Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one hour, twenty two minutes

tmr eng exam le , must pass uhh!!!!!!!
one hour plus will be 1st october le:D Lol.
den today sch bag , veryy big cum heavy , very big uhh D: sch normal normal . went to eat after sch . saw sheep&penguin ehh , didn't see dao me . den dar come pei me bck. thx(: den go home . blahblahblahs... use com etcs. make him angry . sry , but dun nid worry le k , cos wad u tink wont happen de. chatchat wif him. come use com. den post .

Yin jie , really hope u will be fine ok ): feel really sad for u . tht person is not everything , still have us with u (: cheer up ! dun think too much den do silly things ! must takecare of urself.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Thanks Pinyi for th phone:D
Happy Birthday AhGong!

short post cos bro chao-ing-.='
ytd , afternoon meeet wenhui den went to cck dere umm , sun tan ehh ? den laughings la . go lot eat dinner den slack awhile . went to roofgarden den f tht ahneh la! bused home . msg wif dar. den Zzz.

morning bei parents force to wake up . den went to bedok . Happy bday ahgong! :D den at dere damn sian de. msg dar again . Lol . den come bck home .

gg off to shut bro mouth. bye:D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A different story


suddenly feel like going to sentosa lehs, hmmms.
yesterday had oral after sch, quite difficult de . anyhow say for th picture blahblahblahs . den dar pei me home , walk bck frm int, hot siol th sun. home den Lalalas . den at nite keep on msging wif ppl , den listen song , until lyk i bu she de go charge my phone lo . denden! wtfzxs , it auto off. try all ways to on it again den can't le T.T den pekchek le whole ting throw, LOlx ._. den must try to survive without phone for lyk dunno how long lo! haiis... sad la i no spare de phoneD: dunnid contact me le lo T.T hp spoil , hse phone sot sot , call ppl tok for lyk afew minute den no batt , charge how long oso lyk tht , haiis! no chat no life lo ): den only can by msn . so now will be on9-ing for lyk super long le .ahahahs . esp cnt msg wif dar le lehh , sadsadsad): nvm , must learn how to live without phone. anw i damn hate this phone lo , so MAN! so UGLY! so BLUE! so HEAVY! Hahaha x.X put inside skirt pocket den always pull down make until lyk i got fold my skirt lo.

today late wake up . den go take father phone reply msg , den cnt contact dao ppl-.=' sorry let wenhui wait so long for me . go sch sian de all lessons. tym for me to really really really go study le! science test dunno how to do at all , haiis . den recess nid go needle work room assemble ?? ermmm.. ==' Lalala! boring lesssons , slp Zzz. after sch canteen makan , den go do d&t till 4 . den bused to int tgt . i realize it seems so long since th last tym th 6 of us took bus tgt , go out tgt .. soo soo soooo long since we last went out together le , miss th tyms when all th 6 of us were so free , went out and hav fun tgt ...den now always left wif me and wenhui lyk tht le . hmmms ... and den i rmb-d le ! S,S,S,O,L,B Lololol! :D. den come home nth le lo . BYE


Monday, September 21, 2009

one month , twenty one days


20th September
morning very early jiu wake up le , den prepare take things , went to ahma hse . Hahas, jiahong see till me very happy ouh! :D so cute de , hahas. den wait for ah ma to come bck . Lalalas. den start those tingys. keep msging wif dar , haha :D den went to th gim mu wan suay deere. blahblahblahs . den sent ahgong ahma bck to jurong . baack home . changed , den went to meet dar. went to jurong point tgt , train dere den damn lot of ahnehs lo! omfg~-.=' scary la! walk around th shopping center , say wrong ting to dar lehh, say shuang only lehh psps shldn't say de :X train bck to jurong int to take bus , den dar pei me go wait for bus . walk down th stairs and slip down!!!! *&^%$# damn ps de la! omgomgomg! T.T haiis.. dunno gv wad stupid face. den keep laugh at myself. heng got him hold zu me lo or else fall le, thankthanks! :D after tht caught him at dere arm chio lo ): laugh me de. Hahaha, cute ehh dar ? wan laugh me den dun dare laugh out. i noe my action and face veri stupid lo T.T den bused to ahma hse . eat 1st uhh , whole table mine ._. Lols . went home quite early , miracle happened.

21st September
woke up and den blahblahblahs , use com den nth to do de . haiis bored lo . den afternoon went out to do hist laugh here laugh dere . den went to eat dinner , heng nv tio choked , but keep laughing denden, eye! argh~ damn fed up wif my eye de lo . den make until so pain la. lyk th skin gg to drop le lo . den get to know tht dar oso eyes pain cos kena hit by his cousin, poor ting uhh. Hahahaas. denden i jealous brenda lehhs, cos... HAHAHA! edmund uhh , u noe why de :} den bused home . reached home nothing do again le . watched th chinese version de incredible tales , alone watch lo! scarescare ,Hahha. msging wif dar , bad siol, try to scare me Lol. but i nv bei scared dao :D hehes.
father ar ! keep say wan lock me , siao de lo! my leg leh , i wan go out cannot ar huh. Lester Tan ! dun everytym at dere add vinegar add salt hor, idiotic ass. u nt any btr den me hor. den mother stop keep at dere nag nag lor , veri pek chek liao everytym at dere tok so much craps. lazy to even tok bck le lo. jus full blust my song :D

