .

Thursday, May 21, 2009


ok idk wad kind of jiao bin i am gving . taken by sarsi de . zai ugly de photo i oso dun care liao le . hahas . candid by her de lor . take me when i dunno .. when saw her taking too late liaos .

guys , thx for askin la . hahas , im totally ok now orites :D
i dun care abt those rubbish which make me so sad liaos le . wah seyy mehh mehh yang is such a good sheep ~ hahas . jking la . hao er zi mans ! didnt noe he so nice de lor . jus in one day , one incident , make me dui him gt different de how to say ? nvm ...
cos i treat him so bad lor last tym veri sry sia hahas !!! and thx oso . hope i wont so called "bully" him in th future , which i tink i still will . muahahahas !

so today sports day . super duper sian de la .
jus walk here walk dere lor cos we nv play game .
gratx 2-8 k ! although i nv play . but happy for them mah ahas .
basket ball gold , captain ball gold , floor ball bronze.
rofls , so ps la , we throw all th cards to ahmadil and dinu .. oops O: hahas . thx oso .
take sch bus bck to sch . den homesweethome lor =='

wapiang , sarsi gv me see so many funny de pic of our class ytd lor . and i laugh lyk crazy man !
damn funny de ok ?! laugh non stop lor , den bang th table and so on de . lolols ! but too bad i wont post it up here . bu yao dui bie ren de face . hahahs !

hmmms , wad if i say sorry no cure ? nvms , now i veri tired liaos ... shall end here le .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


ok , recently no mood la . although i nv really show it in sch .
monday .
gt bck some paper .
aft sch go makan wif pengyous . den acc pinyi buy smth for someone .
lolols . she did smth veri cute lor . rofl-ing .

tuesday .
gt bck paper oso . go through oso .
dunno why gg through science de period . my mood totally sucks . so keep gv faces and so on de .
shock to see tht i failed my maths . wOOww ?! haiis . bo bian alrdy finish liaos .
assembly tok abt thursday de sports day . wu liao , so far for wad .
ask-d by sally sng to stay back . diot her . as if we gt make noise . LaLALA~
had dance . wahh veri veri veri long nv go dance le . plus ,
long tym nv do stretching le . so , veri stiff lor .
slept super early ytd all th way till monring . hen tired .

today .
rofls . gt to see th result tingy .
ang mo is really weird ! lame ass . ask me smth . den tok so much rubbish .
Heng sia ~~~ i PASS all subject ! phwee ~
my result DROP damn damn damn damn damn damn damn MUCH de ok ?!

English - B3/B4
Maths - from a2 drop till C5 . hais
Science - frm a1 drop till B3/B4 .
Chinese - A1
Geography - B/C ?
Home Econ - A2
Art - A2
Literature - B3/B4
no more i tink ? forgt le .

morning forgt eat medic , hahahahas! so kept coughing . ps !
was laughing wif wenhui . abit over le i tink .
keep laughing at asyraf actually . den tok abt tv laugh . tok abt other stuffs , laugh . saw funny tings , laugh . almost laugh-d abt every ting .
diaos . laugh until throat pain and no vioce =='
den cough cough cough . dun stay too close to me hor ppl . ltr pass to u guys .

after sch jiu go home le .
den forgt to call someone . heh heh hehs !
bus-d home . saw ah jack jack JACKLYN !!! :D
oh my gosh . super duper plus ultra long nv see her le .
kept laughing when i saw her . oso dunno why . i sot sot liaos :DD
she dian my si xue ! she say she so happy lor . cos i shorter than her ! so bad rite.
lolols! ok la i noe i veri short . dun nid shoot me liaos .
tis morning saw khizral . hohohos . long tym nv see him oso la .
didnt go tok to him . wahahas .

so angry lor , reach home veri hungry i oso dunno why .
den mother say she nv cook . home no food . heh heh ?!
actually was gg to eat wif friends de lor .
ooops . i fa pi qi to her ... O: aiyooo me so bad wors .
ok la , oso good . tym for me to jian fei liaos !
look at me . short and fat D:
sobsobsobs .
i aim to lose 2kg by tis week ok ?! lolols .
1000000% impossible de lor . mayb it would take years for me to lose jus 2kg . hmms.

o'rites . now my bu hao de mood come find me again . so shall end here .
might come bck and edit again ltr . see mood .
haiis , 没有人懂我的心情 lor . i tink only pinyi noe tis bahhs . 很sad 好不好?! haiis .
orites . byes [ :DD ] DD:

