Thursday, June 24, 2010


IMM > PepperLunch > Yishun > Panjang > Lot > Homesweethome.
I'm going to do my IC tomorrow, just went to take the photo for ic just now. Ugly ! :(( ummm. Tomorrow need to at dere wait very long :( LAZY. i rather at home sleep . i shall end here alr, Byeeex

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where's your Boyfriend?

Soooooooooooooo... today went out wif wh to pasir ris > Bugis > Lot1. i bought nothing cos , not in shopping mood and main reason , i hav no money :( . Had dinner tgt at Lot and We separated from Cck int. wanted to think something ALONE , so i went to ummm , some windy place to blow wind for aaaaaaaawhile , and also , make me recall of that lonely night after watching drag me to hell wif him...(N). On th way back home waiting for lift, my father came out from th lift . Looking shocked , he asked me ,"ehh , 你的男朋友 leh?" translate : " ehh , where's your boyfriend? " ... Den i was like , "HUH -.- , where you going?" but , need not ask , going out for Beer of cos. I AM WAITING FOR ASSHOLE'S MESSAGE NOW :/ ..............

Tsk , my body feels very tired , dunno why. shall go to bed, byeeeeee :)


Went to suntec just now wiff dar and watched toy story3. Cute :> (Y) ! denden there's a pink bear Lotso he's a badbad guy but cute.
den dere's softtoys of toystory3 characters , and lotso's. this bear uhh , in th movie says he got a strawberry smell, and they make it so real ok, th softtoy of him got a strawberry smell oso , very cool right! :D i like! den i keep on smelling it till dar pull me away :(.
And den jus walk around to marina square and esplanade next.went dere blow wind , i had nth to do so i keep spying on th couple sitting next to us , keep waiting for them to kiss :/.
well , i used to bite/chew my icecream & after sometimes, i find it weird so i stopped CHEWing icecreams :/

I got to quickly go make my IC before 28th june or i will be fined -.- tsktsktsk. one more week and holiday byebye :( i've got many tings i haven do :(! and its not like holiday nxt week, have cca from monday to wednesday, 3 day burned >:( ! and 25th i shld be accompanying mummy to hopsital . only left with thurday saturday sunday :(

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


HAPPY 10th Months ! :D ILOVEYOUMANYS edmund