tmr got sch ar , i very tired of studying le , retain sec2?? LOL!
update till here

nighty! :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

三个字 ,


hmmms , i have nothing to update ._.
err err errrr .... today wake up , 1st jiu msg dar uhh Lool den lazy get up oso hmms, afternoon go bugis with MOTHER?! hahahas, shocked tht i wan go out wif her ouh~ and den at dere msg msg, she not happy cos i kip msg nv entertain her? LOL! sun bian go praypray . sorry dar everytym make him angry de , haiis. den train bck to lot . LAlaal, go home . actually gg watch movie wif bro and father. den in th end nv go -.='

yesterday i dunno what happen in sch liao , stm :} after sch go dance , den th cher late by 30 mins , den jiu cca delay cos of him . heng today nv muscle pain lehh :D phwee.. den delay till so late , hai dar wait me for SO LONG! D: sorry leh . den pei me home , tqtq :D nxt tym use walk de k , Lolol. denden , go home jiu prepare prepare , den went to meet alicia makan . den pei her go to sportslink find her friends . after tht she went go somewher else find ppl , so jiu separate le. train bck alone , den dar pei me home again , one day ma fan him 2tyms, ps. somemore he play bball half way den come de ,psps uhh . go home den nothing to do de lo , com cnt use oso , den at bed listen song msg hug my mini dar. lolol. slepp

and den now chatting wif friendS and him(:

miss dar lehh D:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turn back ,& i saw what i wanted


i wake up late today , and den hair oso gen wo zuo dui lo. damn angry de la tis morning , do until pek chek . den go sch late -.=' heng dun nid run lo , hahhaas.

ermms, usual de boring lessons. tsk keep on hving headache ._. onli rmb 2nd last period music, very de funny lo . see th cher's hand is enuff le, Lols. after tht go to range for th streaming talk . keep say abt th tkk , den laugh him . noe will have bao ying , but cnt stop all those saying . Hahaas.

denden very hungry , go kfc wif wh eat lunch. tok and tok . den jiu bused home. bored ar, den hv th insert ez-card de paper, jiu take lai fold th stupid paper crane . home , lalalala! and den hor, i very irritated by my hair liao lo , want go ti botak la! ._.

grr, that word keep popping out from my mind sia. haiis..

Qi hui,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eight years later

Actually i have nothing to post , but nothing to do now , so jiu post shuang ba ..
and den now my eye very pain again cos of th same reason uhh , wind keep on blow into my eyes .
had dance after sch , den jiu go home le .
Sorry pinyi ! hai u go hv to go home eat kimchi . sorry lehh ...
i nothing to post le sia , but have to type more to cover my over my twitter tingy , Hahas.

if its like ,
Eight years later ,
Eight months later ,
Eight weeks later ,
Eight days later ,
Eight hours later ,
Eight minutes later ,
Eight seconds later .
I can't predict the future , but I hope for the best .
I know , it won't last for long . Understand the fact that it should be like this .

ahahas, py told me about th eight yrs ltr ting , and den i bo liao go edit until lyk tis ._. !
Whatever rubbish i am typing la! i want off com le , nothing to do .

Red vs Purple

oh, my deardear one week holiday byebye le D: haiis. am still in holiday mood you mei you?! -.='
den now my eye very pain cos th wind keep blow and blow lo! tsk!
ermm , just finish my history singapura de , Lol , tyvm Crazy Sarsi!! don't say u nv help me hor! u seriously help me alot k . thanks thanks thanks! :D Currently chatting wif dar and sarsi only. and den i keep tok rubbish to her again liaos. Lalalas doing my "speech" la .

woke up late today ._. hahahaas, dar alarm me up den i went bck to slp again Lolol . thanks for waking me up everyday uhh :D as usual meet wenhui at int , bused to sch. denden, saw dar nv tok lehhs :\ th parade square is HOT cum sai de lo! go do d&t , Omfg! i damn angry de ok! whoever "_____" hor! wtf lo , my d&t work oso wan to steal . damn u la k ! i curse tht person la hor , u hand rotten la! !@#$%^*&^%! den do do do . today xing qing bu hao lo , den bad temper Lol! den day ruined again . painzxs! ._.

other lessons lyk normal ba. blahblahblahs lo~ after sch uhh , went lot . den tragus. wish me goodluck for th nxt few days k . Lol .. if close again i ... i ... i jiu nth to say liao , angry is th only word to describe le ...

den after tht dar came to pei me home . haiis , make dar angry , sorry
come home , blahblahblahs lo . ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ...