Monday, May 18, 2009

credits to me

dun scold me . nasirah gv me permission to post de . nice ? long ago liao de pic le anw .
get back k result . haiis . eng pp , frien cry la ... feel lyk crying oso lor !
tmr science . dun too shock if i cry lor . cos i gt a feeling i wont pass .. mus jy le !
alicia , lyk wad she used to say . i wan to jump tum pui liaos ... blahblahblahs .
vernon dun so xiaoqi hor , cos i forgt liao . sryys . but i least i tell u le .
ask parent one question . den ask bck so many question ... funny lor .
bro head gt prob . diff to say . ke lian ouhh .. haiis .

blahblahblahs .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009


morning meet up wif friends to do th bday card for xt . and discus abt stuffs .
finish-d den train-d to gombak . go 7-eleven buy ice .
den walk to xt's place .
crack th ice using th bottle lol ?

go up her hse to fill water and pack into th bao curry de plastic bag .
throw ice and gave xt her belated birthday bash !
play th water bombs . feels so great for gving her a shower ! :DD
playplayplay den gt osome idiot(s) shouting from th top shhhhh asking us to shut up , u den stfu la ! hahas .
den while sitting at some wher to rest . gt one ti ko pek keep doing for disgusting actions / tings to us . pls lor , so old liao la , bu yao lian .
slack-d . chit chat. lalala .
go dere de kopitiam . blahblhablahs . tok and laugh until throat more pain .
den go bck to th block tok tok .

bus-d to lot1 . help mother da bao food .
go home .
haiiis .. felt so bad lor . i so bu xiao sia ..
was being rude to her always , and she so nice lor . veri late le still go down and buy medicine for me ...thx so much la !

now , coughing , sore throat cum headache .
bet tmr will sound veri man de !
reject-d zowee . askd me go escape tmr . sry la .
hmms ,, wonder if i am suffering from th H1N1 ??
guys , if i "go" 1st , please , dun forget tht there was once a girl called Chanel TQH . mus rmb me . lolols !

Quiz from Nasirah

Name a friend from A-Z!

A : Alicia
B : Bao Xia
C : Cheryl

D : Dacus
E : Eudice
F : Fathihah
G : Glendon
H : Hazlami

I : ---
J : Jalal
K : KerYang
L : Lewis
M : Mon Soe
N : Nasirah
O : ---
P : PinYi
Q : ---

R : Rasyidah
S : Shiok Huey
T :
U : -
V : ---
W : Wen Hui
X : XueTing
Y : YeeHui
Z : Zaliha

1, Can R & S be together in BRG? ( Rasyidah & Shiok Huey)

- they not les.

2, How is L related to you? ( Lewis )
- Friend

3, Does Y know Z?
( YeeHui & Zaliha )
- Ya .

4, If C betrays you , will you kill her? ( Cheryl )
-nth to betray bout .

5, If K steals your boyfriend, what will you do? ( Keryang )
- ohhh hohoho ! u gay bastard ! lol

6, If B tells you that he have a crush on you , what will you do? (Baoxia)
- lolols . wont de .

7, Will you & M gets into a fight? ( Mon Soe )
- nope :D

8, Who does W have a crush on? ( Wen Hui )
- :X

9, If L calls you a bitch, what will you do? ( Lewis)
- You BITCH . haa .

10, Whats the relationship between you & E? ( Eudice )
- Friend

11, Who does Z like? ( Zaliha )
- idk ?

12, Who is I's best friend? ----
- lalala!

13, What colour does Y like? ( YeeHui)
- dunno lehh .

14, Where does F live? (Fathihah)
- ermm . cck ? yewtee ? idk .

15, Did you & C have a fight before? ( cheryl )
- nope .

16, Who is H's best friend? ( Hazlami )
- Dunno .

17, What can you say about T? ( --- )
- lalala

18, If J tells you he have a crush on you ? ( Jalal )
- Go eat shit ! lol . *shit=real shit . not some one .

19, Who is G's idol? ( Glendon )
- dunno .

20, Tag 10 people to do this quiz.
- xueting
- hanna
- PinYi
- alicia
- lewis
- jason
- zaliha
- Zi Hui
- Mon Soe

ps , lazy go tag liaos . if see urself den jus do k . :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

gone crazy le ! last paper today ! :DD hehes! cool rites ??! =='
wanted to go sream and shout rite after th paper is collected de , but tcher say other class stil hving exam . heh !
but too bad la , still need go do cip at wher ? pasris ?wadever , dunno how to spell .
den went home , changed to black polo . veri early jiu prepare hao le .
but sry , i was using lappy and didnt noe phone rang . so was kinda late when meeting friends for lunch .
why i today so suay de lor . eat mac . wad th , milo pour and drip until my skirt , damn it la , den looks lyk ... ! den , when was toking and laughing , hand push until th tray , ketCHUP nong dao my shirt .. idiot idiot idiot ! lucky black polo , or else i dunno how to go out see ppl liaos ..

