Wednesday, January 14, 2009

tis few days veri tired lor ... haixx ... totally dun feel lyk studying ... no home work pls , all teachers !!!! i idk wads wrong with blogeer lor ... why i type liaox... den suddenly all the words gone missing liaox ... den tis week my class hv to do wad duty de . damn it . waste my tym . need to go cantee during recess to help ... help wad ? help to tell those who nv bring their plates bck to bring th plates go bck ... damn lame shio !!!!! tok ... den today finally can go home early le . if not is wad cca , and wadever adn wadever de ... den i every tym reach home so late den tired reel lyk sleeping liaox den still need to do home work . d ... aRRRgghhs !!!! den ytd go to th wher take pic for th art . den thx so much to shu wei !!!! ok long story shall not say why ... ... den th art teacher is scary de lor !!!! OMG !!! ok ... till here . no mood type liaox . sry if there is mistake here and dere cos i cnt see the words when i type ... so ... ok .

Monday, January 5, 2009

ok , i din post ytd cos no tym plus sianx ... den today go to sch lor . den idiot lor those teachers . wad shirt only can tuck out until 4 finger only . go die la . wad kind of rule is tis ?! den fringe de side hv to clip up . lame sia !!!! now den wan to try to be strick wan to control us ... dOts x infinity lor !!! but i dun care lor . go to class den put down liaox ... -.=''' ... ok blahblahblahs ...

den our new english teacher is a ang mo sia !! wahahahahax !!! den he tok rite . lyk wad lor . den we keep on "huh huh huh - ing" rofl !!! den blahblahblahs again ...

den i was lyk day dreaming during lesson lor ... haiix .. no mood to study ... die liaox ... okayys . i hv to tell myself le . change bck to sch days mood ! dun go bck to holidays mood . arghhh !!!

so i tink i wont be posting lyk before as in every day le ... hmmms ...

k. so thts all ((:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

today is lao ma's bday so went dere la ... den before tht go to th sports link den help alicia gv them th dunno wad card la . den aiya . lazy to type . so thts all . oh ya . lastly . i dun wan to study !!! T.T

Friday, January 2, 2009

so today is th 1st day of sch , den walao . our sch de class is really getting lesser and lesser le lor . so now is 4-10 , 3-9 , 2-8 . and now wif only til 1-7 . so its . 10 , 9 , 8 ,7 . dunno if nxt year isiz only til class 1-6 lor . haiix . no one wan to come study regent le ... poor ting sia my sch ... ke lian ouhh ...

so now veri boring la so i go take some pic of th sky lor ... OMG so windy ~ wEeee!!! ((:

den i realise tht th cloud is forming a ... ermmm .. animal or wadso ever ? so thts it . try to spot it bahhx.


spot it ? if no . look at th pic tht i draw out . (editd)


ok la ok la . so today post til here le luhh ... buaiis !

Thursday, January 1, 2009


today is th 1st day of year 2009 !!! ok , i wish all of u dere will hv a great year 2009 . and i will miss year 2008 de !! 2008 , dun sad . i will love u de . dOts x infinity .. (lame)

ytd went to count down wif alicia , zowee , uncle thomas , aunt candy . so ps i nt sure if i spelled her name corect anot . and wif dacus oso . actually dacus not counted la . den blahblahblahs lor ....

den today morning went to th .. ermmms ... wher aR ... ermms ... west coast dere for breakfast wif th same ppl tht i mentiond jus now ... den after we go th .. ermmm ... dere de shopping center den we go to "the coffee bean" to hv some drinks & rest la . den wad th hell la . its raining den damn cold de lor ... den its lyk oh shit . too full le . aRrgHh !!!

den blahblahblahs la . lazy to type .

haiix ... !!! tmr sch reopen le . damn it . why tym past so fast ?!! WHY WHY WHY ?!!! pls . can any one tell me ?!! *sob sobs* !!! T.T i dun wan to study ... Wahhhs !!! ='[