Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

21August2010, Saturday!

:D Goodnight people , its 12:37am now .
ummmm, this morning woke up super early for my dnt :( so tiring ok! oinkoink pei me go school , he said he will go buy Mr Bean warm soya milk for me , LIAR! he didn't ! :( . th whole dnt ting took me umm , abt 2hours to complete , thanks pinyi weisin for helping me to bent my tray (: , thanks shirlyn for helping me to glue (: ! HEeees.
AFter tht meet oinkoink for breakfast/lunch at lot, gulu gulu from lastnight till this morning :( . den me went home to orhorh awhile den pompom . went to westmall and watched STEP UP 3 ! (Y) ! ultra nice ! :D very cool lo th dance ! me wan learn oso ! after tht go eat diner at kfc, den we saw Dawn Yeo :D she damn chio sia!! :D . I wanted to like , go and take photo with her actually but edmund chen giv me "tht" kind of look :( .
Walkwalk on th street to th busstop to take 188 home, bought my chocolate milk at 7-elven , drink finish. Homwsweethome (:
Kor bring home 2BOXES OF LIGHT STICKS! GREEN AND RED. from his dunno wher :/ ? . Lol . sooooooooo... me and daddy go open up one green and one red to play :D HAHAHA , childish only (: , but i like .
Its late , oinkoink is so sleepy alr .

Monday, August 9, 2010


Happy birthday Singapore :D ! hahaa. Ultra long didn't update my blog alr. Update 1st year anni with oinkoink next time (: Went to his new house jus now , nicee (: wanted to study de . Well , blahblahblah i'm lazy to type anylonger . nighty peepos :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010


IMM > PepperLunch > Yishun > Panjang > Lot > Homesweethome.
I'm going to do my IC tomorrow, just went to take the photo for ic just now. Ugly ! :(( ummm. Tomorrow need to at dere wait very long :( LAZY. i rather at home sleep . i shall end here alr, Byeeex

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where's your Boyfriend?

Soooooooooooooo... today went out wif wh to pasir ris > Bugis > Lot1. i bought nothing cos , not in shopping mood and main reason , i hav no money :( . Had dinner tgt at Lot and We separated from Cck int. wanted to think something ALONE , so i went to ummm , some windy place to blow wind for aaaaaaaawhile , and also , make me recall of that lonely night after watching drag me to hell wif him...(N). On th way back home waiting for lift, my father came out from th lift . Looking shocked , he asked me ,"ehh , 你的男朋友 leh?" translate : " ehh , where's your boyfriend? " ... Den i was like , "HUH -.- , where you going?" but , need not ask , going out for Beer of cos. I AM WAITING FOR ASSHOLE'S MESSAGE NOW :/ ..............

Tsk , my body feels very tired , dunno why. shall go to bed, byeeeeee :)


Went to suntec just now wiff dar and watched toy story3. Cute :> (Y) ! denden there's a pink bear Lotso he's a badbad guy but cute.
den dere's softtoys of toystory3 characters , and lotso's. this bear uhh , in th movie says he got a strawberry smell, and they make it so real ok, th softtoy of him got a strawberry smell oso , very cool right! :D i like! den i keep on smelling it till dar pull me away :(.
And den jus walk around to marina square and esplanade next.went dere blow wind , i had nth to do so i keep spying on th couple sitting next to us , keep waiting for them to kiss :/.
well , i used to bite/chew my icecream & after sometimes, i find it weird so i stopped CHEWing icecreams :/

I got to quickly go make my IC before 28th june or i will be fined -.- tsktsktsk. one more week and holiday byebye :( i've got many tings i haven do :(! and its not like holiday nxt week, have cca from monday to wednesday, 3 day burned >:( ! and 25th i shld be accompanying mummy to hopsital . only left with thurday saturday sunday :(

Help click on my nufffnang ad :D thanks.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


HAPPY 10th Months ! :D ILOVEYOUMANYS edmund

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All we need is Trust.