i noe , i really shld stop all those auntie de ju dong le . oh my gosh ! i dunno wads happening to me recently , keep doing those weird weird tings .. mus stay away from aunties ! dun wan to gt influene by them !!! for example -
1)see dere is seats , immediately shout and point to friends , den chiong dere
2)take free tings , tisue in mac(eg) -not bring home , but take alot.
3)shout to friends in th bus when dere is so many people .
4)Others .
OMG! i cnt imagine if i continue to be lyk tis . mus change bck to myself ! ANTI-AUNTIEs! :DD

mrt-d to yewtee to meet th rest of th class .
wait for so long can ?!
den stand all th way in th train. leg pain ok ?!
reached , tmd ! $2 fly away jus lyk tht . stayed too long inside . wtf , mei dao li de !

lalalas .
den do recycle tingy ? th glove hen smelly lor !

wanted to celebrate for exam over liao de. den , in th end , dun hv .
ppl say wanna go eat at tampines mall ?
nv go . went to buy xt present . den discus abt tings .
dunno spend how many hours on tht la . lols .

*rub eyes*
really not feeling well le . hen xin ku lor . omg , y i so bai chi still go eat those tings .
btw , 很不爽某某人 for quite a long tym le . heh ! seriously , 很不爽 ok ?!

tmr will shout and scream until shong shong ! :DD i swear i will !


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


tired of saying th same ting again . th exam is hard .
chat alot wif pinyi . thx for sharing . and oso , xie xie for listening to me :D btw , cheer up !
alicia , yao xie xie ni oso ! for pushing me to "do smth" although till now oso th same . nth happen.
den went to kfc , saw my veri OBEDIENT son . he so guai until i go say hello and he nv reply . nono , he did reply . "What" i tink ?
nice one ! rmb hor , nxt tym i see u i oso act as if u invisible . hahahas!! :D
den go library , those ppl la , go steal our room . lolol .
den go block slack .
thousands and millions of cheers . tmr last paper ! :DD
anw , i didnt go really study for it ... ==' hope it wont be diff .

don't need care those people like her de ok !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


stay at home ytd to study :D
did maths . but seems lyk its useless , it didn't help me during exam today . haiis ..
i really regret i didn't study for science and in th end dunno how to do while others said tht th paper was ok . heh ! its was OK to them ... i bet i will be th only one getting all th fail grades .

ok , i seriously veri 佩服 some one 好不好?!
hahas ... u might noe its u when u saw tis bahhs . rofls!
its ur rong xin tht i mention abt u here orites ? :DD
mayb its his 死都不放弃的精神吧 。。。哈哈
*cough cough* ps , dun angry when i say tis -
actually ... i was laughing at you last night when u say tht u wont 放弃 abt smth :O !
ok , 我不要多管闲事了。&[ps] i forgt to pass th msg to 'someone' .

hahas ... recently keep on use chinese word . get influence by keli liao ..
wakakakas :DD

ohhh , finally ... 我把憋在我心里的 feeling say out to someone liaos ..
so was chatting wif vernon ytd ... hahas!
yes , i noe he miss me veri veri much ! hahahas!
"so am i" , 10/10 la! miss him until my tears can cook a bowl of maggie mee liaos .
thts wad i told him . wahahas ... 很免强说的 rofls rofls!
for alicia , i shall post on private blog le ...
alicia , i noe u love me more den ur boyfriend rite? thanks la !
hahas , hope he wont come hoot me :O jkjk.

my throat dun feel good now ..
having a hard tym during maths paper ... stupid throat !
heng i dun hv fever lor .. 37.0! :DD

looking forward to tis thursday ! last paper liao people !
super duper plus ultra happy 对不对 ?!?! :DD
jy ppl , two more day nia and we will be free ! ^^

ZoooOOoooM ~ study geog !


Sunday, May 10, 2009


wish 世界上的妈妈。happy mother's day! , especially mine ! :DD

arrghh , dun feel well right now , hv th feeling lyk gg to fall sick le O: better not .
went to th st. francis xaviour church jus now .
veri far lor ..
jasmine one month le . omg, tym past so fast ..
otw home , play-d th "pop superstar"
neeed to read words , so in th end -
yun che ! 晕车
yes , i noe i veri oa da , every tym sit awhile in car/bus will yun che de :{

oh ya , i dunno if i still hv tym to update another blog .
cos i rushing to go study le .
chiong aR!!! no tym liao lor .. if i nt wrong , ppl said tht geog one question 15marks .
wooo~ do until shong shong ar .

