Tuesday, December 29, 2009

went out saw a LAMB chop layin on th sofa dere waitin to be eat by ppl.
my ear feels weird, very weird now. idk why. cfm got ppl say tings -.-
eruifijhwefijfuiehfufihe fhr tolpoih804fr3h 9823ry9084y79tp32u 8p
nb, i am so gg to slam tis laptop from here to hell !


I'm going out alr. Byebye

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'll, change my attitude

Congrat dar win game :D
feels very cold and , tired now. not tired but body tired :( ...
Today actually gg to meet py and wh, den last min cancel. so went out to meet wif dar. He brought him along :D YEAH! My baby bck to mummy alr :D. Head so big whole de :( ke lian de xiao baobao, haiis. hugging him now :D. mrt-d to yishun northpoint. walked den went to eat lunch tgt. westmall after tht. block awhile, den home. he today no mood :'( haiis. sorry abt ytd k, wasn't dere for him when he need me so much, stil giv attitude. seriously very sorry :(. denden jus nw tell me abt th moving ting :'( Haiis!! i dun wan!DUN WAN DUN WAN! :'(

dar,dun tink abt those not happy de ting le k :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No, i dun like. :'( sorry.


EastCoast day! :D.
i no mood today. wont be typing much. too much photos alr. lazy post more pics le. cycle in rain, chiong-d! blow wind blow. ohmygosh, damn shiok k. alright dun feel lyk typing alr,so end here (:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Chanel&WenHui says Thankyou KeeChong & YuanGuang :D

Morning wake up , msg dar. Lalala. haiis, he not feeling well again )': ohmygod.
den prepare, went off to gv him th medicine , jiu go meet wenhui alr. ohoh, longlong tym no go out tgt alr Hahaas. den jiu go eat lunch tgt at long john. go walk around, den went to her hse . Lol her petpet so cute de :} hahaas. denden, den went off to westmall . walk around den spend so long inside th shop Lol. after awhile jiu saw keechong yuanguang. go in wan chase th santa cos tot he giving wad present den saw its only sweet -,- uhh. Lol. go arcade , play "free"game LOLOL.
bought bubble tea and go out sit and drink. andden, ohmyfckinggod, its damn cold one. tooo cold alr! lyk inside freezer although we're not inside aircon. Hahas.
go in again de LAlaAL!.
mrt-d bck to cck. they called ask us meet cck. umm shock leh, they ask us each takke one stitch ! :D very happy lo . 1st tym ppl go diao bearbear den gv me lo :D thanksthanks yuanguang keeechong:D.
den me and wenhui so hyper alr , hohoohos. went in lot one buy ting. den spam photo. frm lvl5 all th way to B1 . Lolol! yaya , too over alr i noe. too much ROFL! but , too bad,girls nth do jiu shi take photo :}


go out int dere, send her photo sit at th chair de. den ma de so many ppl looking -,- nbmnbm, noe they jealous(: hehes.esp tht auntie -,- tsk diao us? go die la can. Lol :D.
th fur keep dropping one. Lol make my whole shirt got fur.
home at 12. den drag tym go bath (:

now dar suddenly very no mood )': ohmygod. gonna off com and pei him alr !
dar mus cheer up ouh! ): very worry him alr )': haiis. hope dar de headache and giddy go away alr ! now total mood change )': hmmmmmmmmmmms.

Saturday, December 19, 2009



one week more and sch gg reopen alr ): so fast , my holiday byebye le.
very seldom go out de ): hope nxt week de plan goes smoothly :D hahaas.
TSK! dar headache again , thanks to me de . feel so bad for so many days le )': sorry.
heng he promised me sth alr. Heng heng heng!

ehh , wednesday went to lot and meet alicia 1st.
den help her check newspaper but dun hv. so bus-d off to orchard dere. tink its been a long tym since we both tok tht much alr. walk walk , she tried and found afew (: tummy pain for th whole day , can die one ): .
den since th guys are over dere oso, den jiu went to meet them. go plaza sing makan dinner tgt. den went to walk again, look for guys clothes and stuffs. alicia say wan exchange x'mas gift, hohos, den both wan tht doggy. very nice to hug! :D
umm had a quarrel wif dar )': nbm skip skip.
took 190 tgt. tok tok listen song.
den changed bus at bpp dere. DEN! _|_ la, dunwan say. denden after tht, another fcking ting lo.
tht idiotic lao zha bor , ma de step tio my slipper when i walking, f her. i almost fall down den leg so pain. at dere scold larhs -,- didnt even say one sorry. (:
homesweethome , my leg were lyk so damn suan one.
dar, did sth )': haiis! heart pain dao cannot zai pain liao )': dun ever do it again le pls!! >:'(

yesterday, i stayed at home and ROT whole day Lol. -,-

today ne, morning dar msg me . waked. den jiu go prepare. bus-d to sch wif mother. go down bus, see dao wenhui , hahaas. long tym no see her alr :}. den msgs. all books no stocks -,- ma de , 浪费我宝贵的时间 -,- ! only bought th chemist and physics de book nia. den went to lot wif mother ( i dun lyk today's morning! ): cos she ask me take th fairprice plastic bag, and i walked around Lot1 wif it)': ) den 975 home. (: rushed everything and went out to meet dar. didnt bring my baby again leh ):
mrt-d to plaze s again. Lol. pei him eat. hais, he 不舒服 again )': but den, heng 我学聪明了 ^^v i brought th medicine along. hohos! :D he eat le , but doesn't seem to help ): keep see him lyk tht heart 很不好受 )': . walk around , went to see his stuffs (: , [ i am so NOT bored seeing ur stuff ok! dun say i bored le la ] walk and walk. den train-d bck cck. bus to my hse dere. dar go home alr. miss him alr ): hmms.

till now still 不舒服 )': howhowhow?! haiis.

end post.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HealHealHeal !!!