23 May 2010
Happy birthday to my dearest Alicia! :D
stay healthy , pretty . may all ur wishes come true :D (L)

24 May 2010 - 25 May 2010
finally back to dance :O , very tired , too long nv dance alr , almost half year. went home jiu sleep alr until 10plus today den wake :/ leg pain now. totally dun feel like gg work ltr , tired~ arrgh sian :( .

Monday, May 24, 2010

♥ chanel says.

Heee!:D post for her while she slping:-P.

Very scared now luh nv cme pei mi:"(HNG HNG!!!

Me trust u:( dun angry mi alr:( SORRY:"( forgive mi k:(

Loves Loves.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

To all mothers in th world , happy mothers' day! && i make Aunty happy today ! Hee :D !

dar say i noisy cos i go watch barney's video :'(
but nvm , i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D
i make aunty happy today! :D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

miss your hug tonight,

thanks, pinyi

Crosscountry today, didn't go for it jus too tired .
baby's daddy's jun teh scold me when i 1st walk in :( scaredscared he scold me :(
my baby's daddy 's a dota pro :O! he will be so haolian & happy when he see this! haha
uhh, tired alr and tmr stil got sch :( gg to bed laylay .

night :D ,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i wrote his name,

update after one month.
today jus feel really tired, mayb becos of ytd.
mickey mouse going bck home soon *byebye.
how stupid am i? so funny that i laughed at myself, i wrote his name on my worksheet instead of my own name and didn't even realise , how funny? hmms. Hahahha~ -.-

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chanel wants her Doraemon D: !

backback ! :D.

Chu xi,
went to bugis wif wenhui, den went to bedok for tuan yuan fan, after tht go jurong ba.?

Chu yi ,
14Feb!Its valentine's day.
errrr I FORGET go wher liaos. went to relatives hse bai nian, take ANGBAOS! :D WOOOTS! hehes. den went to jurong for tuan yuan fan. went to meet chaiiiiii....t... LOL! :P heheehes, thanksthanks! :D for my bday . turn it every bday :)

Chu er ,
15Feb! Its Chanel's Birthday :D.
Thanks everyone who send me birthday wish :D . Thanks wenhui for th present :D.
went to one hse to bai nian den home at 2pm. jiu whole day home. how ke lian am i?! birthday whole day at home D': sobsobsobs.!

Chu san,
went to orchard wif chai t... :P

sch reopen D: haiis. i forget wad happen le :O

Common Test-

Common Test-
after sch went home prepare . go mrt platform meet ws yg jason den wait wh, jason th mrbrownshow LOL?! tututu-ing. to ernest hse. Lalala, do tings lalala, lazy type out. they say sky hav stars, so i look at them, Lol. Tsk, they realise i was lyk gg to cry tsktsktsk! Hahaaas. blahblahblahssss!!!!!! LALALALAALA! go walk th "scaryplace" explore dere? o.O! den cab bck cck. bus home. Zzzz.

home th whole day. byebye.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


10 days later , chanel is back to post again :D , woke up super early today ok. cos mother at dere chao -.- Tsk , if not i can sleep more. today CNY eve, ohoh! cny coming :D angbaos! angbaos! Birthday coming oso , actually i oso hav nth to happy about , jus add 1 to 14 nia. i bet i wont be able to meet dar oso, too early alr. 2 more days to 15 Feb and Chanel gonna be 15yearsold (:

kor back home ytd. so sweet of me to even help him buy his cap to cover his botak head :D
i sit alone blow wind again ytd, 2nd tym . Coooooooooold (:



我要 相信你是爱我的
我要 相信你是勇敢的
我烦 时间是最残酷的

我要 相信你是爱我的
不要 当我每次唱情歌


我要 相信你是爱我的
我要 相信你是勇敢的
我烦 时间是最残酷的

我要 相信你是爱我的
不要 当我每次唱情歌


我要 相信你是爱我的
我要 相信你是勇敢的
我烦 时间是最残酷的

我要 相信你是爱我的
不要 当我每次唱情歌

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

its February!


