Saturday, October 31, 2009

School Ends. . .

Last day of school le . hmms , SAD la ! seriously can cry de T.T dun wan to separate wif 2-8 ppl ! haiis , nvm . lots of feelings alrdy say out le so wont post here liao :'(
DON'T WANT GEN NI MEN FEN KAI ! sian ~ nxt yr go new class .
LALALA~ ._. heard moumou ren-s said sth oso :} LOL

today den really noe how heartless ppl can be de lo ... haiis. nbm~ blahblahblahs.

aftr sch eat , slack 5plus go home . after tht go meet dar go eat AGAIN . den alicia jj come awhile . den pei me bus home . den tok tok Lalala!

wont let u worry for nth le , dui bu qi ):

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

我很想你 `♥

just eat finish dinner :} quite early de Lol ..
hmms , today pon sch didn't get to see dar D: miss him lehhs ..
ytd chat on fone wif him till lyk 3plus ? den i fall asleep! SORRY! sorry. want to pei him till he sleep de but i half way sleep le . sorry ): hope he by now alrdy cheer up le (: dar , 不要想了 ! 想我就好啦 (:
denden , sorry again ytd told him will go sch de den i didnt go ): 对不起 .
can't chat wif him le )': phone spoil ... haiis.. he now having CCA ..
waiting for him to go home den can use spare fone msg me le :D
dardar faster come home! miss u lehhs ))':
xiao dar alrdy 被我 hug 到很累 liao ... miss real dar ):

****ALICIA JIEJIE! :D OMFG! I DAMN MISS YOU DE SIA!! when den can see u ?? haiis , i wan cry le la, 太想你了,怎么办呢?? Rofls :D haiis , u see , i every night before sleep also miss u sia , den miss until i can't sleep leh ): ......... :}

today at home orhorh zzz :D didn't go out . goshh i become more and more lazy le !! i dun wan become 宰女 lehh!
arghh how come i become lyk tis le ? ppl ask me go out i oso dun wan lehh!
nonono! not chanel liao! ): cannot stay home liao! must go out le! haiis..

den use com , chat chat . play ? find ting. LALALAs. today actually got CCA want go de. but i last min den noe plus nv go sch today . den sad la :} dun nid go liao HAHAHA..
denden! friday oso no CCA le ! "SAD" lo HAHA :DD
BORED now! hugging my xiao dar and chatting wif pengyous ~ blahblahblahs

waiting for u to come home ,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


prof.Tan came to post again :D
bored now ): haiis.. bored bored bored ): he now hving piano lesson can't chat wif him le .
nbm dar's in my heart (: so i chat wif my heart ba ._. LALALA currently chatting wif pengyous and hugging my xiao dar , hehehes :D i now very dirty haven bath jiu hug "him" le :}
real dar ,dun sad lehh )':

went to sch alone today ): haiis. morning tym very no mood ,sry nv reply his msg ):
denden LALALA~ dun go tink le lehh . *i sad sad la, dar keep go tink UNHAPPY tings )':

ytd re-download audi , den hor dunno wad prob lai de th song ar . den cnt play -.= sians. nbm anw dunno how play le :}

dendenden! F my tragus la ! pls lo pierce 3 tym le lehh D: arghhh~ swollen lyk siao . in class use tissue clean away th nong and blood , den i tok to sw . nv notice , th fcking tissue pull out th stud . den , TADA ~ poke bck , th last skin cnt go through liao . at dere pokepokepoke soundeffectsoundeffectsoundeffect crycrycry T.T ARGGHHH!~!!!~ _|_ la . tht tym yin jie told me mine cfm close again de ): haiis , thanks , bei her say zong le .. ask them use needle pin help me poke all dun wan ): force through oso cnt ): HAPPY LIAO LO! den i till now stil she bu de take out hahahahha :D lyk last tym 2nd hole Lol.
at sch watched th basketball de movie ... nice :D blahblahblahs. den dar keep on no mood ): haiis.