o'rites ! jus have to ren for 4 more days ,
and we will be free from exams!! yeahh , cheers! :DD


Saturday, May 9, 2009






答应你 我会好好过
不让 这些眼泪 白流

Friday, May 8, 2009

well , if u look behind tis , all u can see is ppl chatting and playing , handphones in hand

o'rites , 30 more min to xueting's birthday .
i will try to stay up to 12 to wish her happy birthday .
felt veri nei jiu tht sm friends de birthday i forgt to wish them at 12 lor ..
veri happy de ok , ppl 12 zun zun tell u happy birthday . so wan to xie xie those who wish me tht tym on my bday . although its lyk so long liao . hahas! nvm , nxt yr stil hv chance de ..

and veri sorry won't be able to celebrate wif her tmr . but will pay back de k :D
Happy birthday in advance ! :DD

btw , today's science was th worst one i ever had ! omg ! i cnt imagine my science becum lyk tis ...
o'rites , so i told friends tht i dun wan to go out wif them liao ,
i wan every singlle day rite after sch go home study till night .
hahas , and of cos , they noe too , i cnt do it ! rofls! :D
wadever la , but i really wan to jy for my end of yr le , if nt jiu prepare go NA bah :O

had subway after sch .
den went to kelly hse after food .
hmms so many ppl .
pinyi shiokhuey keli jalal wenhui nasirah kelly rasyidah xueting
studied! :DD cool rite . we go study =="
den plat-d wii .
went down .
slack .
den HomeSweetHome liaos .


3full pages of tis =="
together wif yeehui eudice and jalal himself , spamm-d his facebook lyk siao .
so much rubbish written dere . rofls!

11:47pm Ends .
生日快乐,xueting in 13 more minute ! :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009


5 words for lit .
Don't Know How To Do.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


today's eng paper sucks ok ?!
i will go say to god every single day Thank u i love u . IF i can pass it !
Sobs ! lalala~

wanted to break th record of nt eating fast food for jus one week .
but it seems tht i cnt make it .
cannot cannot liao lor !
now fat , continue eat eat eat = fat lyk a pig !

-End ! :O

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away !

chinese paper , diff to me !
every ting finished last minute .
rush lyk siao lor . last minute every ting jus scribble .
keep on gin th malay teacher , so SO noisy la :O !
Went home straight after exam :DD
tmr is English . my worst subject !
study for it jus now .
nth much to study ?
jus look through th portfolio . see wads RO , FR . and so on .

ppl , dun fall sick k ! :D
and rmb , My Greg said , "to the left to the left" !
all th best to every ting .
And too bad to those i call-d u an asshole! :DD
jusjus in th mood to call ppl lyk tht today .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

count down to MYE , 3 more days ?
good luck to everyone !
and i hv to pray super duper plus ultra hard tht i will pass all subjects !
i totally hv no confidence in passing my english .
my eng lousy until cnt zai lousy liaos ..
hving a angmo as cher oso no use ..
haiis !

o'rites , i have to off th lappy before 12 . heh hehh ?!
force by my dad , and all thks to LESTER TAN !!!
bleahs !
den i tink i cnt use com/lap for lyk long liaos ...
super tq lehh lester !
wad de , use use use , den my father say use sm mre i plugout all wire, confiscate modem
hahas !!! ok , i dun mind .

anw , his exams cuming soon oso . good luck . btr pass it wif flying colours or else wasted th whole 2yrs !

currently chattin wif wenhui in msn -
and i gonna die liao lor !!
i haven started th revision yet , seriously ! haiis
only read finish th lit "The Monkey's Paw" singh said exam gg to test on tht . but only until part2.
wadever lor , jus incase , i go read finish 3parts .
totally lost when he was reading it in class . please lor , read until so fast .
rushing to tou tai ar ??
so re-read myself today . finally i get th story liao . but still abit blur .

will be staying at home staring at books and worksheets for th nxt few days i tink .
but , without studying it . Stare at it only !!

10:52pm , byes !

Friday, May 1, 2009

watche-d "17 Again" today
wif alicia .
yes long ago de show le . nvm ..
actually was gg to watch wif friends de ..
den in th end sm dun wan go . den jiu nv go le ....
sms manys lucky free sms if nt sure gone crazy de hahas :O
so surprise tht jiahong come my hse today ! :DD hehes ! very cute la he smile/laugh !!!
tgt wif xiao gu , un thomas and alicia .
un thomas sponsor us go watch movie and food .
bu na bai bu na , jiu take and go le ! :DD
btw , Zac Efron veri shuaii la !!!!!!!!! wahahahahs !!!! :DD !!!!
hor hor hor ??!!??! rofls rofls !

11:52 pm , byes!