i nothing do, jus see dao those outdated photos jiu take come post -.- long no see alicia liao uhh!!
February alr, so fast lehs. && MY BIRTHDAY COMING LE !! xP 12 more days lehs. hahaas. CNY coming also :O ! me haven buy anything yet ): its like millions years no shopping alr :'( !
i ultra bored now! howhowhow.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


wake up late today , yawnyawns! long tym nv slp dao tis tym (:
didn't manage to go to th chingay rehearsal today. cos i too late alr.
den jiu whole day at homeROT! siansiansian, my weekend jiu lyk this gone, -.- stay at home. TSK! i want go out! :(
me DUNWAN stay at home!!!!! uhhh~
very bored sia :( eating biscuit now , nth for me to eat liao. i hungry!! :( i wan eat yummy yummy food leh!

Friday, January 22, 2010

waiting for my 生日

i'm going to type th post today with chinese :} ,
今天放学后,和朋友s 去 btimah,(nvm,dunno how continue typing in chinese liaos)..
jason no bag , dun wan help take lo , tsktsk haaha. denden i at dere keep laughing at ernest lo Lolols-.- nearly kena whack by th stick cos i laugh, (bao li kuang siol !) . den go wait bus, its lyk damn damn HOT! went bck lot1 eat dinner .
went to slack, toktok. say th scary things ,heart at dere bi pop bi pop sia , screaaaams&laughs Lols..
denden when go home , keep tink dao th playground scary thing plus yg say de red cloth thing, = DUN DARE TAKE LIFT !

Finally tmr weekend again liao , i must sleep till late late tmr :D Very long nv sleep till late den wake up le :( haiis .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


LaLala, post!.
unprivate blog:D nv change dao anything-.-

Thursday, January 14, 2010


back to post (:
nth to do now. LALALA

Monday, morning dar came fetch me go sch tgt :D Lol. keep coughing and coughing in class >:( denden after sch go lunch wif wenhui . train-d to pasir ris aft tht. den tht day th ting haven come or wad ba? den jiu go whitesands walkwalk awhile. sound effect to open train door, Laughs.Lol. train-d back to cck. talktalk awhile den bus home.

Tuesday, morning wake le bath hao wan prepare go sch. den mother say dun go cos i cough lyk crazy . den go see doc Lol-.- th indian doc go stuff th thermometer in my ear till so pain. at dere msg ppl. den homesweethome. actually wan go meet den too tired alr. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep!Zzz.

Wednesday, dar came fetch me again :D den go sch keep coughing and coughin and coughing , ownself listen oso fan -.- aft sch go take bck ez-link card, den suddenly very hungry , jiu go eat lunch wif pinyi and shuwei. pei pinyi go buy sth den go popular buy sth tht make my bag so...BIG and HEAVY. but nvm not me carry haHahA!! aft tht bus-d to b.timah wif jeremy yuanguang weisin , go play pool. me damn noob one dunno how play , cfm teach till pekchek Lol. keep coughing again haiis! den dinner wif yg. bus-d bck cck. den homesweethome. at night phone wif dar. keep coughing again :( ps. den go orhorh zzz.

Today, morning meet wif wenhui . den me wait dar lol. run field tgt. today whole day no moood. Tyvm to fiona . take th individual de photo at range. morning eat th medicine den make me so tired -.- aft sch go take card, den go up 3-8 awhile. sit sit. den 307 to int. bus home. Kor go taiwan alr !!! tsktsk.

Till now still keep coughing, tink th doc giv de medicine expire alr lo.
end here (:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd day.

ran 3 rounds on 2nd day :(
tht cher jus called me -.- no wonder ear so itchy.
my thick stub gone, use ear stick.hmmps..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st January 2010

Happy new year! 2010 alr :D so fast one yr past again.
Happy 5th month dar!
went to marina count down wif many ppl uh.
den train bck cck ton 7plus went home ,orhorh. den jiu stayd home whole day.
my throat now very pain. no reason -.- jiu shi hen pain :(