after sch saw him at bus stop. den he pei me home . feel lyk poking his eyes! hahahaha:} jkjk. so ke lian leh him ): chanel shiok shiok la , mai sad mai sad ! am v.bored now , waiting for him to finish den can chat wif him le .
haiis , hen jiu lehh ): miss him le ):


Monday, October 26, 2009

Prof. Tan


bored ar bored bored bored! my life so sian de. every day stay home slp nia. haiis..
last night hai him cnt go to slp . sorry k.
morning chat wif him LALAALAs . den meet him go lot see him eat Lol..
den he go swim after tht eye pain . ahahas! dar orh-bi good ! :P jkjk . ke lian him actually ):
ermm , idk can post wad le leh .. mayb come bck edit again :D
muacks :D

yeshhyeshh! i got improve i post so fast :D praise me praise me !! :D

Monday, October 19, 2009

ruined my day la


see the two indian people up dere?! they damn fucker la . th blue colour tht person no mother teach ar , no manners . mei jiao yang! *vulgars*!@#$%^&*^%$# they ownselve sex at home ar , see tht mother touch his indian son lyk wad la, sit until lyk tht , tink he very sexy ar huh , i go find a pile of shit put beside him , th shit oso look a thousand times more sexy than him lo . den th mother tink herself very old got power ar , ass her own ass.go home drink ur husband niao la . dare say us mei jiao yang , say us dun understand eng , pls lo , say urself 1st , fcking san bi por la, "Excuse me , u girls understand english , did u her wad he sayin? " LALALALA full of craps . at dere point fingers at us ? [ blank ]

den going home tym , go toilet , tht clean toilet aunty dunno wher not happy wif us ar , cos we go kick her so beloved yellow board? f. keep at dere use malay scold us uhh . [ blank ]

den jus now afternoon .. hng! speechless ar , i nth else to say liao . i totally giv up le . NO HOPE AT ALL , NO HOPE LIAO! u jus dun one day come regret hor! oso too late liao ! [ blank ]


**he keep bully me ): Lolol . he say i sotsot leh . haiis , who ask u my stead hor? :P denden ytd wan scare me tell me i behind got ghost . so bad de lo ): hahahs. i wan piak him liaos :D happy happy! Lolols.. den keep tok to him till 4am ahahas. uhh power lo~ i nv tok to ppl till so early before leh._. but i still INSIST he got say me shen jing bing
andand i not sot de hor ): ! LALALA!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clean-minded , i have :D

Hahahas, dar hav to listen to me liaos - FOREVER . thanks for saying wan to bet hor :D
i happy until can't sleep le .
today went to vivo wif him . den toktok, ask me tell him joke. denden inthe end he tell me 1st . Hahs. funny lo wan say dun wan say lyk tht . keep force him tell me . i insist he dragged LONGER than me :} den go kfc . go out nid tell him uhh . hmms . dragged.
LALALA. den go take mrt bck . so many ahneh ._.
ps hai u . fun tym wif him today ,
till here (:

Thursday, October 15, 2009


exam over le :D happyhappy . blahblahblah._.
stay home whole day . damn sian de ..
very bored now D: jaws&ear pain uhh.. ytd squeeze earpiece T.T ..
LALALA! idk what to post le .. after exam jiu go home sleep ._.
sorry for th last minute msg and went bck myself . &oso for ytd , i didnt tell u th name :X past le , only u now . so dun ask le ok.
Bored, listen song chat. Lalala!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm HUMAN-being (:

I starting to disgusting again liao! SARSI SARSI! make me laugh non-stop lo :D
am currently chatting wif sarsi-mixed cum msging wif friends :D thanksthanks , am not bored le (:
ytd say going study maths but actually i went to sleep ._. Lols. den ltr mid night wake up go lay on bed stare th worksheet . after tht fall sleep again.
Morning , rain damn heavy de lo. dar so bad nv come fetch me )': HAHAHA jokejoke! (:
denden got one aunty super fck off lo! she tink she hv those kind of flowers umbrella can anyhow uhhs? go up bus at dere close her umbrella , take bus nid umbrella de meh? den th water whole ting splash my whole body lo. so cold le stil water all on me , den th drvier uncle oso , aircon nid open so big meh , tink i 冷冻肉 uhh. at dere msg complain to friends. make me laugh at phone again! nbm .