Night :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

no yawningz :\


Happy 5th month, Alicia! :D

meet alicia. den wenhui. Blahblahblah, whole day ruined manzxs! damn pain de lor! D: today very early jiu go home le, LOL. and den reach home still nid listen motherfather "sing song" .
i veryy veryy de bored now ~ ALONE in the living room using com cum watching tv , den mother suddenly shout ask me off tv! wtfzxs! scare me lor!!!
now nothing to do ... ahem! Chanel tan! YOU HAVEN DO ELEARNING LEH! T.T Omfg , only done science cos got ans ._. denden tinking of doing it now. Hahahahaa! okayy, do now since i not tired plus nothing to do :}

&& i am done wif my elearning le:DD left maths , can't do plus tired le :\ Lols.
tired - means i going to off com and go orhorhh liaos , Hahahaas. denden , th wind blow until my eyes very dry , pain siol):
yesss, am yawning lyk crazyy now!! wan an ! :D

nitenite/ morning :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

200th post :D

Lalalalas, my 200th post here :D Hahahas.
i bored until ermmm , until .. ??? and den now veryy no mood ouhh ._. haiis. nothing to post le-.=' *&^%$#@!#%*(&%^@^%^#$!#!@%*&%^$#@!


Monday, September 7, 2009

strangers, looking around

2nd ear hole closed! wtfzxs! who ask me itchy hand T.T ! go take out for wad?!?! at dere ki siao lor ... go sch den go toilet ask wenhui help see , den poke until wan cry LOL! th skinD: Lalala! go do d&t . hahas , nid thanks lewis la , tyvm manzxs! HAHAHAHahaha! ._. go eat after that . and den dar come pei me bus bck(: went to find sw aft tht , see her reborn hair. Haha:D at dere listen song uhh . Lol

go bck home , den bath-d ects. went out to meet wh , den help her wif sth . Lol , she happy dao~ LOL . den go eat dinner . LalalaLalalaLAlala .. Hahas. den bused home. jiu use com ? blahblahblahs. and den i dunno why suddenly so happy . now am lyk bck to normal liao ._. Hahas.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

understand and don't

get my result all i can say is sad sad sad . "de-proved" alot de la. gonna chiong study , study day and night , don't ask me go out ._. but impossible . LALALA!
Holiday le lehhs :D but den nid go bck sch , haiis . tmr gonna go bck for d&t lor . do shit , haven even cut my wood yet -.='

went to swim wif wenhui from 2 to 4.30 , den sun tanning ouh . and den now bck stil red?! cos burned uhh. bath etcs . got out abt 5 plus luhh , den went to lot1 and have dinner tgt. makan makan . realised got one mosquitoe bite on my left eyelid lor , wtf siol! hao bite bu bite , go bite eyelid~ den bei her laugh. rofl , tink its my bao yin , cos tht tym laugh sw her eye bei bite . den bused home , half way alicia ask me go watch movie . so agreed , den go home rest rest awhile . changed , den out meet her . watched G-Force , got 3D lor , my money byebye .. $13 , haiis .. tot $9. and den i only bring $14 ._. HAHA! i pok le , pok le .. LOL . den slack slack 9:15 go in , take photo Lalala? her flash make my eye blink blink blink, den become so small D: lyk we very hungry or wad? show jus start awhile th popcorn finish le . Lolss. nice lo th movie , cute hamster or genie pig?? dunno . finish le go int slack slack , photos? den try nite eat icecream. weird cos melt veri fast :O go home after tht . bathd den zou bo , aft tht go orh orh liaos .

11plus wake , eat breakfast and den use lappy . i hate u lappy! can't install windows den now i cnt transfer tings into here le . afternoon pei alicia go buy earpiece . den bused to ahma hse . bored luh . LALALA! 9plus , finally can go home le . haiis .. blahblahblahs , use com .

till here , wan an :D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleeeeep Zzz.

late wake up today. den chiong & chiong , went out. den msg wif wenhui, tsktsktsk , kept smiling at th phone lor . LOL. and den lesson.LALALA~ aft recess den went off to fort canning . Zzzz-ing lo. veri tired , dunno why. den take th video , sw ermm , very , cr8tive ar???? && i nearly become deaf liao lor. otw bck listen song den orhorh .

go bck sch in class wait for my turn to oral , slp again .. damn long de you mei you?! who ask me index number so behind, wait for lyk one hour den dao wo lor.. at dere say joke abt th cher . hahahas, super er xin de la. Lols. den finish le go playground dere tok tok, boring ehh ? den go dui mian see bball awhile. go home . den sleep again Haaha. till lyk 9plus:D and on com . post , chatting wif ppl den blahblahblahs.
怎么办啊怎么办??? haiiis..


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st September 2009

Happy 1st Month, Dar . Happy Birthday, Pinyi

morning wake up and den do tings do tings. Lalala!~
den went to int , meet dar. went in lot , walk and walk. den wait for his friends to come.
watch wher gt ghost . den after tht dar pei me go int wait pengyous.
go buy ticket for up den go eat . inside toilet laughlaughs, den photophoto. dunno why keep laughin durin th movie even though dun really tink its funny ._. pass tings here and dere. Lol. and den blahblahblahs . get in bus listen song den realise th earpiece de rubber ting missing , pek chek uhh .


Love my 他,