Very bored ):
chattin wif ppl but still .. hmms.
dar like tis , )': idk how say. only make me feel guilty , angry , sad & xin tong ! [ps/i keep hit dao ur head]
denden now so bored! nothing for me to do . LALALA!
tweet tweet plurk plurk msn msn sms sms -,- hmms

off com le.
pray hard for dar de head head heal :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

your post


dar asked me to post , den ask him post dun wan ): ! haiis . suan liao post jiu shi le k ......
i nothing to post actually . so blahblahblah! -,-
morning wake him up , den went out to makan wif ma pa. went to jurong .
den lalala!
back home. chat. phone wif him. den fathr interupt -,- went off to jurong again.
denden , i hate ppl shoot me la ! -,- ma de. say until so ...nvm , i da ren you da liang.tsk!
den dar whole day bu shu fu. only make my xt! ): haiis. so nice of me pray hard for him :D
hmms. heng he now ok le (: hengheng! :D
den... nth else to post le.
Byebye! :D


Friday, December 11, 2009


Ok , bored , den see dao th quiz jiu gop and do -,-

1. Are you single: No (:

2. Are you happy: hmmms , missing him not happy.

3. Are you bored: Ya veryvery! ):

4. Are you fair: Maybe

5. Are you indian: Lol-,- NOOOO!

6. Are you stupid: Lol , 50/50

7. Are you honest: ummm , quite de :}

8. Are you irish: No?-,-

9. Are you nice: idk , mayb

10. Are you asian: Yessssssh

Ten Facts.

Full name: ChanelT.


Birthplace: Singapore

Hair colour: Black/Brown

Hair style: below shoulder

Eye color: Black

DOB: 15 February

Mood: No mooooood ):

Favourite colour: Pink; Transparent

One place you wished to visit: My Palace!! :D

Ten facts about your love.

1. Been in love: Yess(:

2. Believe love in first sight: Yess.

3. Currently have a crush: Lol?

4. Hurt emotionally before: Yes! havehave.

5. Broken someone's heart: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

6. Have your heart broken: Yes ):

7. Like someone but kept in heart: Last tym .

8. Are you afraid of commitment: ?

9. Last person you hugged: EdmundC.

10. Last person you said ILYs: EdmundC.

This or That.

Love or lust: LOoove

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Best friends or regular friends: Both

Creamy or crunchy: Both

Pencil or Pen: Both , depends ?

Wild night out or romantic in: Romantic in/Both

Money or happiness: Happiness.

Night or day: Both .

IM or phone: Phone.

Have you ever.

Been caught sneaking out: No ?

Seen a polar bear: On tv / com

Done smth you regret: Ya ,manymanymany! ):

Jumpin: jump wad

Eat food that fell on the floor: Hahahahaha! yesss :}

Eat an entire Jaw breaker: No? -,-

Been caught naked: when i was baby ??

Wanted boyfriend back: uhh.?

Cried because lost a person forever: yes?

Wanted to disappear: yesss

Preference in love.

Smile or eyes: Both

Light or dark hair: both

Hugs or kiss: both

Shorter or taller: Taller

Intelligence or attraction: both

Violent or pathetic: LOL????

Older or younger: Older.

Outgoing or quiet: Outgoing .

Sweet or bad: Sweet

Have you.

Performed in a large crowd: Yes

Talk on the phone longer then an hour: Yess(:

A rock concert: umm no

Cheerleading team: no

Dance team: yes

Sports team: no?

Drama play or production: err

Owned rich cars: no

In a rap video: no


Last call you made: idk

Hugged: poooooh(:

Hung out: playground

Work: bpp

Talked to: mummy

You IM'd:

Movie: Long time ago liao . Twilight

Last person or thing you miss: EdmundC

Tag people to do this quiz:

-Lazyyy to tag (:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

11th - 12th ):

tmr dar gg to camp le ): whole day cnt msg him le.
now nth do , listen song tok wif himm.. LALALA~

*thanks for waiting* :D HAHAHAHA

"chatting wif chamund" Lolol. den nth to do le . today whole day staying at home , haiis ): ROT!
watch tv . btw dar tmr go camp , ltr whole day cnt chat wif him... will 不习惯的 ): haiis. but hope he hav fun for th 2days1night camp (: && he promised he will msg me at night ! yeah~ :D Proud of dar leh , chose to go th camp :D *clapclaps*
现在我不知道要 post 什么了 , denden jiu ask Chamund :}
wan me post abt i miss him (: yea, imy! so long nv see him le! ): haiis.
den dar hor! tummy pain oso dun wan go eat PROPER MEAL and MEDICINE! only noe how make ppl worry nia )': and !!

today wholee day home , chatting ; singsong/listen ; watch tv ; phone wif dar ; post , den nth le .
den too bored 才 come re-edit my post de.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Edmund posting for her AGAIN:D!!! Currently on phone wif her nw. Nice pic above:-P.
Ytd hlp me post, my turn le. Tym to post her GOOD point too:

~ Love ME(Most important):-P
~ Care abt me
~ Worry me
~ Hugs and Muacks for mi:D
~ Pei me chat when very bored
~ Always forgive me
~ Pei mi late slp den Morning early wake
~ Pei wo slack
~ Hlp me take care Bao Bao:-P
~ Always Miss Me!!!

Just nice 10. Bad point jiu dun wan rite le:-P. Ok tink tats all. Bye:)

♥ my love to you ends here