umm , Maths paper 2 一点都不好! i can simply forget how to FACTORISE ! thanks god , th whole paper almost every question need to factorise den i forgt how to. Wish me goodluck hor :D
was told to tink of mojojojo :D i didnt tink dao anw , Lol!
After exam dar pei me walk home(: wind keep on blow my hair den very pek chek lo. den come home jiu blahblahblahs~

I haven do my art lehhs . friends except wh all don't want go out do together , two person also sian. so bo bian lo , STAY HOME AND DO MYSELF._.
i am not msging wif dar now , think he chatting wif girlgirl ba . hmmps, nbm don wan disturb ta. denden am laughing lyk mad now cos frien's msg! HAHAHA. mother tot what ehh , keep ask me shutub.

can someone go buy for me ??? :DD haiis.

post till here le.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My fake Mojojojo! :D


Chanel going crazy again le! ._.
Just finish posting for dar-
Science paper today , didn't study dao uhh , hmms. denden , dunno how do):
uhhhh , byebye nth else post .
Go study maths le D:

Sunday, October 11, 2009


EDMUND, this is for you de.
am really sorry for what i told u yesterday and today.
First , i told you i don't want to care le , then didn't reply you. i know all the way you are angry with what i say. i know you is care for me don't want me become no mood also den say like that de, but i don't mind being no mood with you. Then , about the "photo thing" i know you also very pekchek liao . Next is that , i know i am lyk so unreasonable , out of a sudden i told u "" and so on de things. i know is i asked you not to care about me anymore de, then i still fa pi qi. i dunno why but i am like crying and crying felt really angry and sad.
Today afternoon i told you the same thing . Den worst , i told u something i really shouldn't say. i think i am like crazy le! i wont say those thing again le . i will treasure this relationship de ok. Sorry. i know its difficult for you to forget what i told you just now . but hope you just try to forget , don't take it in your heart le. i say i would do anything to prove de, really de ok. Love you,
Sorry for what i said.

dear diary,

am superduper uper plus ultra bored now ! nothing much to post .
all exam papers sucks . waste my tym study no use de.
today went to bugis wif alicia to buy her cloths for work . walk till 9plus, den mrt-d bus-d bck.
didn't study dao today . fck sia no tym study liao lo-.='
end my post le .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

gone means gone

come bck post le:D clapclaps for me
den i fcking fed up wif th sch work lo , everyting oso nid print. CHANEL TAN DE PRINTER SPOIL LA ! print using th AL la._.
art oso dunnid do le , eng oso dunnid do le . thankyou hor Mr.Printer!

---Happy 2nd month to Edmund&Chanel:D
veryy fast , 2 months le.

Lesson ermm normal ba . Mdm soh com bck liao , Llala! CHENQIHUI! time to studyT.T haiis, tis friday jiu start th non-stop de exam le . no tym for me to buckup le T.T worry worry! going bang wall le ehh?
Sent him th msg , den make him no mood le , hmms. sorry k.
after school , went to find mrs sim take bck sim card for pinyi , sorry sorry sorry,pinyi! idiot sim la , go collect so many phones for wad. bian tai.
den went to eat wif py wh sw xt . den tok and tok . say so many tings , ownself scare . hmms...
after tht he came pei me home. hope u cheer-d up le.
*Chanel , must go study le , cannot drop . haiis , if i EOY score lyk shit den ppl can say byebye to me le , cos my phone and line is going to say byebye to meT.T its lyk threatening me lo. hmms , mayb i shld jus fail and let them see.